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What Is A Fleshlight Sex Toy

What Is A Fleshlight

Looking for a new male masturbation toy with a difference? The Fleshlight has long been a staple for those wanting to take their self-pleasure experience to the next level, emulating the look and feel of a real life vagina, and taking the quality of your masturbation to the next level. If you are new to the world of sex toys in general, or merely purchasing your first Fleshlight, we have put together the ultimate guide to ensure that you have everything you need to know – what is a Fleshlight, how does it work and why does it constantly rank as one of the most popular sex toy options?

In the simplest terms, a Fleshlight refers to a sex toy designed for men, designed to take your sex life to the next level. Fleshlight sleeves are designed to resemble a real life vagina, or the pocket pussy (see here) many users opt for to save a few bucks. In shape, the main toy resembles a flashlight – hence the name – and the sleeves are textured on the inside to offer stimulation and sensations all along the length of the penis.

While many homemade or budget versions of the toy are available, Fleshlight itself is a leading brand largely due to the inclusion of soft, realistic material which is specifically designed to replicate real skin as closely as possible. In addition to toys which emulate a vagina, there are also versions available which replicate a mouth or anus, allowing you to tailor your fantasy to your exact desires and requirements, all while enjoying the benefits of masturbation.

Fleshlights can be particularly useful if you are looking for discretion, as they can be packed away and stored when not in use.

How Does A Fleshlight Work

How Does A Fleshlight Work

In the simplest terms, a Fleshlight works by looking, feeling and acting like a real vagina or anus – in some cases, the toy may also be designed to act like a mouth, allowing you to replicate the sensation of oral sex. There are two main components – an outer cylinder shape, and an inner “sleeve” – it is this section that provides the pleasure. The inner section is usually soft and squishy in texture, and will have lumps, bumps and ridges to provide maximum satisfaction.

In many ways, a Fleshlight works in the same way as a “pocket pussy” – once again, a material is rolled or adapted to replicate an orifice, and pleasure is obtained by putting your penis into the opening and thrusting as desired. In some Fleshlights, the end will be open, allowing you to finish on the outside. Others will be closed, offering a warm, realistic sensation when you orgasm.

Lube is super important here – make sure you have plenty on hand before putting your penis into the toy.

Instructions For Using Your Fleshlight

When it comes to using your Fleshlight, the good news is that this is a fairly simple toy to operate, unlike some of the more complex toys on offer! There are just a few simple steps to help get you on your way – and get you off – in no time.



Top Tips


Preparation, preparation, preparation – before you even think about putting your body anywhere near your Fleshlight, make sure that you have the sleeve you want, and then add plenty of lube. You can lube up the inside of the sleeve itself, the outer sleeve, the case and your own body – just don’t be stingy. Check out our reviews for the best lube for Fleshlight to help you make your pick.

No matter how horny you are, do not skip this step – going in too fast will cause chafing and soreness, and you could even end up with friction burns.


Insert your penis – this step is really up to you. You may find that the sleeve is a little tighter than you are used to, so it may be a good idea to go in slowly until you are used to the pressure and texture.

It is better to go slow and build up than to rush and put yourself off, or worse, cause yourself harm.


Experiment! This is your chance to try hands-free, shower sex, thrusting or vibrations – the world is your oyster.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t like something – the fun is in the experimentation!

If you need more information on how to use a fleshlight, check out our blog post.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Fleshlight

So just how can investing in a Fleshlight benefit your sex life? We took a look at the top advantages just waiting to be unlocked…

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Fleshlight

A Unique Experience

Chances are that you have enjoyed plenty of satisfying orgasms using your hands alone, but a Fleshlight allows you to try something totally new and opens up a whole new world of experimentation – try some hands-free fun, or rock your first vibrator. Maybe you are a fan of anal sex, or just want to switch up standard masturbation? Fleshlights are the tool you can use to unlock a whole new world of fun. There are also a range of options available, allowing you to pick the design that is the best fit for your needs and desires.


You can take Fleshlights anywhere you go, making them the perfect alternative to a vagina or mouth, even if you are on the road.


