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6 Best Mattresses For Sex To Improve Your Positions in 2023

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We spend a third of our lives in bed, and “in bed” is one of the most common euphemisms for sexual activity. So it only stands to reason that we need a solid foundation for this foundation of our lives and our sex lives. We’ll talk here about the top picks and the best mattress for sex. Read on for some real-talk mattress reviews. Spoiler alert: the winner is going to be a hybrid mattress for sex.

While there are excellent choices in every category, the best hybrid mattresses generally bring more to the table than even the best foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses — and all of these are more affordable than the well-known Purple mattress.

#1 Editor’s Choice

#2 Editor’s Choice

Awara Organic Hybrid Luxury
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Layla Hybrid Mattress
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Brooklyn Bedding Signature
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Casper Hybrid
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Saatva Classic
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1. WinkBed

The WinkBed

Editors’ Choice #1: We think that everybody deserves a chance to bounce on this luxurious, hand-crafted hybrid mattress. It’s thoughtfully constructed from planet-friendly and body-friendly materials.

This hand-made luxury hybrid mattress promises “the best sleep of your life, guaranteed” — and it will do its best to help you have the best sex as well.

Why It’s A Winner

We can’t list all of WinkBed’s honors, but here’s a smattering: Staff Pick and Best Mattress for Heavy People from sleepopolis; Best Mattress for People in Heavier Weight Ranges from the Sleep Sherpa; Most Comfortable Innerspring Mattress and Best Mattress for Heavy People from Mattress Clarity; and Highest Rated Mattress Overall and #1 Mattress for Heavy People from the Sleep Advisor. Add to this that we think it’s the best mattress for sex.

This hybrid mattress is great for everyone and it’s especially good for people of substance. The WinkBed is made with a five-zoned innerspring core, a three-step Back Relief System, gel foam for pressure relief, and a eucalyptus-derived Tencel cover that is cooler than linen, softer than silk, and more absorbent than cotton. Choose from soft, luxury firm (medium firm), firm, or plus (with impression-proof memory foam) levels. Both the gel memory foam and the Micro Airsprings are designed to keep you cool, no matter how steamy things get when you’re having sex. The SleepCalm motion isolation technology means that you won’t be crashing into each other when you move around (as you would on innerspring mattresses), unless you want to be! All of these make it the best mattress for sex.

They Mean It

WinkBed expects that you’ll love your new mattress for sex best and for sleep, too. They offer white-glove delivery and setup, a 120-night sleep trial, a lifetime warranty, and a trade-in plan where you can buy a new mattress for 50% of the list price. The mattresses have been engineered to sag less than 2% over 20 years of use. The company cares about your health and safety, as well as your wallet; the mattress materials are eco-friendly, sustainably manufactured, and CertiPure- and OEKO-TEX-certified. It will be blissful for both sleep and sex.



2. Awara Organic Hybrid Luxury

Awara Organic Hybrid Luxury

Editors’ Choice #2: The best latex isn’t just for bodysuits! It makes this sustainably sourced mattress super for sex, sleep, and anything else. Experience earthy luxury that’s out of this world!

This mattress for sex is the epitome of nature-based luxury for lovemaking or lazily lolling around.

Superior Materials And Construction

Your body will experience the best of the best on this organic mattress that’s made with a luxe decorative base, a premium nine-inch coil support core, a four-inch comfort layer of natural latex (sourced from real rubber trees) for pressure relief, and a plush cover crafted from humanely raised New Zealand wool and organic cotton. All this means excellent support and resistance, a cushy contoured cradled feeling, coolness, moisture wicking, and breathability. It also means NO ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP/TDEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates, or chlorofluorocarbons in your mattress. You won’t be breathing in anything bad, no matter how heavy you’re breathing or how hard you’re pressing down during sex.

You also get a full-year sleep trial and an industry-leading “forever” warranty on the mattress, which is one of the best combinations available today. And we’re not the only ones who love this mattress for sleep and for sex, best of all. It’s been recognized as the Best Organic Mattress and Best Eco-Friendly Mattress (Tuck Awards), the Best Natural Organic Mattress (Slumber Yard), and the Best Organic Mattress (Mattress Advisor). It may also be among the best mattresses for sex!

Details And Definitions

The Awara coil and foam mattress for sex is about a 6.5 on the firmness scale, which puts it in the “luxury firm” or medium firm category. This is what you’d expect to find in a high-end luxury hotel. The special foam for latex mattresses is comparable to memory foam in that it contours to, and supports, your body. But it’s cooling instead of sweaty, and it has the special sex bounce that memory foam lacks. You’ll appreciate that great bounce and resistance, as well as the unflagging support when you move around, during long sex sessions.



3. Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid Mattress

This unique mattress for sex lets you flip from supportive to soft surfaces in minutes.

