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Meet The 6 Best Sex Machines of 2023 – Reviewed For Men & Women

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Most of us have at least heard of the legendary Sybian machine, but it’s not the only game in town or even necessarily the best one, when you’re looking for a serious pounding. There are old standbys and new advancements in sex toy technology and materials that may be even more suitable for you and your orgasms.

Read on to learn which of our favorite fantasy fuck machines may find a place in your heart, and a bit lower down as well.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Cowgirl Premium
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Fort Troff Fuck Machine
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Velvet Thruster
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Shockspot Sex Machine
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Hide-a-Cock 5.0
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Lovehoney Robo Fuk
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Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

1. The Cowgirl Premium

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Editor’s Choice #1: Transform your solo sex experience and get riding in style with the Cowgirl Premium, and enjoy a mind-blowing 1200 RPM per minute for the ultimate vibrating sensation. Choose from two attachments to tailor your ride, and prepare to get down and dirty going solo, or enjoy incredible interaction without having to say a single word. Cowgirls never had it so good.

Rodeo Ride In Style Machine

This deluxe sex machine offers unparalleled pleasure whether you’re riding solo or playing with a sex partner(s). You get your choice of two body-safe silicone attachments, one primarily designed for bumping and grinding in the clitoral area and one made with an insertable four-inch (ten-centimeter) G-spot probe for penetration. You’ll be riding in style on a handcrafted, body-friendly padded saddle and there is an optional lasso accessory that you can get to heighten everyone’s pleasure.

Take Control

The Cowgirl Premium fucking machine can be controlled by a remote with a nine-foot (three-metre) cord or a smartphone app (in person or remotely from up to 90 feet (30 metres) away). There are multiple modes of both vibration and penetration with six speeds, a series of pre-set programs to choose from, and the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. Whether you want to control the action or turn the reins over to your partner, get ready for the most rocking ride of your life — until the next time!

And Play On

This sex machine can give up to 1200 RPM for sustained satisfaction. It will never get tired or have a headache. It has a slip-resistant silicone base so it will stay safely mounted, while you are mounting it. It accommodates riders up to 400 pounds (181 kilograms). It comes with two pussy-pleasing silicone attachments and a remote control.

Even body-safe sex toys need to be covered with condoms if you and your sex partner(s) are practicing safer sex. This also makes for easier cleanup.



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2. The Fort Troff Fuck Machine

Fort Troff Fuck Machine

Editor’s Choice #2: Looking for an incredible new sensation and a powerhouse of a sex machine? The Fort Troff Fuck machine allows you to drill down to your deepest desires, and enjoy any position you can think of thanks to the changeable angles. Get ready to embrace your inner construction worker, brace yourself and prepare for pleasure.

This sex machine converts easily to a handheld “cock gun”. You can either lock it into its sturdy stand and angle it up to 90 degrees or detach it and aim it wherever you please on your body, or your sex partner(s)’s, for the best results.

Locked & Loaded Cock Gun Machine

It can be used with any Fort Troff dong, giving you a veritable buffet of over 40 choices of cocks. This is a very powerful fucking machine for a very powerful, pleasurable experience. The standard stroke is two inches (five centimeters) and it can deliver up to 200 thrusts per minute.

Turn, Turn, Turn

Speed adjusts with a large, grippy dial control. This is perhaps the best part of this sex toy; the speed dial requires a bit of effort to turn so it’s not likely that you’ll throw yourself off your game by accident if you happen to brush against it while you are using it (or it is using you). You can choose your favorite pace for each penis and design yourself a perfect partner each and every time.

Strong And Sturdy Machine

Both the cock gun and the stand have a strong industrial aesthetic that will appeal to the most masculine of us, as well as fans of a certain flavor of kink. The gun and the controls feel good in the hands (and everything else feels good everywhere else!) and are appropriately responsive while you are using them. You can adjust the power from sweet and gentle to knock-your-socks off.



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3. The Velvet Thruster

Velvet Thruster Mini

This silicone-thrusting dildo is designed to hit the spot perfectly. It offers 2.5 inches (six centimeters) of thrust and six pre-programmed speeds with a top end of 125 strokes per minute. It is portable enough to travel with or stash anywhere in your house.

Pretty, Portable, Purple Pleasure Machine

It’s nine inches (23 centimeters) long with five of those inches (12.5 centimeters) being insertable. The widest insertable point is 1.5 inches (four centimeters); the base is slightly wider for safety and a good grip. You can mount it on a surface with its suction cup base or take it to bed (or wherever else you want!) with you, without a stand or remote control to get in the way. The shaft can bend up to 30 degrees, which allows you to try things that you couldn’t with a partner’s penis!

