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7 Best Sex Chairs Benches & Couches Reviewed For 2023: Revolutionize Your Lovemaking

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Sex furniture facilitates easier access to the best body bits, makes more positions possible, is aesthetically arousing, and can be used with restraints, toys, or other accessories, to enhance intimacy. Whether you prefer luxurious lambskin, a leather-look and inbuilt restraint clips, or a minimalist industrial look, there’s a sex chair that you can bring to your bedroom (or elsewhere).

#1 Editor’s Choice

Liberator Esse Chaise II Black Label
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Equus Wave
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Liberator Esse Chaise II
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Prelude Bench Prince Black Label
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Prelude Bench Queen Black Label
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Liberator Obeir Spanking Bench
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Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer
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1. Liberator Esse Chaise II Black Label

Liberator Esse Chaise II Black Label

Editor’s choice #1: While you can’t go wrong with any of the sex furniture here, we think that this just may be the most “right”. It will fit nicely in your bedroom and with your bedroom activities. The Esse Chaise II Black Label is the classy, sassy “older sister” to the Esse Chaise II below.

Esse Grows Up

The Black Label adds a bit of BDSM and fetish play with the inclusion of twelve reinforced clips. The clips are discreetly concealed in the wooden platform, so the chaise is quite suitable for public display. But in private, you can use them to attach ropes, chains, cuffs, or any other restraint options that you might want.

Sweet And Strong

This is a perfectly balanced, solidly weighted piece of furniture that offers excellent resistance in practically every position imaginable (and some brand-new ones too!). Also, this chair is not going anywhere. Even if you and your partner(s) are on the larger side, you aren’t going to budge it, even with the most vigorous thrusts or enthusiastic affection.



2. Equus Wave

Equus Wave

Editor’s choice #2: These shapes allow you unfettered freedom (or fettered too, if that’s your game) to mix and match them for access, support, resistance, and positioning. They may look a bit bland out of the box, but they’ll be anything but, in your bedroom!

This is the ultimate adult playground with versatile shapes to boost your sex life.

Firm, Curvy, Swoopy, Fits Together

The Equus Wave consists of two firm, curvy, swoopy carved blocks of foam that fit together to form a solid bench that you can straddle, bend over, or otherwise prop yourself on, as you please. The pieces can also be used separately, or together, to create a landscape of hills and valleys that empower you to discover new positions or revitalize old favorites.

Soft, Lush Resistance

The best high-density foam provides excellent resistance, does not compress, and retains its shape for years. The cover is machine-washable plush velvish, with a moisture-resistant lining.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Between the high-end decorator fabric and the solid block shape when nested together, this chair can sit discreetly at the foot of your bed. To the rest of the world, it will look and feel like a convenient place to sit and put on shoes in the morning (and it is that too!), but you and your partner(s) will be best aware of all the hidden benefits.



3. Liberator Esse Chaise II

Liberator Esse Chaise II

Sleek, chic, curvy, sexy, and strong. A lady in the living room and a vixen in the bedroom. Well, yes, of course that’s you. But it’s also this sex sofa from the legendary Liberator.

Built For Comfort

The Esse Chaise II is carefully carved from a single block of high-density foam. This chaise is ideal for otherwise challenging positions, such as the aptly named Launch Pad, which allows for deep anal or vaginal penetration and lets either of you lend a helping hand if you want.

Style and Substance

This chair is a stylish piece of quality furniture with a solid wooden base, supportive cushions, and your choice of eight colors and textures. There is a moisture-resistant liner to protect the foam.

At Home, In Your Home

It’s perfect at home, in any contemporary living room. This is a play piece that you can proudly display and very few will be the wiser (and if they are, they’ll be congratulating you on your excellent choice).



4. Liberator Prelude Bench Prince Black Label

Liberator Prelude Bench Prince Black Label

It’s classic, it’s elegant, and it’s more than a little bit naughty.

