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The 8 Best Penis Sleeves & Girthy Sheath Extensions Reviews 2023

Best Penis Sleeve

Who wouldn’t want a penis that’s longer, stronger, girthier and maybe a little fancier too? This is what you can get from the best penis sleeve for you. Read on to learn how these male sex enhancers can make you feel like the king of the hill.

You can increase your length and girth, make your erection harder, last longer and add interesting features like ticklers or vibrators. Whether you’re new to the fun of cock sleeves or you know exactly what you’re doing, you can build up your cock sheath collection today.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Ride On Silicone Penis Extender By Vixen
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat 7 Inch Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop
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BASICS Vibrating Penis Sleeve with Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator
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Colossus Silicone Penis Extender By Vixen
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Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

Adam & Eve Vibrating Penis Sleeve Kit
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Trinity Vibes Vibrating Double Ring Penis Sleeve
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Lovehoney Twin Teasers Textured Penis Sleeves
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Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

Adam & Eve Super-Stretch Tickler Sleeves
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1. Ride On Silicone Penis Extender By Vixen

Vixen Ride On Penis Extender Sleeve

Editor’s Choice #1: This cock sheath is a great choice for people who are managing erectile dysfunction, who want to continue penetrative sex during the refractory period or who do not have penises at all. Made from the highest-quality silicone and crafted with loving attention to detail, it fits securely and feels great.

This Vixen Ride On is a penis extension adding length and girth to the wearer. Solid enough to stand up by itself, it has a hollow interior to fit over your penis and a scrotum ring to encircle your testicles — this helps it stay in place and can improve your erection and orgasm quality. You can warm the Ride On with hot water to make it more inviting for both you and your partner.

Highest-Quality Materials

The Ride On penis enlarger is fashioned from Vixen’s famous premium-grade silicone, containing molecules of silicone lubricant for a realistic skin-like feel. Make sure to use plenty of water-based lube inside and out, but do not use silicone-based lubricants. The prosthetic penis can be cleaned thoroughly with soap or sex toy cleaner, on the top rack of the dishwasher or by boiling. The interior size is 4″ long and 1″ in diameter, and the insertable size is 6.25″ long and 1.75″ in diameter.



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

2. Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat 7 Inch Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra

Editor’s Choice #2: This fat boy lives up to its name, providing the greatest girth of any toy in this penis sleeve review. You and your partner will be thrilled by the size of this cock sheath as it fills her up and reaches her G-spot effortlessly, and you’ll appreciate the interior texture as it caresses your penis head and shaft.

This Perfect Fit Fat Boy sleeve has enough length and girth for any size queen. Once on, you’ll be packing 8″ long and 6″ in circumference. Featuring a real-feel blend of silicone and TPR, Perfect Fit’s own Silaskin is soft, stretchy and skin-like; both of you will love how it feels. The Perfect Fit Fat Boy penis extender is held firmly in place with a loop around your testicles, which may help you get harder and last longer inside the sleeve. Best used with plenty of water-based lube both inside and out, the Fat Boy Ultra Fat was previously known as the Fat Boy Sport, if you’re searching for an old friend.

Textured Interior

The Perfect Fit Fat Boy features a uniquely textured interior so you will both enjoy the ride. You’ll love the way the bumps feel against your shaft — so much so you may find yourself turning to the Ultra Fat during solo sessions. The bumpy channel combined with the soft Silaskin is a recipe for orgasmic pleasure; you’ll also appreciate the softness and stretchiness when putting on and taking off this toy. It’s phthalate-free, body-friendly and completely submersible for easy cleanup.



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

3. BASICS Vibrating Penis Sleeve with Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator

Basics Vibrating Rabbit Penis Sleeve

Purple Plastic Penis

This cock sleeve lets you give your partner a little — or a lot! — extra. Made of soft, flexible plastic it fits over your own penis so it’s longer and thicker, and equipped with vibrating rabbit ears. The added girth and rows of soft nubs provide incredible stimulation while the rabbit ears ramp up the pleasure by vibrating against her clitoris. Water-based lube on the inside makes this sleeve easier to put on and take off, and lets you enjoy the stroking even more while inside your partner.

Comfortable And Stretchy

The body-safe soft plastic stretches to accommodate most penises comfortably, especially when you use a bit of lube. The insertable length is 4.5″, and when on, you’ll be working with an incredible 6.5″ of length and 5.5″ of girth, plus the vibrating ears. The toy is fully submersible for easy and thorough cleanup, and the vibrator is removable so you can change out batteries easily. The bullet offers multiple speeds and patterns, and runs on three button batteries. Your partner will adore this purple pussy pleaser and you’ll adore the effect it has on her!



