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Our Complete Kiiroo Titan Review 2023

Kiiroo Titan Review

For years, the Fleshlight Launch reigned supreme as the ultimate male masturbator, and there is no denying the perks of that product. There is, however, a new kid on the block: welcome to the Kiiroo Titan; the toy which will topple the Fleshlight Launch from its throne.

With 9 vibrating motors, a realistic sleeve feel, 6 settings and the ability to connect with both other toys and other adult content in real time, there are plenty of reasons to opt for this incredible stroker. Read on for the ultimate Kiiroo Titan review, and discover everything you need to know to transform your masturbation experience.

What Is The Kiiroo Titan?

The Kiiroo Titan is a chance to take your sex toy experience to the next level, and enjoy one of the top quality strokers on the market. More than merely a penis stroker, the Kiiroo offers a comprehensive, mind blowing sexual experience, which blends textures, stimulation, vibration and integration with technology to bring you a truly incredible experience, every time.

You can also hook the Kiiroo Titan up to a wealth of interactive experience options; choose your fantasy, select your favorite media and prepare for plenty of fun.

Need To Know

On the surface, the Kiiroo Titan is a standard penis stroker; simply insert your penis into the sleeve, kick back and let the machine do all the work. The silicone sleeve is designed to feel as realistic as possible, boosting the sensation and offering a soft, intense experience which will have you coming back for more.

Play alone or with your partner, and select your optimum experience – there are nine different vibration options set within the stroker, and you can opt for one of six vibration modes; in the mood for a slow, soft nuzzle, or do you want to take it to the extreme? Both are possible, along with everything in between.

How Does The Kiiroo Titan Work?

As well as boasting a reputation as one of the top sex toys, the Kiiroo Titan is also super easy to use.

The Basics

The basic toy works in a similar manner to other penis strokers; opt for your sleeve, place your penis in the sleeve, and you are ready to go. The different functions are clearly displayed; select from seven modes:

  • Interact with another device
  • Targeted vibrations
  • Targeted power
  • Automatic
  • Blow
  • Pulse
  • Endurance

The first two modes are manually operated; when you press the corresponding button, the action begins, but stops when you release the button. With the remaining modes, action will continue once you let go of the button, offering a more automatic experience.

In addition to selecting your mode, you will also need to set up the connections to interact with other media – download the FeelConnect app, add the device and follow the instructions. You have the option to connect two or more devices in your proximity, or to one of the interactive videos

Ease Of Use

The clear buttons and simple design make the Kiiroo Titan easy to set up and use – you will be focusing on your pleasure in next to no time!


Features Of The Kiiroo Titan

The Kiiroo Titan is considered one of the top sex toys for a reason; the incredible features which are included with the toy – these help it to stand out in the crowded sex toy industry. From a real feel sleeve to a myriad of options, you can craft your ideal experience every time.


The Kiiroo Titan is designed to be held in one hand, and so is easy to grip and keep a tight hold of. The exterior includes details which help to improve your grip – even if you start to sweat – and the focus is on having fun, with minimal effort.


The amazing real feel sleeve is one of the major appeals of the device – you can enjoy sensual realism and an incredible pressure which helps to enhance and stimulate your pleasure. It has been noted that the sleeves are slightly looser than other models; if you like a super tight grip on your penis, you may want to reconsider.

Touch-Sensitive Pads

In addition to being easy to grip and keep hold of, the Kiiroo Titan is also blessed with touch sensitive pads, making it easy to choose your desired setting, and make changes with the flick of a finger – there is no need to fiddle with switches or buttons.


This is a device which boasts an incredible 9 motors in total – and this means plenty of power. It also allows users to benefit from a mind-blowing 9 vibration points – you can target your pleasure to any part of the body you choose.

Must-Try Features

  • Easy to use
  • Range if modes
  • Real-feel sleeve
  • 9 motors
  • Connect via Bluetooth

How Does It Feel?

One of the major buzzwords which crops up time and again in any Kiiroo Titan review is ‘realism’ and this is a huge advantage of the device. The sleeves are designed to emulate an authentic, sensual experience, which offers all the benefits of a quality penis stroker (see more) or cock milking machine.  Constructed from top quality silicone, each sleeve is soft and detailed, with plenty of scope for stimulation. The grip may be a little looser than some other models on the market, but this is no sacrifice – you can still enjoy an out-of-this-world orgasm with minimal effort.

The 9 vibrating motors also help to enhance your pleasure. Users can take complete control over the pressure, speed, location and target of the vibrations – or you can hand over control of this to your partner, if you are feeling really brave.

Reasons To Buy The Kiiroo Titan

The Kiiroo Titan is more than merely a male masturbator; it is a complete sexual experience designed to thrill and transform your sex life. There are plenty of reasons to choose the Kiiroo Titan over the plethora of sex toys on the market, and a few of these include:

Interactive Content

This is not only a stroker, but a powerful interactive tool which allows you to connect your favorite adult stars and content using Bluetooth technology. Simply download the app, pair your device and get ready to enjoy the show. You can also connect to your partner’s toy for double the fun.

Good Vibes Every Time

The inclusion of 9 powerful vibrating motors helps to keep things exciting and stimulating – you will feel the benefits right through your body.

Choose Your Setting

Users can also opt from one of 6 available settings, allowing you to tailor your session to your exact desires – perfect for people who want value for money from their sex toy.