So Much Perfection

This beautifully crafted bench is the perfect height for leaning over and the perfect width for straddling. And if the size isn’t perfect enough, it boasts hidden clips for your favorite restraints, or ones specially made by Liberator.

Solid And Strong

The chair is made of high-density foam on a furniture-grade wooden base. It’s high quality and solidly balanced, so that you can balance on it. It’s also strong enough to stay in place and provide excellent resistance, and it supports your entire body in a wide range of positions. You can choose from a number of lush faux lambskin colors and textures for the cushion cover.

Practical, Too

The Prelude Bench Prince Black Label wipes clean easily and thoroughly. It is the ideal size to be placed discreetly anywhere in your house for spur-of-the-moment sex games.



5. Prelude Bench Queen Black Label

Prelude Bench Queen Black Label

This is a beautiful piece of custom furniture that holds its secrets close.

The Prelude Bench Black Label is the perfect height and width to facilitate a variety of positions and pleasures, such as kneeling, straddling, mounting, licking, sucking, thrusting, teasing, and pleasing.

Even At The Extreme

It can also lend itself to BDSM and fetish play, if you so desire. There are 12 discreetly hidden clips for restraints, ropes, your favorite fetish sex toy, or other accessories of your choice.

Solid Architecture

This bench is constructed with a solid wooden base, a super-high-density foam cushion, and a faux lambskin cover. The cover has a moisture-resistant liner, wipes clean easily, and comes in a variety of smooth and distressed textures and colors.



6. Liberator Obeir Spanking Bench

Liberator Obeir Spanking Bench

It’s named after the French verb, to obey, and we think that says it all.

This compact, yet luxurious little bench positions you perfectly for spanking, sex of any and every sort, and bondage games. There are four adjustable, padded restraints that clip onto the bench quickly and easily whenever you want. The high-density core provides excellent support and resistance, and it will not compress under the weight of your body (and that of your partner(s).)

Plush and Pretty

The cover is made of luxuriously soft microfibre that will feel soft against your skin. The deep black color showcases you as the star. The cover wipes clean easily and can zip off for a machine wash, when necessary. High-density foam eases any stress on your knees or other joints.

Compact and Discreet

There’s no passing this off as anything but sex furniture, but the bench is small enough to store easily. It is lightweight and easy to move from room to room, or even to travel with if you want to take it on the road with you as part of your travelling sex toy chest.



7. Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer

This looks like the luggage rack that you find in midrange hotel rooms, but it’s way more fun for your sex life than for your suitcases.

More Than Meets The Eye

The minimalist stool has two strong, stretchy straps that you can balance and bounce on. It makes riding cowgirl both effortless and nearly weightless. It’s also great for both of you when you want to sit on your partner’s face; you have more freedom of movement and your partner has more freedom to breathe! (It’s also a lot sexier than a snorkel.)

Strong, Sturdy, Stretchy, Sexy

The sturdy metal frame is covered in squishy foam and the latex-free elastic is quadruple-layered for strength and resistance. It supports up to 150 kilograms and it can be dismantled to live under your bed when it’s not in use; however, it does not scream “sex chair” so you can also leave this piece of furniture in the corner, without worrying about nosy neighbors or family members.



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

Buyer’s Guide

Sex Chair Buyer’s Guide

You’re probably feeling like a kid in a candy store. They all look so good! But which is the best one for you? How to decide?

Size matters, at least somewhat. You need the best sex furniture that fits your bodies, and that fits in your home. If you have a relatively small living space, you may be better off with something compact, such as a collapsible stool or a special cushion that you can stash under the bed. You could also be bold enough to replace your sedate sofa with a sex chaise.

And if you and your partner(s) are larger or smaller than most, or if you have significant height differences between you, you’ll likely want to make sure to take that into consideration. Modular sex furniture that allows you to stack and rearrange, as necessary, is great for a wide range of body shapes, sizes, and combinations. A sex swing is also a great choice for couples with big height differential. Check out our sex swing reviews.