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

4. Colossus Silicone Penis Extender By Vixen

Vixen Colossus

Colossal Chocolate Cock

This has all the wonderful features of the Ride On cock extender shown above, but it’s bigger and better. This male sex toy is ideal for use when you don’t have an erection or you want to experiment with a larger penis size. The internal pocket fits penises up to 6″ long and 1.5″ in diameter (slightly larger than the average erect penis size), and the insertable size is 7″ long and 2.25″ in diameter. Your partner will feel pleasantly full and you’ll enjoy being in charge of this enormous silicone erection. The VixSkin has a very realistic flesh feel and the prosthetic penis is anatomically correct and nicely detailed. The Colossus cock extension will definitely please your senses!

Luxury-Level Touches

The texture of these penis extensions is quite lifelike, and you can make it feel even more real by heating it to body temperature in warm water. It will stay in place nicely when you loop the scrotum ring carefully around your testicles. The premium-grade VixSkin silicone penis extender sleeve is made to have a softer, more supple surface than other silicone sex toys and incorporates molecules of silicone lubricant for better feel and flexibility. You should use water-based lube on both the inside and outside of this penis enhancer; silicone lube may damage the toy.



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

5. Adam & Eve Vibrating Penis Sleeve Kit

Adam & Eve Vibrating Penis Sleeve Set

Five Pretty Penis Sleeves Plus

In this kit, you’ll get an assortment of five textured cock sleeves plus a bullet vibrator. Four of the five sleeves have a pocket to hold the bullet; it can be directed “up” to tease and please a partner’s clitoris, or “down” to provide testicle and perineal stimulation for the wearer. Each sleeve has a different design, and you’ll have a great time figuring out which one you and your lover like best! The textures cover both the shaft and the head for super sensation — you can drive her wild by teasing her clit with the textured head before thrusting inside for even more fun. Four of the sleeves are a sexy shade of smoke and one is clear for a great view.

Nicely Made

These cock sleeves are made of stretchy TPR material, making them easy to put on and take off. Each sleeve measures 5″ long and 1.5″ in diameter. The single-speed bullet vibrator is 2″ x 0.75″ to fit nicely in the pockets and operates on watch batteries (included). This type of sleeve does not add noticeable length and girth to your penis; it lets you be the star of the show but enhances the action with carefully chosen textures. Water-based lube inside and out is highly recommended for the best experience!



6. Trinity Vibes Vibrating Double Ring Penis Sleeve

Trinity Vibes Double Ring Penis Sleeve

Shared Sensation

This sweet cock sheath does double duty as cock ring and vibrator. The first ring fits over the base of your shaft, restricting blood flow to your penis. This makes your erection harder and may increase stamina and/or make your orgasm more intense. The second ring sits below your penis head, providing additional stimulation for both. A battery-powered vibrating bullet at the base will send you both over the edge. This sex toy enhances your erection and turns your penis into a vibrator; both together will make women climax hard, fast and frequently.

Looks And Feels Great

The double-ring penis sleeve is made of stretchy, body-safe, phthalate-free TPR. The open design and flexible material accommodates most penises comfortably. Unstretched, the sleeve measures 3.75″ long and 1.25″ in diameter. It goes on and comes off more easily when you use quality water-based lube. The translucent smoke color flatters most skin tones. It’s waterproof for easy cleanup with soap or sex toy cleaner, and you can play in the pool or the shower if you desire. Run time is approximately 40 minutes.



7. Lovehoney Twin Teasers Textured Penis Sleeves

Lovehoney Twin Teasers

Two Textured Ticklers

You’ll get a set of two cock sleeves with distinctly different textures to enhance your girth and length (slightly) while providing incredible stimulation during partnered penetrative sex. Both you and your partner will appreciate the crystal-clear appearance so you can watch the action. One of the cock sheaths features a shiny, silky-smooth head and sculptured ripples up and down the shaft; the other is heavily studded with nubs and bumps that hit just where they are supposed to. They can spice up vibrators and dildos too!

Body Friendly

These penis extenders are made of body-safe, latex- and phthalate-free soft plastic. They are 6″ in length but stretch nicely for a perfect fit on almost all penis sizes and shapes. The insertable length is 6″ and the circumference is approximately 4.5″. They are fully submersible for easy and complete cleanup. Make sure to use decent amounts of water-based lube both inside and out. These are fun toys and you’ll want to try them out immediately; since they are people-powered, there’s no need for batteries or charging so you and your partner can play whenever you feel like.



