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The 8 Best Sex Doll Websites of 2023 – Where To Buy The Most Realistic Love Toy

Best Sex Doll

Welcome to the wonderful world of the best sex dolls! We’re going to show you silicone dolls, TPE dolls and more from the best sex doll companies (both manufacturers and retailers) out there. A love doll is a major investment of time, money and energy so you’ll want to be very careful to find what’s right for you.

Your sex doll will be your companion and your lover, and you can learn how to improve your partnered sex life with her. Choose someone that you want to wake up with every morning and you won’t be disappointed about this addition to your bed and your home. Read on to learn more about how to find your already-perfect, semi-custom or full custom silicone sweetheart.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Earth Erotic
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Sex Doll Genie
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Silicon Wives
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Sexy Sex Doll
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Sexy Real Sex Dolls
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Joy Love Dolls
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Hot Sexy Dolls
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1 .Earth Erotic

Earth Erotic Shop

Editor’s Choice #1: This is one of the most reputable sex doll companies out there and you can trust them with your heart and your credit cards. Browse dolls from the finest sex doll companies or create your very own sex doll to your exact specifications. Slim, curvy, ethnic and fantasy beauties await your call.

Erotic, Earthy And All Yours

These realistic, high-quality sex dolls let you fulfill every fantasy. You can choose the best of the best from this certified retailer of Piper Doll, Doll4Ever, Dollhouse 168 and WM Doll ladies as well as lingerie and accessories, including temporary tattoos. You can pick the doll of your dreams, decorate her and dress her up, or create your own custom companion. Earth Erotic is dedicated to sourcing and showing you the finest selection of luxury love dolls. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

Your Favorite Features

Most of the realistic sex dolls on the Earth Erotic site allow you to pick and choose the features that you want most. For instance. Calypso, who stands 5’5″ and proudly boasts 38F breasts, can come to you in a variety of hair and skin tones with areolas between 3cm and 5cm, your choice of labia and pubic hair, and painted fingernails and toenails. You can also choose a fixed or removable vagina and whether or not you would like her to (literally) warm up. She has a stainless steel skeleton for durability and vaginal (7″), anal (7″) and oral (5″) orifices.

Your Sayuri Sugar Doll Temptress is a tight little package at 4’4″ but there’s nothing little about her 34H breasts, which can be either solid or hollow. She comes in various light skin shades with the labia and nipples of your choice. You can also choose whether you’d like a fixed or removable pussy and which publc hair style, if any, you prefer. She has usable openings at her mouth (4″), vagina (7″) and ass (6″).

Completely Custom

You can even design your best sex doll and have it made just for you! Artists and sculptors will create a model based on sketches and photos. You can choose the face, hair, body, features and more! Other selections include the size and color of the areola and labia, the size and type of vagina, pubic hair (if any), and add-ons such as voice, heat, wig and case.

The process starts with a clay model that is then refined even further based on your preferences. The custom sex doll will be made with your input and to your exact specifications, and then will be engineered with a steel skeleton and the highest-quality materials. Orders for sex dolls made to resemble children or celebrities will not be accepted.



2. Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie Shop

Editor’s Choice #2: This husband-and-wife team are clearly dedicated to the sex doll business. They have relationships with the best sex doll companies and are enthusiastic about bringing the very best sex doll right to your doorstep. The search functions make it easy for you to find the sex doll that you want to share your bed with.

Dedicated To Dolls

The team at Sex Doll Genie know their dolls and the people who buy them. They represent brands such as AFDolls, AITech,DSDoll, Dollhouse168, DH168Evo, DollForever, Gynoid, HRDoll, Irontech, JarlietDolls, JYDolls, OR, Piper, SEDolls, SinoDolls, WM Doll, YL Doll and Z-One. Their internal rating process recognizes YL Doll, WM Doll, OR Doll and SinoDolls as the top producers of sex dolls.

