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The 6 Best Anal Hook Reviews 2023 & How To Use Them!

Best Anal Hook

Anal hooks open a whole new world, and take BDSM play to the next level. From butt plugs to dildos, the world of anal play has long been exciting and creative, with a host of potential just waiting to be unlocked. Anal hooks take submissive sex toys up a notch, forcing you to simply stay put and take your pleasure – you can be entirely at your partners mercy. To help make sure you make the right selection with your anal hook, read on to discover out top tips and insider facts, as well as learn everything you need to know about the best anal hook – this is an exciting adventure you will not regret embarking on!

#1 Editor’s Choice

Trailer Hitch Big Rig
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Double Ball Anchor w/ Rope Hook
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Trailer Hitch Kingpin
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Trailer Hitch Convoy
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Trailer Hitch Jake Brake
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DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Anal Hook
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1. Trailer Hitch Big Rig

Trailer Hitch Big Rig Anal Hook

Editor’s Choice #1: When it comes to versatile anal hooks, this should be a number one choice. With an innovative design, high quality finish, and close attention to detail, this is the perfect choice for offering sweet sensation every time. Blend a quality cock ring with butt plug, while also enjoying the sensation of cold, hard stainless steel.

The perineum bar is curved, allowing the ring and the anal plug to be connected in pleasure, and offering total prostate stimulation. This versatile hook can be adapted by removing and replacing the ball and stem, offering total control over every sensation. The toy is one of the most flexible anal hooks on the market; for BDSM fans, this is perfect for keeping your sub on a super tight leash.



2. Double Ball Anchor w/ Rope Hook

Double Ball Anchor Hook

Editor’s Choice #2: Take your anal play to the next level with this fantastic Double Ball anal hook, which allows you to blend the pleasure of penetrative play with the thrill of ropes – popular toys in the kit of any bondage fans. With the option to enjoy vaginal or anal insertion, this is an innovative design made for creativity.

Double balls equals double the fun! A movable and adaptable system allows you to set up the toy to build your own playtime – either take control of your pleasure, or hand it over to your dom. The design is not dissimilar to anal beads, which you can learn more about in our anal bead reviews. You can also count on long lasting quality thanks to the inclusion of medical grade stainless steel for total comfort and safety with every play. These anal hooks include 9 inch rope hooks, perfect for dominance or BDSM play to meet your deepest fantasies and desires.



3. Trailer Hitch Kingpin

Trailer Hitch Kingpin Anal Hook

Stylish, sleek and designed for pleasure, this hook combines the teasing pleasure of a cock ring with a butt plug to rock your world, while the perineum bar provides a continuous massage to the P spot – the pleasure really is coming from every side. These anal hooks are constructed from quality stainless steel for complete peace of mind. The butt plug will gently – or not so gently – stretch the anus while the loop of the cock ring traps the penis for some serious bondage fun.



4. Trailer Hitch Convoy

Trailer Hitch Convoy Anal Hook

Take anal play to the next level with this innovative anal hook, which blends the tension of a cock ring, the stimulation of butt plugs and the thrill of a urethral insert to create a sensational new experience ideal for any BDSM fan; make sure you are ready for a mind blowing playtime. One of the advantages to this toy is the flexibility and versatility; you can use each element separately to really build up the tension, or bring all three together to push your partner over the edge.



5. Trailer Hitch Jake Brake

Trailer Hitch Jake Brake Anal Hook

This stunning anal hook does look a little intimidating – but sometimes that is exactly what you are aiming for! The cock ring is fully adjustable, and can be screwed open or closed depending on your requirements. The curved bar ensures ongoing pressure on the perineum, all while allowing you to enjoy full intercourse and pleasure. The anal hook also contains a removable ball hitch; ideal for both anal and prostate stimulation. This offers greater versatility than other hooks, and makes it perfect for BDSM fans.



6. DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Anal Hook

Dominix Deluxe Anal Hook

Looking for the ideal addition to your BDSM toy box? Look no further than This Dominix Deluxe Medium Hook; from rope play to restrained balls, your imagination is your only limit with this quality anal hook. The unique shape of this anal hook ensures that your sub remains in position during anal play, while the dramatic curve helps to ensure mind blowing sensation. The versatile shape is perfect for either pain or pleasure; it is entirely at your dom’s discretion.



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing your first anal hook is an exciting step up to your sex toys collection, but making the right choice is crucial.

What To Consider When Buying An Anal Hook

What To Consider When Buying An Anal Hook

No two hooks are created the same; there are a number of considerations when making your selection:

Favorite Sex Toys

When getting to grips with anal hooks, consider the toys you have enjoyed before. How experienced are you with anal toys? There are a plethora of items, and your experience will help determine what is best for your body. If you are used to bondage equipment, you will be in a position to start with more elaborate anal hooks, including hooks with multiple features.


Material will also be a major consideration when you are choosing anal hooks; always opt for body safe materials such as stainless steel – this is easy to clean, hygienic and will help to keep you and your partner safe.


Anal hooks come in a range of sizes – your experience matters here. If you are new to hooks, start small and build up – you don’t want to go in too large and put yourself off. Smaller hooks can offer just as much pleasure as those the size of anal dildos like these.

Anal Hook Safety

Using anal hooks safely is another important consideration; you need to keep your hook clean and hygienic to help ensure a pleasant playtime. Cleaning your hook is crucial; the nature of these toys means they need to be sterile and hygienic after every use, and this is where the choice of material becomes super important.

As with any toy, safety is paramount when playing with anal hooks, especially for the uninitiated. Make sure both you and your partner are happy and comfortable with the hook you choose, and ensure that the system is the same as any other sex toy. Have a clear safe word, and communicate clearly to ensure you are on the same page.

How To Use An Anal Hook

The first step is to prepare the area and make sure everything is clean and ready to go. Relaxation is also important, so take some time getting you/your partner in the mood to play, building up arousal, and helping to make sure that everything is relaxed for easy insertion – this includes choosing a good quality lube to help ensure the hook slides in with minimal resistance.

You may find an anal vibrator like these can help get you in the mood and relax the area.

Lube should be applied to the ball, the hook, the point of entry and inside. Lube is an essential element of any anal play, especially if you are fairly new to it. Make sure any toy you use is lube friendly – this will offer much more fun.

It is a good idea to avoid desensitising lubes when using an anal hook–it is important that your sub can tell if something is wrong, and that they can feel every sensation.

Take things slowly, using one or two fingers to start gently preparing the space for the hook. This helps to stretch out the anus, as well as offering stimulation and excitement. Next, lay the recipient on their side or stomach, and gradually insert the hook, taking it as slowly as needed. This is likely to be cold, so be gentle! Once the hook is inserted, you can start slow, gentle movements, and add toys and extra stimulation as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

An anal hook is a device designed for anal penetration. Many anal hooks will have a ball to offer extra stimulation, while the other end will be designed to attach to a rope, making these popular for bondage fans. Anal hooks come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials.

The best anal hook in our list is the Trailer Hitch Big Rig. This is a flexible, versatile and dynamic toy which can be used for a wide range of play sessions. Ultimately, however, the best anal hooks are those which are a great fit for you and your partner, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Use an anal hook by inserting one end into the anus, and the other to a rope or string. Anal hooks come in a range of designs, and some may also offer clamps, cock rings, butt plugs and additional stimulation, but the basic shape and design should make it fairly easy to use.


Deciding to try a butt hook can be a great way to shake things up and explore a new dynamic in your BDSM play, especially if you are comfortable with anal play. Choosing the right sex toy, and the best anal hook, is important, especially for your first time. Experimenting can be the best way to discover what you like, so grab your partner, get shopping, and prepare for plenty of fun! You may also be interested to read our other anal toy reviews, such as our article on the best anal hooks.

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