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The 8 Best Lubes For Fleshlight, Pocket Pussy, Onaholes & More Reviewed For 2023

Best Lube For Fleshlight

A fleshlight is a popular masturbatory aid, which can come in a huge array of choice, varying in shape and size. What they have in common is most are best enjoyed with a good quality lubricant. The lube market is a crowded one; there are a range of types, materials and flavors, and choosing the best fleshlube can be tricky. To help, we have compared the variety of options available, and put together the best lube for fleshlight recommendations for your consideration. Read on, and discover everything you need to know.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Sutil Luxe Glide Personal Lubricant
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Gun Oil H2O Water-Based Personal Lubricant
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Sliquid H2O Original Water-Based Lubricant
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ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant
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Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant
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System JO H2O Water-Based Lubricant
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Doc Johnson TitanMen Water-Based Lube Glide
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WET Personal Lubricant
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1. Sutil Luxe Body Glide Personal Lubricant

Sutil Luxe Lube

Editor’s Choice #1 : Looking to find a top quality lube which also fits your personal eco credentials? This top quality option from Sutil is one of the best water based lubricants we have found, allowing you to tick every box without having to compromise on your ethics–truly the best of both worlds.

This Sutil Luxe lube is made from eco friendly ingredients–each and every item is fully Eco-certified. The lube itself is free from any unwanted parabens or glycerin, allowing you to do your part for the planet, while also having plenty of fun.

Toy Friendly

This water based lube is good news for your fleshlight–unlike silicone based lube, this will not degrade or damage your toys in any way. It can also be easily removed with water, and will not cause any harm to your skin. Even better, the tube is totally biodegradable, and so will not leave a single trace on the Earth in a few years’ time.



2. Gun Oil H2O Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Gun Oil H2O Lube

Editor’s Choice #2: How about a lube which not only enhances your sexual experience, but also transforms your fleshlight into an almost real-deal quality? While a regular lube may simply help your sex toys to slide in more easily, taste good, and even enhance your fleshlight experience, this Gun Oil lube takes things to the next level.

A highly concentrated formula that is super effective makes this product an ideal companion for your favorite toys, without the worry of unwanted stains or marks–as a water based lube, it is easy to wash off after every use.

Healing Powers

It also has the added advantage of healing and restoring your skin–as well as boosting your pleasure, this is a lube with an added punch of power. It includes healing Aloe Vera–ideal for restoring and soothing your skin, as well as ginseng and guarana extracts which boost your energy and sexual stimulation.



3. Sliquid H2O Original Water-Based Lubricant

Sliquid H2O Lube

The goal of this lube is to replicate the natural lubrication of your body using cellulose to thicken the liquid–an alternative to glycerin which can cause discomfort and unwanted reaction in many users. This helps to keep everything happy, balanced, healthy and ready for action.

Save The Planet!

If you like your lube natural, personal and oh-so-eco friendly, this is the ideal option–especially as it is specifically designed to emulate and enhance the natural body of a woman. As well as benefitting your body, Sliquid will also allow you to have all the fun with your sex toy or fleshlight, without harming the planet. The lube is 100% vegan friendly and almost completely natural, with no harmful chemicals or toxins. It is totally safe to use with your toys, won’t irritate the skin and allows you to maintain your eco credentials.



4. ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant

ID Glide Water-Based Lube

Looking for quality lube? Where better to search than the number one recommendation from Men’s Health? It is not hard to see why these water based lubes from Lovehoney are amongst the most popular picks; they are easy to use, safe for skin and designed to enhance your pleasure for longer!

Toy-Friendly Formula

One of the biggest concerns when combining lube with a fleshlight or other sex toy is the risk of damage to the item, or the lube rendering the toy less effective. This worry is a thing of the past with the ID Water-Based lube. The formula is designed to be safe for use with toys, and will not degrade or damage the material. Even better, the lube is latex friendly, meaning that it can be used with condoms with zero concerns–enjoy the experience of a silicone lube with none of the downsides!



5. Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant

Lovehoney Enjoy Lube

Boost your playtime and enhance your fleshlight with this high quality water based lube from Lovehoney–and enjoy the added advantage of more for your money! This is a simple yet effective formula, designed to minimize damage and irritation to both skin and toys, and using first class ingredients to offer a silky smooth, gentle and easy to use lube choice.

Condom Friendly

The water based nature of these lubricants also mean that they are perfect for both latex and polyurethane condoms; no need to worry about splits, tears or wear. Perfect if you just want to focus on getting to the good stuff. Simply slide on the lube, and get ready to slip in your favorite fleshlight, dildo or sex toys and enjoy the fun!