By Popular Demand

This is essentially a crowd-sourced sex toy as this model was created based on user feedback and requests. You’ll appreciate all the thought that went into it because it really is pretty much what every woman wants — and quite a few men as well!

It was the introduction of colors, such as this purple, that brought sex toys to the front of reputable retail stores, instead of under the counter or in the back room of shady “video” arcades.

Body-Friendly And User-Friendly Machine

The Velvet Thruster thrusting dildo is made of body-safe platinum-cured silicone with no phthalates for your safety and sexual pleasure. It is rechargeable and a full charge lasts up to two hours. The user-friendly control buttons are on the base so you can change speed or strokes on the fly without breaking your stride, so to speak.



4. The Shockspot Sex Machine

Shockspot Sex Machine

This incredibly sophisticated sex machine is ready whenever you are. Enjoy solo pleasure or turn control over to someone in the same room or across the globe. This is truly twenty-first-century play and pleasure!


You get both in-and-out and vibrating motion and it can deliver hundreds of thrusts per minute if you so desire. The stroke length is adjustable from zero to 12 inches (30 centimeters); whether you feel like deep, deep double penetration or a little teasing and flicking near the entrance, you’ve got it!

Take Control

It can be controlled through its Touch and Feel computer software, the Chaturbate site, or a remote control (which is sold separately). The software features slider controls for an infinite number of settings and adjustments. There are also six preconfigured programs (“A Stranger in Town”, “Cyclic Waves”, “Indecision”, “Little Guy”, “Random Strokes”, “Slow, Long and Easy”, and “The Buildup”), all designed for the ultimate lie-back-and-love-it pleasure. You can be the master of your own domain, let your partner take charge, or revel in what the designers have devised for you.



5. The Hide-A-Cock 5.0

Hide A Cock 5.0

If you’ve been looking for sweet, steady, strong strokes in a pleasing package, you may find that this is the best sex machine for you and your desires.

Masturbation Machine For Manly Men And Everyone Else Too

This satisfying sex machine is made with “quiet slide fucking technology” so there will be no noisy distractions from the delight, while you are using it. It features a powerful 1/16-horsepower motor; it is truly a stallion! You can use this handy hand-held thrusting sex machine in the missionary position, doggy, or any other sex position you desire.

Black Tie Formalwear

The machine has a glossy black powder-coated finish and stainless steel hardware for durability and an industrial look that suits both men and women. You can dress it up or down as you like as there is an accessory port and an included aluminium Vac-u-Loc adapter. Additional options include a dildo doubler for a double penetration option and a blow job kit for solo sex or partner sex play.

Powder-coated finishes are used in mechanical and industrial applications so this sex toy will stand up to whatever abuse or whatever lube you throw at it, and stainless steel is considered very safe for sex toys as it is non-porous and easy to clean.

Powerful, Passionate Penetration

This sex machine penetrates with one-to five-inch strokes (2.5 to 12.5 centimeters) and offers infinite adjustment settings so you will be sure to hit just the right spot. It can go up to 250 strokes per minute and this speed setting can also be adjusted infinitely. The dial is easy to adjust but not too easy — it won’t change its pace until you tell it to. Consistency is the name of the game here! It is an extremely customizable machine with choices of speed and strokes, accessories, and electrical adapters.



6. The Lovehoney Robo Fuk

Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Sex Machine

This unique, adaptable sex machine is designed for solo male, solo female, or couples play. It comes with silicone sex toy attachments that allow you to penetrate or be penetrated as you desire and as your anatomy allows.

On Your Own Or Together

The bendable cock measures 7.2 inches by 5 inches (18 centimeters by 12.5 centimeters) and the pussy has a 9.5-inch (24-centimetre) ribbed pleasure canal.  The arm rotates a full 360 degrees and adjusts in height so you will have easy access to enjoy a variety of angles and sex positions.

A 2016 Chapman University study concluded that women and men who report being satisfied in their sex lives and relationships also reported using sex toys together.

Any Way You Want It

You can mount the fucking machine with a bracket or suction cups, or you can take it to bed with you. Sex action is controlled by an easy-grip pad, with a scroll wheel for ultimate and complete customization.

In Your Home

The machine needs to be plugged into the wall. It folds for easy storage. It is one of the less pricey full-featured fucking machines available, so know that it gives you everything you need.



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Buyer’s Guide

Enjoy your own personal Industrial Revolution with these toys and all they offer.

What Is A Sex Machine?

What Is A Sex Machine?

The best sex machine is a fun way to add a new dimension into your sex life, either solo or partnered. At its most basic, the machine provides steady, sustained thrusts with a dildo-like attachment for penetration of whatever orifice(s) you desire. Additional accessories often include alternative cock attachments and sleeves that you can also use to simulate oral or vaginal sex on a penis.

