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5 Best Monkey Rockers of 2023 Reviewed – Meet Your Perfect Sex Glider

Monkey Rocker Feat Image

Monkey rocker sex toys are a great way to play on your own or with a partner(s). For the most part, they are powered by your body so you have complete control over the speed and depth of penetration. You can also choose your favorite toy for vaginal or anal penetration, or you can have double penetration with a partner’s penis in the mix, as well. These self pleasuring gliders operate quietly and don’t require batteries or electrical outlets so you can use them wherever you want in your home.

Read on for product information and descriptions to help you decide which love machine you want to introduce into your sex life. Any of these sex glider machines would be an excellent choice and you’ll be glad that you have a dildo rocker device as an option when you’re in the mood for solo pleasure or the feel of a threesome.

#1 Editor’s Choice

LoveBotz Love Glider
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#2 Editor’s Choice

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Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro
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XR Brands LoveBotz Bangin Bench Extreme Stool With Sex Machine
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XR Brands LoveBotz Bangin Bench Extreme Stool
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1. LoveBotz Love Glider

LoveBotz Love Glider

Editors’ Choice #1: This super LoveBotz Love Glider sex stool lets you choose your dildo attachment and ride in complete comfort on the contoured, padded seat. It’s made to accommodate nearly every body, including those with some mobility challenges.

This fantastic love glider moves with you to deliver new heights of pleasure. Straddle the comfortably padded seat of this sex stool, insert the securely attached dildo either vaginally or anally, and ride on! You hold the reins here and are in complete control of the pace and penetration in your love glider sex play.

The sex glider comes with two PVC dildos: a ribbed penis-like dildo with 5.25 inches (13.25 centimeters) of insertable length, and a tapered anal probe with 6.25 (16 centimeters) inches of insertable length. You can also use any other Vac-U-Lock attachment on the dildo mount so choice is the name of the glider sex game here. The seat is comfortably padded, wipes clean easily, and accommodates up to 285 pounds (130 kilograms).



2. My Diletto Self Pleasuring Chair

My Diletto Self Pleasuring Chair

Editors’ Choice #2: Enjoy My Diletto on your own or with a partner. It’s meant for vaginal or anal penetration, or to facilitate a double penetration scenario with one partner. The stool is sturdy but folds easily for discreet storage.

This special My Diletto sex chair is designed for vaginal or anal penetration, alone or with a partner(s). When you sit on the contoured seat, mount the attached dildo, and glide smoothly back and forth, the dildo will penetrate even more deeply for even deeper enjoyment. You’re in the driver’s seat here; the speed, depth, and orgasms are all up to you.

This monkey rocker sex glider comes with one dildo designed for vaginal use and one for anal. You can switch them up or switch them out for your favorites. Any Vac-U-Lock dildo, Doc Johnson dildo, or suction cup dildo or vibrator will work on the dildo mount here. This chair is constructed out of sturdy steel, wood, and neoprene. The sex glider folds down to about six inches so you can store it discreetly under your bed or in a closet.



3. Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro

Cloud 9 F-Glider Pro

Rocking on this special self-pleasuring chair, either by yourself or with your partner(s), is guaranteed to rock your world in a very special way. Enjoy hands-free orgasms or indulge in double penetration fantasy play in this sex rocker. As you rock your hips forward, the attached dildo thrusts upwards for your pleasure. The wide, padded seat on the sex glider supports up to 300 pounds (140 kilograms) in comfort.

This machine is precisely crafted from CNC-machined aircraft-grade alloys and plastics with ball bearing construction for a smooth, quiet, nearly effortless ride. You can use any suction cup or Vac-U-Lock dildo or vibrator for love glider sex. Your F-Glider comes complete with an adapter, a realistic seven-inch (eighteen-centimeter) dildo, lube, three cock rings, and a cover for discreet storage.



