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How To Clean A Fleshlight, The Ultimate Guide

How To Clean A Fleshlight

A fleshlight a popular option when it comes to sex toys, offering an incredible realistic feel, a range of sensations and the ability to get yourself off even if you are lacking a partner. When it comes to enjoying your sex toy, there is an important element to bear in mind: hygiene.

The nature of a fleshlight sleeve means that keeping things clean and fresh is crucial not only to your pleasure, but to your health. Without washing, bacteria has a chance to grow and develop, cause health hazards. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know – if you have been wondering how to clean a fleshlight, read on for the ultimate guide.

The material and anatomy of a fleshlight and its sleeve plays a large role in the need for maintaining excellent hygiene – most are constructed from Super Skin, and this is specially designed to be practical, versatile and durable. Giving it a regular wash and making sure it’s completely dry after every use allows you to retain the look, feel and scent of the sex toy, and this ensures that your initial investment stands the test of time.

Ensure that the material is soft and comfortable, and also that there are no tears or damage – this can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

This is also another reason for maintaining excellent standards of cleanliness with your fleshlight: if left uncared for, mildew can develop in the nuances and crevices of the sex toy. The nature of the fleshlight means that it is coming into regular contact with damp and moist surroundings, including lube and body fluids, and these are deposited right into the internal canal of the fleshlight. Over time, these germs will then have a chance to spread, and this can result in unwanted mold growth and mildew which is both unsightly, and has the potential to be dangerous.

Remember to make sure that your sex toys are always allowed to air dry fully after every clean.

How To Clean Your Fleshlight – Step By Step

When it comes to cleaning fleshlights and allowing it to completely dry out, there are a number of steps to take.

How To Clean Your Fleshlight


You should begin by disassembling the toy – remove the sleeve from the case, and make sure that all of the pieces are accessible before you begin.

Cleaning The Case

Start by cleaning the case with liquid soap and warm water, wiping over the surface of the case to remove any stains or residue. Leave the case to dry completely before using it again.

Cleaning The Sleeve

  1. Begin by running some warm water through one end of the fleshlight sleeve, and out the other – make sure that this is not too hot, or you may cause damage to the material, and not too cold – water that is too cold will fail to clean the toy properly.
  2. Then run warm water through from one end of the toy to the other, and then rub the sleeve inside with your fingers to dislodge any unwanted debris which may have lodged itself in the toy. In addition, the design of a fleshlight means that it is easy for items and debris to become trapped – rubbing the surface with your fingers means that you can ensure everything is removed, and can be washed away with the water.
  3. Another option is to block one end of the toy, letting the sleeve fill with water, and shake the water through and around inside the sleeve, before removing the block and letting the water drain through.
  4. Once the sleeve has been washed with water, you can add a cleaner, specially designed to clean your fleshlight properly. The creator of fleshlight sells “Fleshwash”, which allows you to remove any water based lube or mineral oil completely in just a few sprays, without causing damage to your sleeve.
  5. Once you are done, rinse the sleeve with water again, and leave it to dry.

While liquid soap can be used for the case of fleshlight toys, it is not a good idea to use it with the fleshlight sleeve itself.

How To Dry

It is important not to use your fleshlight straight away – you need to make sure it is dry. Use a paper towel to remove any excess water, and then allow the toy to air dry completely – using it before it is dry is a one way ticket to a yeast infection.

Four Simple Steps:

  • Disassemble
  • Clean the case
  • Clean the sleeve with water and cleaner, and rinse with water
  • Leave it to dry completely

Powder Vs Cornstarch

Another option when you clean your pocket pussy is to use powder or cornstarch to leave the superskin material looking and feeling as good as new, with no need to worry about any mold or residue developing. Once you have finished cleaning the fleshlight, sprinkle the powder or cornstarch all over the surface, making sure that you get into every crevice of the toy.

There are two main options for this stage of the cleaning: the first is specialist powder, designed specifically for the superskin material, which can be purchased from specialist suppliers. The second option is cornstarch – this works just as well, but is a cheaper option. Most of us will already have a convenient container lying around the house, making it accessible and affordable.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

There are a few other options when you clean your fleshlight. The first is specialist cleaners, which you can purchase from shops which stock sex toys and associated items. The other is isopropyl alcohol, which can be a great option if you want to make sure that your toy is extra clean and sanitary – perhaps if you are planning to share the toy with others. Isopropyl alcohol is cheaper than specialist cleaners, but can offer better peace of mind and better results than merely using soap and water.

What Is Isopropyl Alcohol?

In the simplest terms, isopropyl alcohol is categorized as a secondary alcohol – an alcohol carbon atom that is bonded with two other carbon atoms. There are a number of uses for the substance – including cleaning sex toys.

