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How To Cum More – Naturally & Often

How To Cum More

Whether the result of stress, diet or even societal changes, recent years seems to have seen an increase in men who are concerned about the volume of their ejaculation, and the amount of semen produced in each session. This can result in dissatisfaction with your partner, concerns about your own performance and self-esteem, and, in some cases, could cause worries and anxiety about the chances of conceiving and starting your own family.

The good news, however, is that this is not an irreversible issue – there are a number of steps you can take to learn how to cum more, improve your sperm health and quantity, and get back to focusing on what feels good. From horny goat weed to getting more sleep, read on for the ultimate guide to male enhancement and increased sperm quality.

So just how can increasing your volume of semen produced have a positive impact on your life? There are a number of potential benefits, and we explored some of these in greater detail.

Increased Sexual Pleasure

One of the most compelling reasons for increasing the volume of your semen is to enjoy the knock-on benefits for your sex life: namely, an increase in pleasure. Learning to ejaculate harder increases the intensity of your orgasms, offering a better time for you and your partner. You can also delay your orgasm and last longer in bed, which is sure to be very appealing to your other half!

Boost Fertility

If starting or expanding your family is important to you, then learning to increase semen volume is essential. An increase in semen should, in theory, result in more sperm, and so boost your chances of conceiving.

Boosting your semen production may not automatically increase your fertility – if there is an issue in this area, make sure that you see a specialist who can help.

What Affects The Ability To Ejaculate More

Before we take a closer look at the options available to help you increase your load, it is worth considering the reasons your semen volume may be reduced.

What Affects The Ability To Ejaculate More


As the body ages, a number of issues can occur, including reduced erections male fertility, and the volume of semen produced.


Unfortunately, your reduced semen volume may be out of your control – there is some evidence that genetics plays a large factor. Low testosterone can also cause a reduction in sperm and production of semen.


Your diet can also play a part, especially if you are low on zinc. A deficiency of fruit and vegetables may also mean that you are not getting the vitamins and minerals you need, and these are crucial not only to overall health but to sperm creation and healthy, unblocked blood vessels.


In addition to diet, lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle can all play a large part in the production of semen – improving your general health is often a recommended first step.


In order to produce more semen, you need to ensure that you are properly aroused – this will increase your chances of a high semen production.

Ways To Cum More: Lifestyle Changes

If you are keen to increase the amount of cum you produce, there are a number of options available.

If you are concerned that there may be an underlying issue, you should see a medical professional as soon as possible.


It seems obvious, but staying hydrated is essential if you are looking to increase your semen production. Semen is largely made up of water, and this means that if your body is dehydrated, you will have a lower sperm count – aim for around two to three liters a day in order to give your body the optimum chance of success.


In some cases, you will need to add supplements to your diet to boost your sperm production – there are a few key examples that can make the biggest difference:

  • Arginine: this is an amino acid with a lot of scientific evidence that it bolsters the male reproductive system
  • Vitamin E: this is an essential in any healthy diet, and has been proven to reduce damage to sperm cell walls, as well as increase sperm production
  • Zinc: another essential, zinc also helps with the synthesis of testosterone

The majority of supplements will also boost the quality of your sperm, as well as the quantity you produce.

Cutting Back On Vices

Another important change to make is to ensure that you reduce your “vices” – that is, cutting down on excessive alcohol consumption, as well as smoking. According to some experts, the more you smoke, the lower your reserves, so if you are trying to conceive or simply boost your load, this needs to be one of the first things to go.

Increase Sleep

Sleep is the one of the most important things you can do to benefit your body, and getting your full eight hours is crucial if you are looking to increase your cum production. Sleep deprivation can result in reduced levels of testosterone in men, so make sure you are catching plenty of Zs!

Reduce Stress

This may seem easier said than done, but reducing your stress levels is important if you are looking to increase your sperm. Increased levels of stress can elevate your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as having a negative impact on your overall wellbeing and reducing levels of sexual desire.

Physical Exercise

Of course, increasing your physical exercise is another essential if you are looking to increase your sperm count. From running to swimming, biking to climbing, find something you enjoy and stay fit, active and healthy.

Foods That May Help

Foods That May Help

In addition to making changes to your lifestyle, there are also changes you can make to your diet, and these will have a large impact on your sperm production and ejaculate volume. There are several wild tales and claims, including those of magical horny goat weed that is guaranteed to get you going, but in most cases, good old-fashioned healthy eating will make a significant difference. Some of the main foods that can help include:



Where To Find It

Vitamin C

  • Improves fertility rates
  • Increase sperm volume and mobility
  • Tablets, capsules and supplements
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Lemon
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Potatoes


  • Low zinc levels mean low fertility levels, so increase your consumption if you are trying to conceive
  • Zinc also increases testosterone levels and boosts sperm mobility
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Chickpeas
  • Baked beans

Amino Acids

  • Increases blood flow
  • Increases sperm count and mobility
  • Red meat
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Nuts
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Dairy products


  • Stimulate sperm production
  • Eliminate free radicals which can damage sperm
  • Boost immune system
  • Pomegranates
  • Spinach


  • Rich source of potassium, manganese, Vitamin B6, calcium and fiber.
  • Keeps sperm healthy and increases ejaculate volume
  • Figs

Pumpkin Seeds

  • Improve sperm quantity and quality
  • Contains high levels of zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Improves male fertility
  • Pumpkin seeds

Other Changes

There are other things to do when working out how to cum more.