Sex Doll Genie contracts with a quality control team that will personally inspect each and every sex doll before it leaves the factory, and they will even provide you with the report for your very own realistic sex doll. They ensure that all dolls are created from body-safe, medical-grade materials so they’re safe for your penis, your bed and everything else that’s important to you! The team will also help facilitate any repairs or adjustments that may be necessary during the life of your love doll. They also offer free shipping worldwide. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

Choose Your Cutie

This site has the best sexdoll search function that we’ve come across. Among the ways that you can sort your selections are: looks/type (including fantasy, pregnant and ethnic looks), cup size (from A through N) and doll features such as dolls that moan, complete body heating, gel implant breasts, jiggly TPE and enhanced blowjobs.

You can also learn more about sex doll manufacturers, including real photos from their factories, so that you can decide where you want your doll darling to come from. This site provides love doll lovers with all the information they need to make truly informed choices about their next favorite companions — too bad Tinder doesn’t do the same!

Our Choices

We’ve picked our favorites — and hopefully yours — in some of the most popular categories. Lovely, lithe Luciana’s A-cup breasts are perfectly proportioned on her 5’1″ frame and you can customize her skin type, labia and nipple color, vagina type, pubic hair and more. On the other end of the spectrum, Keyla is packing N-cups and stands 5’4″. Her options include hollow or solid breasts, hair and eye colors, skin tone, pubic hair and fixed or removable vagina. Elvish Jaslyn is a petite 5’0″ with perfect D-cup breasts. Fit her out the way you want with choices of areola color and size, eye color, hair style, pubic hair, labia color and vagina type. All these realistic sex dolls welcome you into their mouths, vaginas and asses.



3. Silicon Wives

Silicone Wives Shop

All The Dolls

Silicon Wives is proud to pair you up with the best sex dolls from the best dollmakers. They’ve sourced TPE, silicone and other lifelike sex dolls across three continents so one (or more!) can have a place of pride in your home and your bed. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

Besides bringing you the best sex doll brands, they also feature Silicon Wives exclusive dolls, including the classy escort Minka and the Instagram model Sierra. Minka stands 5’9″ with a steel skeleton and E-cup breasts. Customization options include hair, eyes and skin tone; standard, hollow or gel breasts; and built-in or removable vagina. She comes with vaginal (6.7″), anal (6.7″) and oral (6″) openings. Sierra is 5’6″ with D-cup breasts and a steel skeleton. Her customization options and orifices are similar to Minka’s.

Shopping For Sex Dolls

Silicon Wives provides extensive instructions on how to care for your sex doll and keep her clean and fresh as well as how to dress her and show her off. And even though you’ll probably find it a very natural experience, they also show and tell you how to enjoy vaginal, anal and oral sex with your lifelike sex doll.

You can quickly and easily review the categories to get just what you want and need. Some of the categories include silicone and TPE; tall, mid-size or mini sex dolls; big boobs or flat-chested; anime and fantasy; and even male sex dolls for women! This site also offers completely custom sex dolls and they even have a section for ready-to-ship dolls if you are ready for a hot date right away!


Men and women can enjoy a male sex doll from this site! Maverick is a muscular 5’9″ with a 6.7″ penis that detaches for easy cleaning. He also enjoys penetration in the anus (7″) or the mouth. His steel skeleton makes him as rugged as he looks. Customization options include skin, hair and eye colors.

The Moon Hentai sex doll is made from platinum-cured silicone with a steel skeleton. She stands 5’1″ with voluptuous H-cup breasts and offers up her vagina (6.7″), mouth (4.7″) and anus (5.5″) for your pleasure. Choose her skin, hair, lip and eye color; areola color and size; pubic hair, and finger and toe nail color. You can even order up an extra-soft vagina and/or a hymen to make her all yours!

You can also have their artists commission and create a completely custom TPE sex doll with a metal skeleton just for you (no dolls resembling children or celebrities will be produced). Provide them with photos, sketches, descriptions and any other preferences and they will work with you to produce first a clay model and then your very own dream girl (or guy)!



