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Our Full Review Of The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch 2023

Quickshot Launch Review

The world of sex toys has seen something of an explosion in recent years, with a range of brand new toys, niches and options allowing a whole new audience to explore their innermost fantasies. The growth of sex toys for men has been a large part of this, and there are now a huge number of products, toys and devices designed to help boost men’s sexual pleasure and orgasm potential. Blowjob machines are one such example; as the name suggests, these are toys which emulate the blowjob experience, allowing men to enjoy the same sensations even when playing alone, or to add a new element and excitement to an established relationship. As the market continues to expand, these are becoming increasingly popular – and the technology just keeps getting better! The Quickshot Launch is a top quality masturbation machine designed to revolutionize the world of blowjobs. Read on for the ultimate Quickshot Launch review, and discover everything you need to know.

What Is The Quickshot Launch?

To kick off the fleshlight Quickshot Launch review, we need to understand exactly what type of device we are dealing with. The Quickshot launch is a must have addition to any fan of Quickshot toys, and has the potential to open up a new range of pleasure.

What Is It?

In short, an automated masturbation machine, which makes an amazing automatic blowjob toy, offering a smart, hands-free design which aims to please every time. The Quickshot Launch unlocks a fully automated Fleshlight experience for men, and offers total control over every range of your session–from setting the length of the strokes, to taking charge of the speed, each and every aspect is totally within your control.

The machine will take care of all the thrusting, allowing you to take your pleasure with minimal effort on your part; simply flick the switch to adjust and choose between a range of four stroke lengths and speeds–the top of which reaches an impressive 25 strokes per minute! You can also target the area you would like to focus your pleasure; opt for the base, shaft or tip to tailor your ideal experience. As an added bonus, you can personalize your session further thanks to the inclusion of a universal smartphone mount–simply load up your preferred content, lie back and enjoy the sensation of this top quality pleasure product.

More Versions Of The Quickshot Launch

More Versions Of The Quickshot Launch

Not all Quickshot Launch products are created equally; we would not be delivering a thorough fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review unless we let you in on all of the other opportunities for pleasure.

Vantage Pack

The Vantage pack differs from the Quickshot Vantage Launch, an option which is around half the length of the original Fleshlight Launch. The Vantage is open at both ends, and this unlocks a range of new ways to use and enjoy the toy. In addition, this masturbator allows you to see each and every movement of your penis as you thrust–the ultimate titillation.

Pulse Pack

The Quickshot Pulse is another texture on offer to people interested in the device, and this features a canal up to 1.2 inches wide, which includes three large, 0.4 inch wide ribs–ideal for adding a firm and sensual experience with every thrust. Simply slot the Pulse pack into the machine, and get ready for some fun.

Stamina Training

The most compact option in the Quickshot Launch range, this is the ultimate fleshlight which can be enjoyed anytime, anyplace. No matter where you go, you can work on building up stamina and endurance, enjoying your perfect tailored pleasure in a way which suits you.

How Does A Quickshot Launch Work?

How Does A Quickshot Launch Work

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is super easy to use, allowing you to enjoy mind blowing orgasms and a realistic blowjob sensation in no time. Start off by removing both caps from your sleeve, insert it into the cradle, and turn the lock clockwise until it clicks in place. Follow by placing your smartphone into the holder with a good viewing angle, get your preferred content loaded up and you’re ready to go. Power up the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch by holding down the Power button for 30 seconds–you should see the device come to life. When you are done, you can hold this same button down for four seconds to shut down the device; this will also be how you pause and play during your session.

Quick Tip!

Don’t forget to add plenty of water based lube to both the sleeve and yourself – comfort and ease are key here!

Next, choose your sleeve, and press the Power button once to start the device; don’t forget to set the Stoke, Speed and Zone for optimum satisfaction, and to really tailor your experience in any way you desire! When you are done, don’t forget to wipe everything down thoroughly to ensure that your masturbation device stays clean and hygienic.

Quickshot Launch Features

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch comes with a host of features which help it to stand out from other similar masturbation devices on the market. This allows users to tailor their experience to their exact preferences and desires–it is this feature which helps to place the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch at the top of its game.

Quick Look!

  • Choose your stroke
  • Select your speed
  • Decide on the position!


The ability to choose the length of each stroke is a major advantage of the toy, and there are four different options to choose from, depending on whether you want a longer or shorter stroke. Not only does this allow you to tailor your experience to your exact desires, but it also transforms the Fleshlight Launch into a versatile, flexible toy which can be used time and again–each session can be totally different to the last. Simply load up the sleeve into your device, select the stroke length you would prefer each time, and get ready to enjoy a brand new sensation.

Selecting your chosen stroke length is also made easy thanks to the user-friendly nature of the Quickshot Launch; simply take a look at the left hand side of the device, locate the ‘Stroke’ button, and you are ready to roll–or stroke!

Round Up!

Choose the length of each stroke, for a tailored feel and experience.


As well as controlling the length of the strokes, users can also opt for a range of speeds, with a top speed of 250 strokes per minute. Simply press the ‘Speed’ button on the right-hand side of the device; pressing it up causes the device to go faster, while pressing the button down slows down the speed. Set the stroke length to minimum, and turn up the speed to max to enjoy the full mind-blowing 250 per minute–make sure you are prepared for it!

Round Up!