You’ll likely have a lot of bare skin up close and personal with your sex chair, so it has to have a pleasing tactile texture; some like soft and plush, some like smooth and silky, some like cool and leathery. Find what makes you sigh with pleasure and make the most of it. You can even combine and embellish your sex chair with a sex pillow for even greater fun… check out our reviews of the best sex pillows around, to see which one suits you best.

The U.S.-based National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior reports that there is enormous variability in adults’ sexual repertoires with more than 40 combinations of sexual activity described in respondents’ most recent sexual events.

Why not try a Monkey rocker next? Click here to find out more or see our sex machine reviews!

What Is A Sex Chair Or Sofa?

For those of us who are not Olympic gymnasts, sex furniture allows for different positions and angles. And for those of us who are also not endurance athletes, sex furniture allows for longer sex sessions because there’s often less stress on the joints and less need to support a partner’s full body weight. Lie back and relax, try new positions, or take charge and ride on.

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but a study in the Journal of Sex Research concluded that couples who report more frequent sex, more varied sex, more oral sex, and more orgasms, also reported greater sexual satisfaction over the long term.

Top Eight Reasons To Choose A Sex Chair

Why Choose A Sex Chair
  1. Make the most of your anatomy. Whether you’re slim and sleek or lushly curvy, a sex chair supports you in style and comfort and lets your partner(s) access your best body bits in the best ways possible.
  2. Save your energy/increase your stamina. Sex furniture provides resistance and bounce. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, which means that sex furniture preserves your energy and your lovemaking can go on for much longer!
  3. Explore new ground. You can try vaginal, anal, or oral sex in positions that previously seemed impossible, and you just may get to see your partner(s) in a whole new way, as sex furniture gives you a great position and a great view.
  4. Protect your joints. A sex sofa is easy on the knees. And sex furniture, especially the modular kind, will position you and your partner(s) at the perfect height for vaginal, anal, or oral sex.
  5. Enjoy versatility. Unlike certain other types of sex toys and accessories, sex chairs let you play in lots of positions and lots of ways. Most of them are even useable as a piece of furniture when you have your clothes on, too!
  6. Benefit from better anal access. You can explore previously hidden depths much more easily when you’re propped up perfectly.
  7. Accommodate size diversity. Even if you and your partner(s) have significant differences in height, weight, or both, a sex sofa will put you on more equal footing, so to speak. It can also allow a person with a smaller penis to penetrate more deeply, or a person who is receiving a larger penis to control the angle of penetration.
  8. Improve your health. People who have more frequent sex may have stronger immune systems. Sex furniture doesn’t only increase resistance while thrusting; it might also increase your resistance to germs and diseases!

Italian researchers reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that people who participated in BDSM activities “appear to be more satisfied and less concerned about sexuality than the general population”. Interestingly, European researchers reported in the journal Evolutionary Psychology that living with a cat seems to increase people’s interest in BDSM-related activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sex chairs are pieces of furniture that facilitate different positions, easier access, and more variety in your sex life. They are typically made with materials such as high-density foam for comfort and support, as well as super-soft, easily washable fabrics.

We think that the best sex chair overall is the Esse Chaise II Black Label by Liberator. It goes from mild to wild in a flash and it makes all kinds of play easier than ever, including positions that average people with average bodies would not have thought possible in their sex life.

Sex chairs can accommodate all kinds of play and positions including cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggie, “69”, anal, and much more. Partners can choose deep penetration or whatever angle suits their mutual fancy. They are also great for getting a really great view of your partner(s).


Sex furniture can open up a whole new world of positions and possibilities in your sex life. Achieve a new angle with artful cushion arrangement, straddle a strappy stool, push back against your partner(s), or present yourself for unparalleled pleasure. Whatever you want, you can find it with the best high-end, high-class, high-quality additions to your home décor.