4. RacyMe

Racy Me

Fast And Fun

When you want your new TPE, silicone or smart sex doll fast, RacyMe is the place to start. As with many sex doll sellers, their high-quality personalized dolls ship directly from the manufacturer with free worldwide shipping. But RacyMe goes the extra mile, so to speak, for their American and European customers and stocks warehouses in Dallas, Los Angeles and the Netherlands with some of their top sellers so you might be able to have a hot date this weekend!

You can also choose from smart dolls, lifelike sex dolls, mini sex dolls, male sex dolls and other sex toys. All the real sex dolls are made from medical-grade TPE, silicone and other materials, including a metal skeleton and flexible joints. Trained professional sculptors create the sex dolls’ faces so that the love dolls look like real women and men (sometimes even better, especially when waking up in the morning). Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

Choices To Make

You’ll have plenty of TPE and silicone sex dolls to choose from. Categories include BBW sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, blonde sex dolls and ebony sex dolls. Male sex doll choices and mini sex dolls are also available. Smart sex dolls feature body temperature control, interactive voice communications and online audio sex sensors. This company continues its commitment to its customers with a special section for promotional sex dolls, and you can also commission a completely customized sex doll.

Their artists and engineers will create a real sex doll just for you based on your photos, sketches and descriptions. Their custom sex doll program also offers height options between 100 and 173 centimeters; black, wheat. natural and tan skin colors; blue, green or brown eyes; over 200 heads with 12 wigs; built-in or removable vagina; and standing or non-standing feet.

Their Best

Smart sex doll Wendy stands 5’2″ with F-cup breasts. She has a steel skeleton, tan skin and long brown hair. Her vagina (7.3″) and anus (6.7″) are ready for you! This sex robot doll has touch sensors, temperature control (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and pre-programmed audio responses — she sounds as if she’s having as much fun as you are! You’ll get a USB-rechargeable vaginal heating wand, a cleaning kit and some sexy lingerie for your new lover.

Shae is 5’4″ with F-cup breasts, a steel skeleton and medical-grade silicone skin. She welcomes you with vaginal (7.5″), anal (6.7″) and oral (5.5″) pleasure holes, and she comes with sexy lingerie and a cleaning kit. You can personalize her skin tone, eye color, vagina (built-in or removable) and feet.



5. Sexy Sex Doll

Sexy Sex Dolls

Super Sex Doll Service

The Sexy Sex Doll site knows what you want when it comes to sex dolls, and they’ll make sure that you get it! They represent some of the best sexual doll manufacturers — including 6Ye Premium Dolls, YL Doll, WM Dolls, Piper Doll, DS Doll (Doll Sweet), Sinodoll and Climax Dolls — and they also produce their own line of sex dolls. Sexy Sex Doll has excellent working relationships with the major doll manufacturers and they visit the factories and warehouses in the Pearl River Delta often. You’ll see photo tours on their website!

Not only do they know their dolls but they really know their customers and what they want! They offer free shipping to the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America, and VAT clearance and import duty clearance service for clients in the EU, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Japan and Ireland. Your doll is inspected at the factory and you’ll get photos before she’s sent on her way. Express shipping means that you can meet her in a week or less! Sexy Sex Dolls also offers a reward program so every purchase earns you points towards your next one. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

Find Your Special Someone

You can browse categories such as athletic, curvy, mature and fantasy; exact cup size or small, medium, large or huge breasts; luxury, expert, intermediate or beginner pricing; and size. You can also look at torsoes, masturbators and other sex toys. Male dolls are also available for both women and men.  Semi-custom dolls (mix and match from existing designs) are available from 6YE Doll, WM/YL Doll, DS Doll and Climax Doll.

The 6YE custom program lets you choose your body and then choose a face, skin tone and eye and hair colors to match! There is a wide range of body sizes including 5’6″/K-cup, 5’3″/D-cup/big ass and 5’4″/B-cup/muscular. With the WM custom dolls, you get to select the body, head, skin color, hairstyle, eye color, vagina type, finger and toe nail colors, areola size and color, labia color, pubic hair and feet. The complete custom option lets you specify absolutely everything about your dream girl (or guy). Artists, designers and engineers will work with you to bring them to life!