Best Of Both Worlds

The Layla Hybrid coil and memory foam mattress is constructed with a six-inch layer of individually pocketed coils in the center, with a double coil perimeter for extra edge support. The coils provide resistance and motion transfer control. It then has dual comfort layers of maximum airflow support memory foam, with channels for cooling, and copper gel-infused memory foam with antimicrobial odor control. The classy-looking charcoal-colored mattress cover zips off for a thorough cleaning when necessary.

The truly unique feature of this mattress is that it has a soft surface and a firm surface, along with handles, so that you can flip it easily. The mattress is built so that both sides can take advantage of the coils in the center and enjoy exceptional edge support and pressure relief. You also get free shipping, easy setup, a 120-night money-back guarantee, and a 10-year warranty.

What You Want

When you’re thinking about the best mattresses for sex, this one is a great choice for sleep and for sexy shenanigans. Both surfaces offer exceptional comfort and resistance. The copper-infused foam on the top and bottom transfers heat away from the body and the coils maximize airflow to keep you cool, even when you’re sexing up a sweat. The copper gel is also anti-microbial to battle bacteria and keep your mattress feeling, and smelling, fresh.



4. Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is “thoughtfully engineered” so that you can maximize your pleasure during sex and sleep. For some of us, it’s going to be the best mattress for sex.

Layers Of Goodness

The hybrid Signature line coil and memory foam mattress is Brooklyn Bedding’s top seller, and for very good reason. Each layer of this mattress plays a special role in making it a perfect playground for your bedroom brouhaha. From the bottom of the mattress up, there’s a foam mattress base for durability and reinforcement; individually pocketed coils for support and stability; transitional foam for deep compression support and pressure relief; a comfort layer of TitanFlex foam, which offers the response time of the best latex mattresses and the memory of the best memory foam; a high-quality quilted top layer; and a thorough infusion of anti-bacterial TitaniumGel to keep you cool and comfortable. You’ll get a 120-night sleep trial period and a 10-year warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction.

You can also choose the firmness of this fabulous mattress. If you’re side sleepers and like feeling cradled, you’ll want a soft foam mattress. If you are stomach sleepers or back sleepers, require lumbar support, or want extra smoothness and resistance during sex, choose a firm mattress. Medium is the most popular and combines the best of both worlds. Medium is also best for couples who have different preferences. Edge support is important as well.

Sex Advantages

This mattress is great for sex play as well. The foam mattress layer supports your body in just about any position and eases pressure on your knees and elbows. The pocketed coils provide resistance during naked bouncy time, but the individual encasements minimize weight transfer when you’re shifting positions on the mattress. And the proprietary TitaniumGel infusion keeps you cool and helps clear the air after a sweaty, juicy sex romp.



5. Casper Hybrid

: Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

This unique hybrid mattress is cool and supportive for super sleep and super sex.

Safe And Springy

This high-end hybrid mattress promises both a good night’s sleep and a good night doing the things that we all like to do before that sleep. The strong, nearly silent springs give good support and great bounce where you want it, and the special pressure-relieving memory foam mattress layer is easy on your knees, pressure points, and other body parts. The deep-comfort layer allows for even weight distribution and pressure relief, so you can get excellent leverage in any position and change positions easily. An open-cell cooling top layer means comfort, even when you’re sweaty and steamy. The airflow between the coil springs also contributes to coolness, freshness, and comfort. Enhanced edge support is excellent for bracing yourself; the edge support also allows you to use the whole mattress surface. The mattress coils are concentrated in five zones that are designed to enhance ergonomics while you’re sleeping, but a little experimentation will soon show you exactly where you want to be for exactly the right amount of resistance during sex.

This is a TCPP-free hybrid mattress so you can feel safe and comfortable, even if you’re breathing heavily with your face pressed right into it! It is BS 7177 (low hazard) compliant and CertiPURcertified.

Safe Shopping Too

Standard delivery is completely free; premium delivery and in-home mattress setup is also offered. And you also get a risk-free 100-night trial period so you have over three months to put the mattress through its paces. Do everything that you can do; make sure that it feels good in every position and if it doesn’t, they’ll come and pick it up and take it back. There’s also a ten-year limited warranty. Customer service is on call six days a week.



6. Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic Mattress

Saatva’s engineers combined the top five features from their closest competitors and added a few of their own to create this five-star coil support system and foam mattress that’s outstanding for sleeping and sexing. It just might be the best mattress for sex for you.

Five-Star Features

This mattress boasts a luxury Euro pillow top with extra cushioning and an organic cotton cover with Saatva’s proprietary botanical antimicrobial treatment, Guardin. Whether it’s your fanny or your face pressed against it, it will be soft, safe, and sweet-smelling. A dual perimeter edge support system prevents sag and offers you more surface area for sex or sleep. There are 884 individually wrapped coils in the support base to reduce motion transfer and increase responsiveness; this makes it very easy to change positions. The lower base has 416 tempered, oven-baked coils for maximum strength, support, and durability. This mattress is made to give back as good as it gets while you’re getting it on!

Lumbar Zone technology adds additional support to the center of the mattress, which will cradle your back when you’re sleeping and provide resistance when you’re having sex. There’s also the best memory foam top comfort layer, to provide pressure relief and contour and to cradle your bodies.