Most of us know first-hand, as it were, that masturbation (with or without sex toys) is pleasurable. It no longer has to be a guilty pleasure, as studies have shown that masturbation has physical and mental health benefits and, in fact, often strengthens relationships.

The Different Types Of Sex Machines

Sex machines can be made to be discreet and portable (typically wand-style) or they can resemble industrial appliances. Many of the larger ones are constructed so that the movable parts can either be hand-held, mounted with suction cups, or stand-mounted as you desire. Some of the best sex machines come with attachments and encourage you to swap out attachments to suit your mood.

Pros And Cons Of Sex Machines

Magnus Sullivan reminds us in Better Than the Hand: How Masturbation is the Key to Better Sex and Healthier Living that solo sex play not only has tangible health benefits for men, but that it also teaches men to be better sexual partners by “embracing the totality of [their] sexuality… that is the bedrock of confidence, clarity and empathy”. Obviously, the biggest “pro” of the best sex machines is that they are fun and orgasms feel good! But a surprising second is that they improve our physical, emotional, and relationship health in many important ways.

There are very few “cons” to self-satisfaction with sex toys or otherwise, but one challenge that comes with sex machines is that many of them are not exactly small. Most machines do fold/collapse for convenience and you can always stash them in a discreet, boring storage bag when you are not using them, but they do take up space. Some of them are not inexpensive either but when you consider that drinks, dinner, and a first-run movie can easily run $100+, a few “date nights” in, instead of out, should balance that budget.

Also, keep in mind that many of these thrusting sex machines can thrust hundreds of times per minute. No human can achieve that for any sustained period of time.

There’s no shame in liking what you like or using a sex toy to get that but remember to appreciate what human partners bring to the mix, even when they can’t match a machine’s raw power and speed.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Sex Machine

Build and material quality

You’re going to be using this machine on or near important, sensitive body bits. It’s crucial to know for sure that everything that touches you is made of the best body-safe materials that can be easily and thoroughly cleaned, especially if you will be sharing sex toys with a sex partner(s). Also look for smooth finishes: nobody wants to find a rough edge with their genitals!

If it matters to you — and it does matter to most of us — make sure to prioritise a machine that is designed to keep strokes at an even pace and consistency, as this makes it easier for you to find your best sweet sex spot.


Do you like variety? Maybe you’re in the mood for a petite powerhouse one night but want nothing more than to be filled to bursting the next time around. If so, look for a sex machine that is made to allow you to swap out the attachments. If you are a person who has sex with the opposite sex, it could also be fun to get a sex machine that has both cock and pussy attachments.

Motor and thrusting power

Unlike a monkey rocker which needs you do the work, a sex machine has a motor. There’s nothing worse than being left in the lurch so make sure that your sex machine motor lasts as long as you do. Machines that plug into mains power tend to be best in this department, compared to ones that need to be recharged. You’ll also want to know that the machine can give you as much oomph as you want it to.

Contrary to rumour, the use of sex toys does not decrease sexual sensitivity with human partners; in fact, it has been linked to increased arousal, sexual function, lubrication (in women), and erectile function (in men).


This is a very personal part of choosing a personal play machine. Any sort of machinery near your genitals is not something that you want to cheap out on, but it’s also a lot less fun to play when you’re worried about making rent. For the most part, this is something worth saving up for.

How To Use A Fuck Machine

You can use a fuck machine any way you want to! Go deep, stroke around the entrance, enjoy a quickie, take it to its limits for a long time, or whatever strikes your fancy at the time. Sex machines can be used by people of any gender and in any combination. You know that you will get plenty of choice and possibilities.

Tips & Tricks

Your sex machine may be more powerful than you expect. Start off slowly and then ramp up until you are where you want to be. If the machine has some pre-set programs available, you might want to try one of those first as they have been designed to showcase the machine’s best work and optimise your experience.

Safety Tips

Sex Machine Tips

Use lube. Lots of lube. More lube than you think you need. And then some more. Even the best-quality silicone does not recognise on its own when things are getting a little bit scrapey, and the thrusts from a sex machine motor are harder and more powerful than any human penis can provide.

Water-based lubes are safest for use with silicone sex toys.

Take a practice run, rest, and check the state of affairs the next day before you settle in for a marathon sex session with any of these fuck machines. You won’t be sorry that you took the proper precautions for playtime. Also, if your sex partner is controlling the machine remotely, be sure to have a safe word or a kill switch.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a play partner with endless stamina and variations, one of the above sex machines just might be an investment that you won’t regret. It will never finish before you or be too tired to give its all in every way possible. Take some time to decide which is the best sex machine for you and then take your sex play to a new dimension.