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About LustGasm

Welcome to LustGasm, where we have gathered a comprehensive selection of sex tips, information and product reviews. We have a strong a passion for ensuring fulfilling, healthy sex lives. By providing you with rigorous, impartial products reviews and discussions on trends and answers to frequently asked questions, we hope you can improve your sexual experiences.

We started LustGasm with the aim of becoming the best online destination for sex toy product advice, so if there’s something you’d like to know or a product you’d like us to cover, let us know!

Meet The Team

Elena Johnson

Elena Johnson

I am a Sex Educator, Writer and Co-Founder of the website LustGasm, where we discuss popular sex toys, experiences and educate readers in how to achieve a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

I originally became fascinated with the relationship between sexual fulfilment and our overall well being whilst studying psychology. Whilst initially researching into the connection to improve my own relationships and experiences, I ultimately became a Sex Educator so that I can share my research and experience to educate others.

In my spare time, I practice yoga, specializing in Tantric Yoga.”

James Hamilton


I have always been passionate about optimising my body, and finding ways to improve my experiences in life, and having a good sex life is top of my list of priorities.

Over the years, I have spent countless hours researching supplements, exercise and more, but analysing sex toys and products for LustGasm is by far the most fun!

When I am not researching different toys, you’ll find me working out at the gym!

Our Mission

A healthy sex life and outlook on sex has been proven to be beneficial for almost all other aspects of your life, so we want to help healthy outlook on sex and help you to optimize your sex life, no matter what your sexual orientation or relationship status.

We aim to help you achieve the most fulfilling, fun and healthy sex life while ensuring it is safe, so we offer honest product reviews and practical, actionable advice for getting the most out of your experiences.