Other Changes

Reduce Masturbation

It may not be the most popular option, but reducing masturbation is important if you are looking for how to cum more, and boost semen quality and quantity. Masturbation can have a significant impact on your semen output, and this makes sense when we consider it more closely. If you are constantly masturbating, then you are continually “expelling” anything that your body is able to produce. This can make it harder for your body to keep up the pace, and can, in turn, result in low sperm count until your body has had a chance to recover.

In some cases, men have also reported a link between frequent masturbation and erectile dysfunction.

Practice Edging

Edging is another important practice to introduce into your sex life, and this not only helps with improving sperm count but can also have an advantageous effect on sexual performance. Essentially, edging involves a “stop-go” action – you will be brought right to the edge, either by your partner or through masturbation, only to prevent yourself from coming.

When repeated over and over again, this is great for building self-control and can increase production of semen in no time.

Reduce Heat On Testicles

Reducing the heat placed directly on your genitals can also have an impact on sperm production – it is a good idea to opt for briefs over boxers if you are looking to increase your sperm count. There is a key muscle involved here – the cremaster muscle – that is located at the perineum and pelvis. Its main role is to relax or contract, to alter the distance of the testicles from the body. As a rule, your testicles will need to be around 2.5 to 3 degrees lower than normal body temperature in order to manufacture sperm. Keeping this area cool, therefore, is crucial for reducing male infertility, improving sexual health and, of course, boosting sperm production.

Change your tight briefs to looser, free-flowing boxers, or go commando to really cool this area down and increase the benefits you enjoy.

What Can Cumming More Do For You

What Can Cumming More Do For You

The ability to come more offers a number of benefits and these can include:

Greater Pleasure

An increase in semen will improve sex thanks to larger ejaculations and more intense, enjoyable and long-lasting orgasms.

Greater Satisfaction For Your Partner

Many women will find it more rewarding and satisfying if their partner has intense, powerful ejaculations.

Improved Fertility

Ultimately, the amount of sperm in your body will have a direct impact on your ability to conceive a baby with your partner. The lower your sperm count, the lower your chances of fathering a child, and so increasing the volume can improve male sexual health and reproductive abilities.

And What Does It Definitely Not Do

There can be a few misconceptions when it comes to working to increase volume of sperm, and it is important to understand these before disappointment occurs. A few things that producing more cum will not do include:

Improve Erection Quality

If you have a weak erection, shooting more cum is unlikely to help – erectile dysfunction is more likely to be an issue with blood flow. There are specific pills that can help with this, but make sure that you do not conflate the two.

Improve Sexual Confidence

This is not entirely true; while producing more cum is likely to make you feel great, it takes time, effort and a connection with your partner to truly improve sexual confidence – simply emulating porn stars is unlikely to do the trick.

If you are with a partner, their needs also matter – even if you are on a mission to prove how much seminal fluid you can produce. Always talk things through beforehand, and ensure that both parties are consenting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can increase your come using one of a range of methods we have discussed. The most effective options tend to be changing your diet to incorporate a range of beneficial vitamins and minerals. You should also work to alleviate stress, increase your levels of physical activity and increase the amount of sleep you get.

Some foods can increase seminal fluid, and these include those packed with vitamins and minerals. Zinc, magnesium, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamin C are all particularly important, helping to preserve the health of the male reproductive system, and boost semen quality and quantity.

Drinking water does increase seminal fluid, and this makes sense when we consider that our bodies need to be hydrated in order to produce a good quantity and quality of sperm. If you are dehydrated, you are likely to suffer a low sperm count due to a reduced blood flow, so make sure that you are getting your full recommended allocation of water each day.

Tomato juice is a great option for producing larger quantities of sperm and semen. Tomatoes contain essential amino acids which are very useful for helping you to shoot bigger loads, as well as improving the quality of sperm, increasing the chances of conception. Try a single glass once a day to see results.

If we release sperm daily, we can benefit from several perks, including a rush of endorphins such as dopamine and oxytocin. Both of these typically improve your mood, can alleviate stress and are a great way to get you in the mood for some quality sex time with your partner!


Learning how to cum more is a great way to add a new boost to your sex life, and can have a significant impact on your relationship with your partner, and with your own sexuality. In addition, this is a great move if you are looking to start a family with your significant other – increased sperm means a greater chance of conceiving, as well as some unforgettable attempts along the way.

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