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The Top 4 Best Female Chastity Belts Reviews 2023

Best Female Chastity Belt

Whether you have always craved a cock cage or are intrigued by the notion of female chastity, there is no denying that delaying pleasure to your beloved can be enough to get you hot under the collar. A chastity toy can be an amazing addition to your collection of sex toys, allowing you to use the concepts of delayed gratification, power and dominance to sort out your sub, and really show them who is boss – similar to the purpose of a cock cage. But how do you choose the best female chastity belt? Read on for our top tips!

A female chastity device is rather different from a typical cock cage (like you can see in our best cock cage review), and comes with its own unique requirements and considerations. Allow us to guide you through the ‘need to know’ elements, including selection, use and enjoyment, and take the opportunity for us to really spice up your collection of sex toys, and show you a whole new way to pleasure your partner.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Leather Female Chastity Belt
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#2 Editor’s Choice

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Lockable Female Chastity Belt
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The Stockroom Medium Strap-In Chastity Harness
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The Stockroom Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt
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1. Bondage Boutique Deluxe Leather Female Chastity Belt

Leather Female Chastity Belt

Editor’s Choice 1: Why settle for simple chastity belts when you can enjoy a plethora of toys in one simple set? This stunning collection from Lovehoney comes with a belt, dildo and butt plug, allowing you to pleasure your partner in a host of new and exciting ways, and ensure that you are ready to play whenever and wherever the mood takes you.

Take your chastity play time to the next level with this quality toy which is sure to leave your partner begging for more. Leather straps make sure that you can enjoy the perfect fit around the waist and crotch, and can be secured in place with two metal padlocks – no chance of escape! The only entry belongs to the person with the key, meaning you can keep your partner right where you want them.

Added Features

In addition to a stunning chastity device, the collection also comes with a butt plug and dildo, offering the chance to enjoy stunning double penetration, and release an exquisite pleasure which is designed to transport bother partners to a dizzying array of incredible experiences.



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

2. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Lockable Female Chastity Belt

Leather Lockable Chastity Belt

Editor’s Choice 2: Finished in an adorable heart shaped design, this is the perfect chastity device to keep your sub super keen, interested and begging for release. Access to both anus and vagina are restricted thanks to a comfortable and stylish leather gusset, while the overall design is feminine, sophisticated, and will leave your lover looking her very best.

Quality is evident in every inch of these toys from the comfortable, padded leather construction to the delicately feminine design which shows off your lady’s best bits, while keeping that release just out of reach – a tantalizing combination. Flattering, fabulous and perfect to flaunt, this is the perfect addition to your fantasy wardrobe. Ugly, bulky chastity belts are definitely a thing of the past with these stunning and quality materials.

Take It Slow

The focus of the items in this collection is of course the tempting heart shaped cut out on the belts, which allows you to get as close as possible, building arousal, without allowing the wearer to give into that much-wanted pleasure – take things agonizingly slowly, and watch your lover fall apart as you build up the urgency more and more, climaxing at the main event – watching them writhe is sure to be the ultimate turn on!



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

3. The Stockroom Medium Strap-In Chastity Harness

Strap-In Chastity Harness

Simple, sleek and oh so sensual, this strap-in chastity device is the perfect opportunity to tease your sub, and drive them wild with pleasure! The design is super simple, with waist and crotch straps which can be adapted and adjusted to help ensure a perfect fit every time. Access is only allowed by unlocking the cage, and the keeper of the key holds all the power!

Stay In Place

As well as preventing access to unworthy entrants, an advantage of chastity belts is that they have more than one function; used correctly, they can be used to keep things in place. This chastity device gives us no exception; simply slip in a dildo, vibrator or toy of choice, and keep it perfectly in place by locking the harness up tight – it will stay perfectly in place until you deem it ready to end the torment!



4. The Stockroom Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt

Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt

If you are on the hunt for a chastity device which offers that little extra coverage, make sure you check out one of these stunning chastity belts from SheVibe. One of the most popular pieces in the collection, the chastity device consists of two sections: one to secure the toy in place, and the other to go between the legs, covering the crotch. The finish is one of the more unique designs we have discovered, and incorporates a smooth, hourglass shape to allow greater coverage than some of the other chastity belts and devices available, while the designs narrow as you approach the crotch, allowing the finish to flow with the body.

Quality And Comfort

One of the advantages of this chastity device, and others in the collection, is the ability to combine comfort, convenience and practicality into each of the belts on offer. The use of quality materials helps reduce the risk of irritation to the sensitive skin of the vagina, and ensures that your partner can enjoy a close fit and comfortable experience which is focused on the pleasure. Quality leather materials also helps the toy to stand the test of time – no matter how often you play!



Buyer’s Guide

Features To Consider When Choosing A Female Chastity Belt

Features To Consider When Choosing A Female Chastity Belt

When purchasing your chastity toy, it can be tricky to narrow down your preferences to just one option. There are a number of considerations which can help you make your choice between chastity belts and they may be questions you had never previously thought to ask.

How Long Do You Want To Play For?

Different chastity belts are designed for different play sessions, so consider whether you are looking for short or long term play – this can have a huge impact on the type of belts you consider purchasing. In many cases, most belts can be worn indefinitely, with short breaks for cleaning, and it is important that you find one comfortable enough to achieve this if this is your plan.