Choose from a range of speeds – up to 250 strokes per minute!


Users can choose from one of three positions for the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch. The button is located behind the left hand grip on the toy, and users can choose from one of three positions–the shaft, the middle or just the very tip. By selecting one of these on the toy, this will determine where the Quickshot is positioned, and what area it is focused and working on.

Round Up!

Target your desired area by setting the exact location to be stroked.

Why You Should Buy The Quickshot Launch

Why You Should Buy The Quickshot Launch

So with so many other masturbation devices on the market, just why should you opt for the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch? There are several advantages which may just help you make your choice.

Stroke Speeds

The Quickshot Launch is known for having the fastest stroke speed on the market–up to 250 penis strokes per minute at the top end. If you’re one of those people who is a sucker for speed, this blows many other toys out of the water, and allows you to enjoy an intense and invigorating sensation with every use.

Universal Phone Holder

The Fleshlight Launch is all about customization, and this includes the media you choose to enjoy on your phone during your session. The device includes a universal smartphone mount, allowing your phone to be held firmly in place, no matter which make or model you have.

Manual Buttons

The inclusion of manual buttons put you in complete control of every feature–from speed to position to strokes. The toy is super easy to use, even if you are one of the people new to the blowjob machine scene.

USB Rechargeable Battery

Play anytime, any place, and enjoy up to an hour of battery life with each charge. Simply plug in the toy to recharge whenever you need to–this is a convenient, easy feature which only adds to the positives.

Round Up!

Control speed, strokes and position, recharge whenever required with a USB connection, and connect to your favorite stimuli!

Setting Up Your Quickshot Launch

Getting started with your Quickshot Launch is designed to be as smooth and painless as possible. There are just a few steps you will need to follow to get started, and the process is fast and simple.


Before you use your product for the first time, you will need to plug it into the charger, then plug this into the socket, and wait for around an hour and a half, or until the toy is fully charged. Remember, you get 60 minutes of use with each charge, so it is well worth the wait! After this initial charge, you will be able to use the product while it is charging–you won’t need to wait for it to fill completely.


Get all of the prep done prior to your first use, and while the Quickshot is charging; this includes attaching the universal phone holder. You will find a bolt and wingnut in the box, and putting these together should be simple. This is also the time to take the masturbation sleeve out of the packaging, and remove the caps at either end.


When the charge is complete, insert the Quickshot into the clear section of the toy, and turn it clockwise until it is secure. Next, turn on the Power button, and you are ready to go!

4 stages:

  • Charge
  • Prep
  • Set Up
  • Play!

Taking Care Of Your Quickshot Launch

Taking good care of your Quickshot Launch is an important part of protecting your own health and wellbeing. Fortunately, cleaning both the sleeve and the Launch itself is fairly simple–you will need to clean both thoroughly after every use. Once you are done, remove the Quickshot from the Fleshlight Launch, and wash it thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Alternatively, you may choose to opt for the specialist Fleshlight Wash and Renewing Powder for a really squeaky clean finish–these are both body safe and alcohol free, so there is no need to worry about the solution drying out the skin or causing irritation. Make sure that you leave all of the parts to air dry completely before you use it again. The Launch itself can be wiped down with a baby wipe or warm water after use.

Remember: the nature of the toy means that good hygiene is essential, and you need to know how to keep it in tip top condition to stay healthy, as well as preserve and enhance the lifespan of your toy.

Any downsides?

A Quickshot Launch review would be fair without mentioning potential downsides of the device. Many of these come from the nature of the machine; it is rather large and bulky, and this means that discretion and privacy could be an issue. The sound levels can also rise quickly, especially when you are running the stroke and speeds at the absolute maximum–things can get a little loud. Some users may take issue with the fact that only Quickshot masturbators can be used with the machine; this makes great business sense, but could be frustrating to those users who may prefer a little more variety and choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To use the Quickshot Launch, start by removing the caps from the sleeve, and inserting this into the Quickshot Launch. Make sure that the device is charged, and then kick things off by pressing down the Power button until the Launch machine springs into life–this could take up to 30 seconds. Next, set up your chosen media, adjust the settings to match your personal preferences and get ready to enjoy mind-blowing pleasure.

The Quickshot Launch can get quite loud, especially if you are using the fastest stroke settings–once the device gets up to higher speeds, noise levels can rise. Our launch review has deduced that as a result, this may not be the best option if you are looking for discretion or a quiet toy–you will need to expect some noise.

To clean the Quickshot Launch, remove the sleeve from the device and use warm, soapy water to thoroughly clean every inch. Alternatively, invest in the Fleshlight Wash and Renewing Powder for a body-safe, alcohol free solution. It is important to clean your device after each use to keep everything hygienic and safe.

You charge the Quickshot Launch for around 90 minutes prior to the first use. This will allow the device to charge completely as a new product, and ensure it is ready to use. Once you have completed the first charge, you will be able to use the device while it is still charging.


So, what have we learned from the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review? You should now have a good understanding of the nature of the machine, the options available and the variety of ways it can allow you to totally customize and personalize your experience–control speed, strokes and position. Whether you are a seasoned fan of masturbator machines, or looking to purchase your first model, there are plenty of reasons to opt for the Quickshot Launch. All that is left to do is make your purchase, and then lie back and enjoy the pleasure!

Quickshot Launch Review
Our rating: 4.8/5

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