6. System JO H2O Water-Based Lubricant

System JO H2O Lube

Take pleasure to the next level with this quality lube from System JO–without any worries about irritation during intimacy. The inclusion of plant source glycerin not only makes this lube gentle on your body, it also allows you to do your part to save the planet.

Travel Sized Pleasure

At just 1.0 fl oz per bottle, this fleshlight lube is perfect for taking with you on the go. Water based lube formulas offer a slick, slippery feeling which allows all of your favorite toys to simply slide in with zero issues–you can focus on the fun. These lubes are totally safe for use with your fleshlight or sex toys–no risk of the material degrading or becoming damaged.



7. Doc Johnson TitanMen Water-Based Lube Glide

Titan Men Lube Glide

This is a lube designed to stand the test of time, and which offers excellent value for money–the bottle is generous, and one pump is designed to go a long way, offering long lasting pleasure with minimal liquid.

Say No To Toxins!

These lubes also benefit from a vegan, paraben free recipe–you won’t find any animal products, dyes or fragrances. This vastly reduces the risk of allergic reaction, as well as enabling you to retain your values and eco credentials without having to compromise on fun! If you get through water based lubes rapidly, this is a great option for you.



8. WET Personal Lubricant

WET Personal Lube

The formula is designed to eliminate stains – no more embarrassing messes on the bed sheets – and is safe to use with toys and condoms. The sensation is lightweight and glides on easily–you will soon forget you are wearing lube.

Water-Based Pleasure

Keep things simple and straightforward with this WET personal lubricant, designed to enhance your sexual pleasure and boost your sensation. Ideal as a fleshlube water based substance, the gel also contains Vitamin E, as well as Aloe Vera–who said you couldn’t take care of your personal wellbeing while also enjoying mind blowing pleasure?



Buyer’s Guide

What to consider when you are choosing your new favorite lube.

The Importance Of Lube

The Importance Of Lube

Lubes offer a number of bonuses; they can reduce friction during sex, and also have the ability to heat or cool your skin, alter your pleasure and change things up. Used correctly, the right lubes can actually also make condoms safer, reducing the risk that they will break or slip off. There are a range of types, flavors and options available.

Lubes come in four key types:

  • Water is the most versatile type, and is the best option for using sex toys such as a fleshlight, as well as condoms.
  • Silicone based lube tends to be hypoallergenic, and so is a great material for those with more sensitive skin.
  • Oil based lubes tend to last for longer, but cannot be used with latex condoms.
  • Hybrid lubes tend to include a combination of oil, silicone or water.

What Not To Use

There are a few items you should never use as lube:

  • Baby oil can hugely increase the chance of infection, and is likely to degrade sex toys or condoms.
  • Petroleum jelly has a greasy feel, and is likely to stain bedding, clothing and sheets. It can also damage condoms.

Looking After Your Fleshlight

Like any sex toy, caring for your fleshlight is an important part of their use; this will help to keep you and your partner safe, healthy and hygienic, as well as enhancing your pleasure. If left untreated, your fleshlight can develop mold and mildew–definitely not ideal for putting you in the mood! This can also result in microbes and other unwanted visitors, which in turn increases your risk of infection and disease.

You should make sure that you clean your fleshlight regularly with soap and water–a specialist sex toy solution can also be used. Take the whole device apart and make sure that each section has a chance to dry thoroughly prior to reassembly to reduce the growth of mold. Make this a habit; ideally, your fleshlight should be thoroughly cleaned after every use. Find the best Fleshlight for you next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lube is a substance used to enhance sexual comfort and pleasure. They increase moisture during sex, adding extra glide and ensuring that sensations and smoother, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Lube can be used during sex, to aid the use of sex toys, or as its own element of your sexual experience.

The kind of lube which works best for a fleshlight is water based lubes. ‘Fleshlube’ comes in two main categories – gel and liquid – and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. It is a good idea to avoid glycerin–this can invoke an unwanted allergic reaction, leading to discomfort and infection.

A fleshlight is a male masturbatory aid, which is designed to emulate the sensation of sexual penetration, usually by a penis. The interior of the fleshlight will tend to have small ridges and textures for stimulation, and using a lube can help the device to slip and slide more comfortably.


Choosing the best lube for fleshlight doesn’t have to be confusing–there are just a few simple rules and guidelines to follow to get the most from your toy. Stick to water based lube options, clean your fleshlight regularly, and be careful with potential allergens. These are the main three aspects to bear in mind when making your selection from the best lubes for fleshlights. Using the right lube can transform your sexual experience and enhance your pleasure–happy hunting!

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