How Can You Use It?

Start by wiping down the case and surface of the fleshlight with warm water, and then block one end of the sleeve with one hand, using the other to pour alcohol into the hole. Let the alcohol sit inside for 30 seconds, and then pour the alcohol out. This will leave your fleshlight clean, sanitized and ready to use.

The most important thing to remember is that your fleshlight needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried after every single use.

What Not To Do

As well as the must dos for keeping your fleshlight and sleeve in top quality condition, there are also a few “must nots” to bear in mind.

Using While Damp

No matter how keen you are, it is important that you refrain from using your male masturbator while damp – this is a breeding ground for bacteria, and can be the number one way to get an infection.

Using Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer may be great for keeping your hands free from germs, the same cannot be said for your sex toy. The high alcohol content of the sanitizer can cause damage and degradation to the material of your fleshlight.


Boiling your fleshlight may seem like a good idea, but it can cause serious damage to the material, making it easier for bacteria to spread and grow. For this reason, microwaving your fleshlight is also a bad idea.

Do Not:

  • Use the toy while damp
  • Use hand sanitizer or alcohol
  • Boil your fleshlight
  • Microwave your fleshlight

Looking After Your Fleshlight – Preventative Measures

Looking After Your Fleshlight

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure, and this is especially important when it comes to looking after your fleshlight and sleeve. You need to ensure that you are regularly cleaning and drying your toy after every use, and that this becomes a ritual as soon as you have finished – (and recovered from!) – using the fleshlight. When not in use, you should keep your toy away from any humidity, damp or mold – consider investing in a dehumidifier if the room you are in is prone to damp or moisture.

It is also important to use a powder or cornstarch regularly, as this will remove any stickiness or a “tacky” feeling, and help your fleshlight to last longer. In addition, make sure that you have somewhere safe and secure to store your fleshlight when not in use – this will reduce the possibility of contamination, and make sure that your fleshlight and sleeve is in good condition to bring you pleasure.

Keep Your Fleshlight In Tip Top Condition

  • Clean after every use
  • Allow to dry completely
  • Use a powder or cornstarch
  • Store your fleshlight and sleeve correctly

Finding Mold In Your Fleshlight

Sometimes, even with your best intentions, your fleshlight lies neglected for weeks or even months at a time, and this can result in mold building up. There is good news however – you do not necessarily need to run out and buy a new toy, as there are ways to fix a moldy fleshlight. As a note, we should let you know that in most cases, replacing your fleshlight is probably the best possible idea, as material which decomposes over time can increase your risk of genital diseases.

If, however, your existing toy is salvageable, there are a number of options, including the use of isopropyl alcohol, as we mentioned earlier – this is a powerful solution which can be rubbed into the surface of the fleshlight, and can be very effective in reducing mold. Alternatively, other users have recommended bleach – though you need to be careful here, as it can degrade the material – as well as male facial scrub. The exfoliating nature of the latter can be very useful in removing mold.

Avoid soap on the sleeve itself – this can cause serious damage to your fleshlight.

Storing Your Fleshlight

One of the best ways to keep your fleshlight hygienic and safe is to ensure that it is securely stored between uses, preferably in a case designed specifically for this purpose. This reduces the risk of debris, dirt or contaminants from entering the toy, and ensures that it is clean, safe and sanitary for you to use the next time you desire. To preserve the longevity of your fleshlight, a secure, robust case is a good investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fleshlight is a type of toy which replicates an artificial vaginal, anal or oral sex toy. The penis is inserted into the opening of the Fleshlight, along with a water or oil based lube, and the device is then used as a masturbatory aid. The realistic feel and high quality offer plenty of pleasure for users, and it is a popular option. For more information, you can read our blog post on what a Fleshlight is or learn how to use it here.

To properly clean a fleshlight, you will need to set aside plenty of time for cleaning, sanitizing and drying the toy. You need to ensure that you have ample time to clean the surface, sanitize the inside, and give it plenty of opportunity to dry before you use it again – this is one of the most important aspects. We also advise you to warm it up before use, which you can learn how to do here.

You clean a moldy fleshlight by using one of the recommended solutions or cleaning products, such as face scrub, bleach or isopropyl alcohol, to carefully scrub at the surface and remove the offending mold. In the best case, however, it is a good idea to replace your fleshlight, as mold can increase the risk of serious diseases and infections.


Learning how to clean a fleshlight is one of the most important elements to using and enjoying the toys – this will help to keep you and your partner safe and healthy. Whichever method you use, the washing process means you can prolong the life – and importantly, the enjoyment – of your fleshlight.

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