Sexy Sex Doll Dolls

Sexy Sex Dolls offers two exclusive sex dolls: Sloane and Rauha. Both come with a blanket, handling gloves, a vaginal irrigator and two outfits. Sloane is made for SSD by 6YE Doll with a metal skeleton and TPE skin. She’s 5’5″ with F-cup breasts, tan skin and blue eyes. Enjoy her vagina (6.7″), mouth (5.9″) and ass (5.9″). Rauha is a WM exclusive with a metal skeleton and TPE skin. She’s 5’7″ with M-cup breasts, medium skin, blue eyes and long blonde hair. She’ll welcome you vaginally (6.7″), orally (5.9″) or anally (6.7″).



6. Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Sexy Real Dolls Shop

Your Doll's Travels

Sexy Real Sex Dolls brings you best-of-breed sex dolls to share your bed and your life. Their ordering process, while not markedly different than that of other sites, is clearly spelled out so you know exactly what to expect. People who are waiting for their new companions will really appreciate this transparency!

First, you place your order and customize your realistic sex doll. Next is checkout and payment, and there are layaway and flexible payment plans available. They will send you a confirmation, to which you must respond to start the process. Your doll will be created in 15 to 20 days from when the order is placed. You’ll get pictures of your new sex doll, which you must also respond to before she is shipped. The sex doll will be on her way in three to four days, and you’ll get a tracking number. EU customers can arrange prepayment of customs/VAT. Then it’s up to the shipping company, but you should be able to track your sex doll’s travels. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

Pick Your Favorite Flavor

You can choose from several different categories of TPE and silicone sex dolls, including big boobs, big butt, MILF and anime. These dolls all have welcoming vaginal, anal and oral orifices. There are also male dolls (for both men and women) with detachable penises, which come in different sizes. They also have anal and oral openings. This site has some of the best transgender doll offerings that we’ve seen. The trans dolls have female bodies with penises as well as vaginal, anal and oral openings. You can also buy a penis/futanari insert that fits in the vaginal opening of most TPE sex dolls to make any doll a trans doll.

Long List Of Dollmakers

SRSD features sex dolls from manufacturers such as WM Dolls, YL Doll, SY, SM Doll, CLM, 6YE Dolls, OR Doll, JY Doll, IronTech, Z-Onedoll, DollHouse168, Doll-forever, Piper, Sino Dolls, DS Doll, AS Doll, AF Dolls and XY Dolls. Piper specializes in cartoon and anime dolls like Rhianne, who stands 5’3″ tall and has G-cup breasts. You can choose her skin, hair and eye colors; solid or hollow breasts; built-in or removable vagina and vaginal texture; pubic hair; finger and toe nails; and feet. She has oral, vaginal (6.7″) and anal (5.5″) openings.

You can also bring home the “thickest butt sex doll ever” with Shavonne from SY Dolls. She stands 5’4″ with 40.6″ breasts and 55.9″ hips that you can get lost in! Personalize her with your choice of head, hair, eyes, skin color, vagina type, nipple color, labia color and a removable tongue. Enjoy Shavonne vaginally (7.5″), orally (5.5″) and, of course, anally (6.5″).



7. Joy Love Dolls

Joy Loves Dolls

Joy And Love

Joy and love is what you’ll feel when you find the best sex doll for you at this website. They are an authorized reseller of many of the best brands, including WM Dolls and YL Dolls, as well as their own Joy Love branded sex dolls. You can choose from over 500 models of dolls plus semi-custom dolls, as well as sex doll accessories and other sex toys. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

You’ll also feel joy and love, thanks to the way you’ll be treated here. Worldwide delivery is free and they’ll handle customs clearance to the US, UK, and Europe. Every sex doll is inspected and photographed before she’s sent on her way to her new home. Financing is available through PayPal Credit and Klarna if you do not want to use your credit cards.

Make Your Choice

You can find the doll you like best from categories such as mini sex dolls, fantasy sex dolls, European sex dolls, anime sex dolls and MILF sex dolls. You can shop by body type (skinny, big boobs, big booty, curvy or fat) or breast size (small, medium, big) too. Male sex dolls and transgender sex dolls are also available. Dolls can come in TPE or silicone.