Use Coupon Code: BADUMTISH (10% Discount)

8. Adam & Eve Super-Stretch Tickler Sleeves

Super Stretch Tickler Sleeves

Set Of Seven Sleeves

One for every day of the week, including a really big one for Saturday night! Each of the penis sleeves has a different pattern of nubs, ribs and studs for her pleasure. These cock sheaths can accommodate almost all penis sizes, fitting snugly enough to restrict blood flow to your penis, improving your erection, staying power and orgasm. They add to your girth but not your length; most women say girth matters more anyhow. Roll them onto your erect penis as you would a condom — they are easy to put on and take off, even in the heat of the moment. You and your partner will want to try them all out!

Fun And Friendly

Like all of the best penis sleeves, these are made from hypoallergenic, body-friendly materials. They are stretchy to fit all sizes; the open-ended design makes them easy to use and clean. The cock sleeves range in length from 1.75″ to 2.75″. This variety pack is a great addition to any toy chest.



Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Best Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeve Buying Guide

The best penis sleeves come in a wide range of styles, shapes and materials — read on to learn more about what will work best for your body and your sex life!


There are two aspects to size when shopping for a penis sleeve — you definitely want to get one that fits you, and you probably want to consider your lover if you are planning on using it for partnered sex. If you are smaller than average when erect, you’ll need to make sure that you select a cock sleeve that either fits snugly or has a feature like a testicle loop to keep it in place. Most women consider girth more important than penis length, so you’ll want to pick a penis enhancer that will be comfortable for your partner too (there can be too much of a good thing!)


Most penis sleeves are stretchy, which helps to ensure a perfect fit and makes them easier to put on and take off. A few are rigid; these often benefit men who cannot achieve a solid erection due to a health condition (if this is the case, please consult a health care professional as well as our reviews!)


Some cock sleeves have a textured exterior to provide extra stimulation during partnered sex, and some of the best penis sleeves have textured interiors as well. By their nature, penis sleeves reduce sensation during partnered sex, so it’s very nice to have something extra in the mix.

How To Use A Penis Sleeve

How To Use A Penis Sleeve

Read on to learn how to get the best from your penis sleeve!

Tips And Tricks

As with all sex toys, our favorite tip — and yours — is “make sure to use lots of lube!” It’s a lot easier to wipe up extra than it is to soothe scraped, sensitive bits. Quality lube helps you get your penis sleeve on and off more easily, and lube on the inside of the sleeve increases sensation.

Some penis sleeves or extenders, like the Fat Boy, feature a loop or strap that fits around the testicles. These are great to keep the extension securely in place, but can be tricky. Using the Fat Boy as an example, they tend to work best if you put your balls in one at a time (the same goes for taking it off again).

Another option you could use is a hollow strapon, which you can learn more about here. Alternatively, check out our best penis pump review next if you’re interested in making your cock bigger, or our cock ring reviews for a little help sustaining your erections!


Sex toys are very safe when used properly, and cock sleeves are no different.

  • Use only high-quality, body-safe materials
  • Make sure they are clean and in good repair
  • Don’t wear them too tightly or for too long
  • Use plenty of lube inside and out

Frequently Asked Questions

We think that the best penis sleeve is the Ride On Silicone Penis Extender By Vixen or the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat 7 Inch Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop. There are many other excellent cock sheaths in different styles that both you and your partner are sure to enjoy!

A penis sleeve is a sex toy which fits over the penis to add length or girth, provide additional stimulation or enhance an erection. They are lots of fun to play with and are especially useful for people who are significantly smaller than average, who do not get as erect as they would like or who would like to use a penis substitute for any reason.

Penis sleeves work by being worn over (or, in some cases, instead of) the penis. They enhance size and/or firmness. They can also provide additional benefits such as texture, vibration and other stimulation. Many men feel like they sometimes want to give a little extra to their partners and this is a good way to try that!

Men can use a penis sleeve to add length and girth to their penis size, to simulate a rock-hard erection despite erectile dysfunction or during the refractory period, or to provide additional stimulation to a partner during penetrative sex. Some men also find that the thickness of a cock sleeve reduces stimulation and helps delay ejaculation.

A penis sleeve can add size, stiffness and sensation during partnered sex play. It’s a great way to experiment with a different look and feel, or to try something new. They can also help men with shorter penises reach a partner’s G-spot during penetrative sex. They may also help men delay ejaculation if that is a desired goal.


We think that the best penis sleeve is likely either the Ride On Silicone Penis Extender By Vixen or the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat 7 Inch Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop, but we’ve shown you plenty of excellent choices that you will enjoy exploring with a partner. Be safe, use lube and have fun!

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