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

4. XR Brands LoveBotz Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Stool With Sex Machine

XR Brands LoveBotz Extreme Stool & Sex Machine

This sex glider and sex machine covers just about anything that a body could want! It’s an excellent choice for solo or partnered play and can accommodate vaginal, anal, double penetration, and oral sex activities.

This is advertised as a 4-in-1 monkey rocker, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll find way more than four ways to enjoy yourself with it. You can straddle and ride the attached dildo or vibrator at your own pace, you can turn the dial and let the sex machine deliver the thrusts, you can play with double penetration with a single partner, you can remove the raiser bar and ride your partner’s face royally, or you can use the super-powered sex machine on its own, in any position you please.

Choose your own cock; it comes with one sex toy but this sex glider machine can accommodate any Vac-U-Lock dildo or any dildo or vibrator with a suction cup attachment. It is well-made of high-quality, sturdy steel with detachable padded cushions to cradle you in comfort.



5. XR Brands LoveBotz Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Stool

Love Botz Bangin Bench Extreme Stool

This extreme sex stool is going to set you up for extreme pleasure! The minimalist stool features strong, bouncy elastic straps that you can straddle to ride an attached dildo or vibrator. Choose any Vac-u-Lock or suction cup dildo that suits your fancy. You can also remove the raiser bar and invite a partner to take a place of honor under the sex glider stool for an extended face-sitting session, without any strain on either of you.

The sex glider is lightweight so it is easy to maneuver and store. It has no moving parts (except you!) so it’s very quiet and low in maintenance. It may not look like much, but you’ll be impressed by the versatility that this love glider offers and the orgasms it helps you have. This little device is low in price, low in profile, and super high in pleasure.



Buyer’s Guide

Monkey Rocker Buyer’s Guide

Monkey rocker gliders provide internal stimulation exactly how you want it because you control the movements with your body motions. Which designs are best for you is purely an individual choice, but you’ll definitely want to consider the comfort of the seat, the angle and depth of penetration, and which dildos will work best with glider sex — most love gliders come with average-sized PVC dildos, but you can certainly go larger or smaller, as you choose.

The original Monkey Rocker and the Monkey Rocker Tango were handcrafted and may no longer be in production, but everything you see here is in stock and ready to go, whether you are planning a cash or credit line shop. Go search for the best pleasure rocker for your own personal pleasure.

Top Tips For Using Your Monkey Glider

Your monkey rocker sex furniture can be used by yourself or with a partner(s). There are lots of options! Make sure to use plenty of lube whether you’re using it vaginally or anally; even though you are in control at all times, you’ll still want to make sure that the ride is as smooth as possible.

Let your lover watch you ride for a while and then join in the fun. You’ll be a happy customer when you’re enjoying your glider chair, while getting extra stimulation from your lover’s hands, mouth, or penis. A sex rocker is a great way to DIY a threesome or have a double penetration experience, without having to invite extra people.

Unlike some sex machines, the rockers let you control how much you want in your pussy or ass at any given time. Shallow or deep, hard or slow, soft or fast – you, yourself, are the machine in control of the angle and the leverage. They are especially good for people who may have a health condition that limits mobility. Another great solution for those with limited mobility is a sex swing – check out our reviews here.

Ideas For The Best Monkey Rocker Experience

The best monkey rocker experience is whatever you want it to be! You’ll be on Cloud 9 and your orgasm count just may be up there too. Lube up, straddle the rocking chair, and ride on your favorite sex toy (or sex toys) while you’re watching movies, enjoying erotic art, or flipping through your favorite sex magazines.

You’ll want to make sure that you get a monkey rocker that fits your body for the most pleasure possible. The seat should be comfortable and the dildo mount should position the toys at just the right angle. Look carefully at the product photos and design to determine if you’ll have enough support for your legs, while you rock your world.


Sex chairs and sex machines are fun for every body but they may have special benefits for people who need a little assistance with positioning. You can ride your favorite toy or your favorite partner(s) for extended sessions, without any strain or trouble.

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