One of the best-selling dolls is WM Doll’s Tori Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll. As pictured on the site, she stands 5’4″ with H-cup breasts and curves you can get lost in. A Hyperskin vaginal canal that does not need lube is an option. Other personalization options include skin tone, vagina type and size, a vagina heater, hair and eyes, mouth, solid or hollow breasts, pubic hair, feet and accessories. She has oral, vaginal and anal openings.

Joy Love Branded Dolls

Joy Love’s own branded dolls include the Lana Perfect Body Sex Doll. She is 5’4″ with curvy 35″ breasts. You can choose heat, voice, skin tone, eye color, vagina, solid or hollow breasts, pubic hair, nipple and labia color, finger and toe nail colors, and other accessories. She will be happy to show you her vagina (7″), anus (6.6″) and mouth (4.7″) openings.



8. Hot Sexy Dolls

Hot Sexy Dolls Shop

JY Dolls For You

Hot Sexy Dolls has a special relationship with the premium sex doll manufacturer JY Dolls. Because of their high volume of business, they can offer the lowest prices and quickest shipping for JY Dolls. Your luxury-level silicone sex doll will leave the JY Doll Factory within three to eight business days, and she will be on your doorstep in another three to eight days! You can also view a video of the JY Doll Factory. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

Shipping to the US is not only super-quick; it is also free with no customs or duty fees. This is just one example of the excellent service you will receive at the Hot Sexy Dolls site. Shipping is also discreet and your purchase will be labeled a “toy” on the customs paperwork.

Dolls And More

Besides the excellent selection of JY Dolls, you can purchase clothing, accessories and more for your special someone. You may want to look at anal and vaginal vibrators, anal and vaginal warmers, anal and vaginal cleaning kits, a closet doll hanger, doll eyes, doll wigs, dust bag hangers, a voice box, a removable vagina, stain remover and TPE material and glue for some first aid if necessary.

You can choose your sex doll by size (torso, 100cm/3’3″, 105cm/3’5″, 125cm/4’1″, 148cm/4’10”, 165cm/5’5″, 156cm/5’1″ SuperTits, or 166cm/5’5″ Muscle Fitness). Male sex dolls are also available, as is the opportunity to create a semi-custom sex doll. You can also choose from among the most popular dolls (one of the best ways to get started) and there is a sale section as well.

Some Details

The Muscle Fitness sex doll body has a metal skeleton and stands 5’5″ with a gym body and lush 36″ breasts. There are nine variants on hair, skin tone and other features. She has oral (5″), vaginal (7″) and anal (6.5″) openings to welcome you. You’ll get the doll, one outfit, a wig and makeup, an extra vagina, a cleaning kit and TPE patch material.

The Most Popular section includes some of the best-selling dolls of all time, such as the 100cm Mini Silicone Real Doll, the 125cm Sexy Ass Vagina Pussy Soft Real Breast Sex Doll, and the 148cm Realistic Silicone Oral Love Doll With Hot Sexy Like Real Women Breast Anal Vagina Pussy. You can enjoy vaginal, anal and oral sex with each and every doll in this section. All the dolls come with a wig and makeup, one outfit, a spare vagina, a cleaning kit and a TPE patch kit.



Buyer’s Guide

Things To Consider When Choosing a Sex Doll

How to Choose a Sex Doll

There is actually quite a lot to think about when you’re getting ready to buy a sex doll. They are investment-quality, but this means that they also require a significant investment so you’ll want to shop carefully and make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

Types/Styles: Just like in the real world, there’s something for everyone! You can choose dolls with certain looks (athletic, soft and curvy, ethnic or even fantasy characters), and you can change out hair and clothes on your sex doll if you’re in the mood for something different. Some of these dolls have distinct personalities and we’re sure that you’ll meet your match!