Rechargeable Batteries

With a 1000mAh battery pack, you can expect an average of 40 minutes battery life per charge, and you can charge your device anytime, any place using a USB connection.

Who Should Buy The Kiiroo Titan

The Kiiroo Titan is the perfect pick for couples and people in a long distance relationship, who are keen to keep the magic alive while apart. The Bluetooth functionality of the toy allows you to connect not only with adult content and external media, but also with other toys – and this can have very pleasing results. You can embrace your inner fantasies, or let your lover take control, keeping you connected even across a long distance.

Many people find it tricky to be apart from the person they love; keeping the spark ignited across a long distance can be a real challenge. The Kiiroo Titan could be the toy you need, and the secret to success. Ultimately, any people or couples who are looking for a creative, innovative new masturbation aid should check out this device – as any Kiiroo Titan review will tell you – this stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Is It For Me?

This is the perfect toy for partners in a long distance relationship, who are looking to keep the spark alive.

Using Your Kiiroo Titan

Using Your Kiiroo Titan

Using your Kiiroo Titan correctly is the key to success and serious pleasure, and there is good news; it is super simple to get started. No Kiiroo Titan review would be complete without a ‘how to’, so read on for everything you need to know!

What’s In The Box

When your new dream toy finally arrives, ready to bridge any long distance gap and longing you may have been feeling, there will be a few essentials included. Firstly, you will receive the Kiiroo stroker itself, along with the USB Pin charging cable. The kit also comes with a warranty card – you are covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty – and a quick setup manual, allowing you to get started quickly and easily. We would recommend giving your toy a full charge – this will give you on average 40 minutes of playtime.

What You Get

  • Kiiroo Stroker
  • USB Pin charging cable
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Set up manual

Syncing Your Kiiroo Titan

Once you have the toy set up, it is time to sync it with your devices. Start by downloading the app onto your smartphone, and follow the instructions to pair it with your stroker. You can also sync the app with external material, interact with your favorite adult performers and enjoy over 4000 interactive videos. 2D and VR technology also allows you to feel each and every movement – no need to worry about missing out.


Considering that the device includes a whopping 9 motors, the running sound is actually surprisingly quiet – perfect for when you are in a shared environment, but are craving some serious alone time. Overall, the only real sounds you will need to worry about are the ones you make – the power and intensity of the toy will make it seriously hard to muffle your moans!

Battery Life

Battery life is one area where the Kiiroo lets itself down a little; you will have to charge the device for around 3 to 3.5 hours per use, and this only gives you 40 minutes of playtime – significantly shorter than some of the other popular makes on the market. This can be frustrating if you are planning to use your toy frequently, as there can be a lot of waiting around for the device to finish charging.

Looking After It

No Kiiroo Titan review would be complete without paying a little attention to maintenance – this will help your toy to last for longer, and keep you safe with every use. Due to the nature of the device, maintaining excellent hygiene is essential, and in particular, of the real feel sleeve. The sleeve should be removed after every use, and the entire thing cleaned thoroughly with hot, soapy water to remove any residue or potential bacteria. You can also choose to invest in a specialist sex toy cleaner if you prefer, but always ensure that the sleeve is left to air dry completely before you use it again.

The outside and main body of the stroker should also be carefully wiped down after every use – you can use a damp cloth, or even a wet wipe. You should always ensure that everything is set up correctly, with no damaged, broken or missing parts, before you get started – this helps reduce the risk of injury.

Remember! Clean your sleeve with hot, soapy water after every single use – hygiene is key here!

Any downsides?

The main downside with the device is the battery life; this is a little frustrating compared to other models. As a rule, you will need to charge your toy for around 3-3.5 hours in order to enjoy around 40 minutes of fun and this can be very frustrating, especially compared to other models which do not have this problem. If you are hoping to use the device on a very regular basis, this may not be the best selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kiiroo Titan is a male penis stroker and masturbatory aid, designed to help enhance the masturbation experience, boost sexual pleasure and add a whole new dimension to the world of male sex toys. The device includes a sleeve into which the penis is placed; the user then chooses from one of six settings, and enjoys a stroking experience catered to their exact desires.

To clean your Kiiroo Titan, remove the sleeve, and wipe the entire surface thoroughly with hot, soapy water or a specialist sex toy cleaner. Leave it to air dry completely before using it again, before wiping over the body and main frame of the toy. Remember that your Kiiroo Tian should be thoroughly cleaned after every single use.

The Kiiroo Titan is not too loud and is fairly quiet and discreet – especially when you consider that there are 9 vibrating motors included within the device. You should be able to enjoy your stoker with discretion, even if you are in a shared property, allowing you to enjoy plenty of pleasure wherever and whenever the mood takes you.

The Kiiroo Titan is made from an ABS shell, TPE sleeve and internal NBR bullet holder. The sleeve is constructed 100% body safe silicone on the sleeve; this is a non-porous material, and so reduces the risk of infection or bacteria having a chance to build up.


If you are on the hunt for a stylish, versatile and tech-savvy masturbator, you have come to the right place – whether you are playing with or without a partner. Our Kiiroo Titan review has concluded that this really is a top product, though the reduced battery life could be an issue for some users. On the whole though, this is a great selection for a high quality toy which can be adapted to your exact needs – all you really need is your imagination.

Kiiroo Titan Review
Our rating: 4.8/5

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