Another major benefit of Fleshlights comes from their discretion: you can masturbate wherever the mood takes you thanks to the small, discreet nature of the device.

Fleshlight Accessories

Once you have got to grips – literally – with the basic Fleshlight options, it is time to expand your masturbation journey even further by delving into the world of accessories. These open up the possibilities for pleasure, and some can even be used at the same time…

Fleshlight Accessories

Shower Mount

If you enjoy the sensuality of shower sex, then why not grab some satisfaction through the use of a shower mount for your Fleshlight? Take your masturbation fantasies to the next level, and enjoy plenty of hands-free fun. With a suction cup base, you can even take your pleasure outside the shower, and stick your toy to any flat surface that takes your fancy.

On A Mission Mount

Looking to expand your masturbation experience, or simply tired of the sensation of masturbating alone? The “On A Mission Mount” allows you to assume a missionary position, and thrust to your heart’s content.

Sleeve Warmer

One of the best accessories to invest in is a warmer to ensure that your masturbation sleeves are always at the perfect temperature – no need to worry about running it under warm water!

With a little imagination, almost any item can become an accessory for your Fleshlight

Choosing The Best Fleshlight For You

With so many options on the market, choosing the best Fleshlight for your needs can be tricky; this is a busy market, with plenty of models to choose from. Ultimately, the best fit will depend on your needs and desires. Consider the following questions to help you make your decision, and choose the best Fleshlight for your needs.

Where Will You Be?

If you are going to need privacy, or have to fit your pleasure in around housemates, a discreet Fleshlight is going to be a priority – here, a classic model is likely to be your best pick. If, however, privacy is not an issue, you can go to town with suction cups or vibrating Fleshlights.

What Do You Want?

Do you have an appetite for anal sex, or do you enjoy traditional positions? Thinking about what you like will help you make the best decision for purchase.

Who Will You Be With?

You should also decide whether you plan to play with your partner, or fly solo with masturbation – this will have an impact on the Fleshlight you opt for. Selecting your favorite actor from the girls’ series may be ideal if you are alone, but may be a different story with your partner.

According to research, adding sex toys to your relationship can have a number of benefits, so it is worth having a conversation with your partner.

How To Clean Your Fleshlight

Once you have finished with your Fleshlight male masturbator, your main priority should be to ensure that you give it a complete, thorough cleaning – and this needs to be done after each and every session. According to experts from Fleshlight’s headquarters, this can be achieved with warm, soapy water, or by investing in a cleaning agent such as isopropyl alcohol or other specialist sex toy cleaner.

When cleaning, make sure that you get into all the cracks and crevices – the textured interior of a Fleshlight can make it tricky to clean properly, which is why we wrote a whole post on how to clean a fleshlight. Once you have finished cleaning, always allow the toy to dry completely – this can be via air drying or using another recommended method, about which you can learn here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fleshlight is a sex toy consisting of an inner sleeve and outer Fleshlight case, which users can insert their penis into to emulate the look and feel of a real vagina. The toys come in a range of sizes, shapes and textures – you can even choose one of your favorite Fleshlight girls for a personal fantasy experience.

A Fleshlight is made of high-quality silicone material, which is designed to be totally safe for your body and minimize the risk of allergic or adverse reactions. You do need to be careful with the lube you choose, however, as some can cause damage to silicone toys – always double-check before you go ahead.

A Fleshlight sleeve is the inner section of your Fleshlight, and this is where you will place your penis. This area tends to have ridges, bumps and textures all along the inner surface, and this is what will offer that amazing sensation and stimulation that makes the Fleshlight such a popular option.

A Fleshlight Launch refers to the original Fleshlight in the range – the toy that started the trend and birthed the many other models and accessories now available to users. If you are looking for a good place to start, this offers a solid start, and you can always build your collection from there. We recommend checking out our Quickshot Launch review as well.



When it comes to sexual exploration, learning the answer to “What is a Fleshlight” not only expands your knowledge of sex toys – it provides new opportunities for potential pleasure to explore and enjoy. No matter your experience levels, the chances are that there is a perfect Fleshlight for your needs – and part of the fun lies in unlocking the best model.

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