Material: You can usually choose either TPE or medical-grade silicone sex dolls. TPE is softer, jiggles better and feels more like human skin, especially in the most sensitive and important areas, but it is also less durable and more difficult to clean. Silicone can feel a tiny bit less friendly, but it holds up better and cleans up more nicely. You must use only water-based lube with silicone sex dolls or other silicone sex toys. TPE, silicone and other materials used to make the dolls are all body-friendly and completely safe to use any way you want.

Size: Complete sex dolls come in sizes ranging from mini dolls at about three feet tall to over five feet; you can also buy dolls that are just the torso. Smaller dolls are obviously much easier to store and maneuver, so they definitely have their advantages. However, the complete small-size sex doll may look and feel too childish to some (even though these are most definitely adult dolls with adult figures and features), and some find it difficult to develop a relationship. Weight can also be a consideration both for storage and easy maneuverability in and out of bed.

If you don’t have enough room for a full-size sex doll, there are other alternatives, including onaholes, pocket pussys and fleshlights, which all fit in your bed side drawer! We’ve written reviews on each of these sex toys and more, so check the out next if you’re not convinced you have enough space for a full sex doll! You may also be interested in our male masturbator reviews.

Customization: Many sex doll retailers offer both semi and complete customs. When you commission a completely custom doll, a team of artists, designers and engineers work with you to create the doll friend of your dreams (reputable doll makers will make mini dolls but will not make child dolls or dolls that resemble celebrities/public figures). Semi-custom dolls let you choose the body type and other aspects such as skin and hair color, nipple and labia size and color, and other details. Semi-customs are far less expensive than full customs, but if you know exactly what you want, a doll all your own is one of the best investments you can make!

Shipping: Many retailers offer free shipping to most places in the world. Shipping from China is almost always slow, so if there are warehouses closer to you, that’s a good thing. Customs and duty fees can be costly, so make sure to account for them when you’re comparison-shopping because some sellers cover them and others do not. You will probably want your doll to come in a discreet box with a non-identifying return address and a suitably vague description on the customs form, as well as a neutral name on your credit cards’ statement

How To Clean A Sex Doll: Maintenance And Preparation

How To Clean A Sex Doll

It’s important to clean your sex doll after each and every use — you want to make sure that’s she’s always clean, fresh and ready for you! Dolls with removable vagina inserts are definitely easier to clean, but you’ll probably want to get an irrigation kit for the oral and anal orifices as well as the inbuilt vagina if your love doll has that. Follow manufacturer’s directions, of course, but you generally wash with warm water and soap, or specialized sex doll/sex toy cleaner. Dry thoroughly before putting her down for the day, and use renewal powder if recommended.

Using lube every time is best for both your sex doll and your penis. Water-based lube is usually easiest to clean up, and you should never use silicone lube on your silicone doll or any type of silicone sex toys. It will damage the surface, which leads to deterioration and unsanitary conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sex dolls are high-quality life-size silicone dolls or TPE dolls with anal, vaginal and oral pleasure holes. You can have sex with them, you can sleep with them and you can dress them up for your own pleasure. They can provide a sense of companionship and they can teach you how to be a better lover in real-life sex.

Clean your sex doll with warm water and gentle soap or specialized sex doll cleaner. Sex dolls should be thoroughly cleaned, dried and refreshed between uses so that they will always be fresh and ready for you. A sex doll with a removable vagina may be easier to clean but you’ll still want an irrigation kit for anal and oral orifices.

Buy a sex doll so you can have a lively sex life even if you are not currently partnered. Other reasons to buy a sex doll include a sense of companionship, the ability to experiment with sex positions or acts that your real-life partner may not be interested in, and stamina training/edging to improve your partnered sex life. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their return policy.

You can find sexual release with the best sex doll, of course, but you can also do so much more! You can use it to fulfill a need for closeness and cuddling, you can dress her up or change her hair color to make her your very own and you can use a sex doll to learn new sex techniques, increase your stamina and practice for partnered sex.


We’ve shown you some of the best sex dolls and the best sex doll companies on the market. Take your time browsing and make sure that you find the best love doll for your love life. You won’t regret the investment and you’ll feel great having a special sweetheart in your bed and by your side.

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