Extravagant Extras

You won’t be able to see the organic bronze damask trim on the mattress when the sheets are on, but you’ll know that it’s your special secret and it’ll make you feel like you’re royalty. You get to choose between Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm levels of support. Plush Soft is recommended for side sleepers and those who prefer extra cushioning. The Luxury Firm is the most popular choice; it evokes the feeling of a luxury hotel and is ideal for couples who may certainly enjoy cuddling, but don’t like being tossed together with every toss and turn in the night. The firm option is great for back and stomach sleepers. This mattress also offers superior edge support. You get premium white-glove delivery and setup right to your bedroom, a 120-night trial period, and a 15-year warranty on the mattress.



Buyer’s Guide

Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Sex

Which Mattress Type Is Best for Sex?

The best mattresses for sex is a complicated question. It depends on your bodies, your preferences, and the type of sex that you like to have. The best mattresses for sex need to match your sex life and your sex style — and the best hybrid mattress is sure to do both in ways that neither a solid foam mattress or an innerspring mattress could. And since intimacy, which includes both sexual activity and bed sharing, is crucial to our physical and psychological well-being, we want the best possible environment for it. All of our top choices bring that at prices well under the big-name Purple mattress brand.

Traditional innerspring mattresses can offer:

  • Excellent resistance and good bounce
  • Airflow, which promotes coolness and sweat evaporation
  • Budget-friendliness (often)

But they also bring:

  • Challenges when partners are different sizes
  • Sometimes a bit of squeakiness

The best memory foam mattresses offer:

  • Contour and cushioning of pressure points
  • Stability when bodies are in motion

But they also:

  • Tend to run hot and feel sweaty
  • Squish instead of bounce

It feels as though hybrid mattresses, which generally feature an innerspring mattress base, topped with memory foam comfort layers, really offer you the best of both worlds in the bedroom. You get the special sex bounce from the mattress springs, but also the comfort and cushioning of foam. They also tend to reduce motion transfer when you move around (during sex or for any other reason). The best mattresses in this group have additional features such as cooling technology and anti-microbial agents to keep your mattress feeling fresh, no matter what you put it through. They are also great for people who suffer from back pain or other limitations.

The ideal level of firmness is also a personal choice based in large part on your personal body(ies). You could experiment with body mapping to learn more about your hot spots. Firmer mattresses tend to be better for enthusiastic, energetic sexual activity. They’re also the best mattresses if one or both partners is on the larger side. The mid-range “luxury firm” (medium firm) mattress is the most popular across the board and tends to offer the best mattress surface for both sex and sleep.

Mattresses And Sex: What Else Should You Consider?

Ideal Mattress Features For Sex

We’ve covered what most people find most important when they’re bringing a new mattress into their bedrooms, but it’s a huge purchase and a huge part of your life so you’ll want to be absolutely sure that you’re making the right choice and getting the best mattress for sex.

If you want to spice things up a little, check out our other reviews of sex furniture. Click here for sex machine reviews and here for monkey rockers. Or for something a little tamer, check out the top sex swing reviews.

Some other factors to consider include:

  • Noise: Coil and innerspring mattresses tend to be noisier than memory foam ones. If you’re the only people in your living space, it may not matter much. But if you share with housemates, parents, or kids, you’ll probably want to think about whether you want them keeping pace with you.
  • Edge Support: Solid boundaries on a mattress mean less sag and a greater useable surface area, which are both things that you’ll want. You’ll also want the mattress to hold you up if you or your partner is bent over the edge! Consider a sex pillow for added support – find our reviews here.
  • Conforming/Responsiveness: Some people like to sink into the mattress and other people like to feel like they’re on top of the bed as opposed to “in” the bed. Memory foam tends to cradle and springs tend to resist.
  • Lifespan/Durability: It’s generally recommended that you switch out your mattress every eight to ten years. A few of our high-end recommendations promise that their mattresses will last for a lifetime. You’ll need to consider whether that’s worth paying for or if you’ll be ready for a mattress change anyhow.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Nobody really wants to think about this, but you’ll want a mattress that doesn’t smell bad or harbor bacteria. Copper, eucalyptus, titanium, and other naturally anti-microbial agents help with this in the best mattresses. It’s also nice if you can launder the mattress cover when it needs it.
  • Price: The tags on these mattresses may be daunting but keep in mind when you’re buying a mattress that they go on sale often. Find your favorite, bookmark this page of mattress reviews, and check back often. They are all more accessible than the Purple mattress brand. Also remember that the best hybrid mattress is the biggest, best, most important sex toy in your toy chest!


Any of these hybrid mattresses promise to be good in bed and among the best for sex. But as far as the absolute best mattress for sex, we love the WinkBed as the best all-around performer; it’s the best hybrid mattress choice for sexing it up and sleeping it off. People who tend to the earthy side will revel in the organic Awara mattress with its luxurious wool cover and super-springy latex layer.