It is worth noting, however, that the designs and materials of some chastity belts make them unsuitable for long term play. This includes those which feature a butt strap, designed to go between the cheeks – these types of belts restrict the wearers toilet habits, and so cannot be used for extended periods. Consider your preferences and plans prior to purchase, to make sure that you opt for chastity belts which are the best fit.


The material can vary between different chastity belts, and is an important consideration when you are making your selection. It is important to make sure that the materials you choose are comfortable for both partners, and that there are no risks of allergies or reactions. Hygiene is also important here; while leather offers that ultimate dominatrix look, and tends to be more common, these belts can also be very tricky to keep clean and hygienic. The porous nature of the material means that sanitation is almost impossible; if you opt for leather, make sure that it is only used with one partner, and never shared between two or more participants.

Be sure to follow cleaning instructions, safety information and hygiene guidance with any of your female cock cage or other sex toy purchases.

Steel is another popular choice for chastity belts, and this lends itself well to cleaning and maintaining excellent hygiene. Finding the perfect fit for these belts can, however, be tricky, so make sure you are willing to make the investment before committing to a steel device. Do your research before adding to your collection!


When purchasing belts for the vagina, getting the best fit is important to ensure that both parties are comfortable, and that your experience is a positive one. An adjustable option is usually the best option, as this offers more freedom and flexibility, allowing you to focus solely on receiving the ultimate pleasure. Unlike a cock cage, a female toy sits smoothly on the body, and so comfort is essential.

How To Use Chastity Belts Safely

Before you embark on your adventure, whether you play with a belt or a cock cage, it is crucial that you understand how to use the toy safely and in a way which is comfortable for all partners. This will help ensure a positive experience for all involved, as well as keeping all parties safe, healthy and happy.


It goes without saying that safety is the key priority and the way to begin with any form of BDSM. Before you get started, ensure that both partners are totally comfortable and happy to proceed, and that you are both happy with the toy you have chosen. Never forget to set and use a safeword, and always have multiple copies of keys within easy reach. Women should also be able to free themselves from the toy immediately if desired.

A safe word is essential during any bondage activity, and you should agree on this well in advance. It is best to practice before getting into anything too hardcore, to ensure that you both know how the safeword works.


Getting into a good cleaning ritual is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are playing with belts; the nature of the toy means that it will be in constant and close proximity to sweat and other bodily fluids. If belts are not cleaned regularly, women risk sores and infections, which can be painful, as well as a danger to health. The way you do this depends on your dynamic, but an agreement should be made with your dom as to when, where and how often belts should be cleaned.

As a rule, you should wash as much as you can on a daily basis, and have belts removed for a complete cleaning at least once a week. Use hot, soapy water for most of the product, but remember to only use water on the vaginal area – soaps used in this sort of way can cause discomfort and infection for many women. Never use harsh or abrasive cleaning tools. Always ensure that all belts are thoroughly dried before being reattached; damp materials can cause skin irritation.

How To Make A Female Chastity Belt

The rise of the internet, and in particularly, a collection of DIY videos, has naturally given rise to a host to ‘make your own chastity belt’ conversations and discussions, and this is something that is technically possible to achieve. Unlike a cock cage, which usually has some sort of extra material including steel or aluminum to form the actual cock cage, most female belts can be constructed with two leather belts, a little measuring, and a lot of creativity.

It is worth remembering, however, that these toys like this in your collection will be in close contact with intimate regions of your body, and you want them to be comfortable. While making your own may feel like a money saver, or a chance to customize to your exact needs, purchasing a ready made product from a reputable retailer, such as those we recommend you use above, is usually a more sensible option. These guys are professionals; they know what to use and not use, how to cut patterns, how to create adjustable elements, and the best way to design and finish the toy to ensure that wearers are safe and comfortable.

With many retailers offering a wide collection of options, chances are that you will be able to find your perfect match – this can be a great thing to do with your partner as part of your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

A female chastity belt is a toy placed over the genitals of a woman to prevent orgasm, penetration or any form of sexual contact or release through external stimulation or masturbation. In many collections, options will consist of a waistband which can be locked and adjusted, as well as a second band to go between the legs, covering the anus and genitals.

A female chastity belt is put on by passing the waistband around the hips or waist, and through the legs, ensuring that the genital area is covered. The two ends of the belt are then locked together with at least one lock, though other areas can also be secured depending on the style and design of the belt.

You can safely wear a female chastity belt by adhering to a number of safety and hygiene practices. These include ensuring that you engage in open, honest communication with your partner at every stage, and that you are free to stop the session at any time. This may include a safeword, predetermined rules and the option to free yourself whenever necessary. You will also need to arrange a cleaning regime with your dom to keep the unit hygienic and clean. Making sure that you have a comfortable, well-fitted toy before adding it to your collection is also very important.


Whether you are searching for the female cock cage, or looking to upgrade your current chastity experience, a chastity belt can be the perfect chance to add a little spice into your sex life, and try something brand new. Let us help you choose the best female chastity belt for your collection, and quickly unlock the door to a whole new world of dominance, submission and all-round pleasure.

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