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Lovense Max 2 Review 2023

Lovense Max 2 Review

On the surface, the Lovense Max 2 may not look like much; the design is sleek, simple and seems unlikely to hold anything of value. Take a closer look, however, and you will soon discover that this clean, minimal casing holds one of the highest rated male sex toys on the market. Lovense is a sex toy company with a long held sterling reputation in the world of male masturbators, and general sex toys, and the Max 2 really is no exception. With 360 degree contractions, multiple sensation sleeves and extended vibrator all included in a single compact device, there are plenty of ways to play. There is a wealth of potential to unlock both as a solo player, and with your partner –  even if you are in a long distance relationship. Intrigued? Read our Lovense Max 2 review for all the information, and prepare to have every other male masturbator blown out of the water!

What Is The Lovense Max 2?

In the simplest terms, the Max 2 is a male masturbator, designed to offer plenty of pleasure, and allow you to enjoy mind blowing orgasms. This high quality masturbator has the potential to unlock the most amazing sexual experience of your life – and you are completely in control at each and every stage.

The device consists of a multiple sensation sleeve, covered with textures and ridges to allow you to feel each and every movement, generating a feeling of incredible satisfaction as the sleeve strokes and vibrates its way along your penis. The Max 2 can also be hooked up to your phone using an app, allowing you to control each and every aspect of your pleasure, as well as giving you the chance to share your experience with your partner. Even if you find yourselves separated by distance, there is no need to fret – you can bring a little spice to any sex chat!

Main Points

  • Textured, multi sensation sleeve
  • Use the app for complete control
  • 7 vibration, 3 contraction options

How Does It Work

Getting started is super simple; you should begin by downloading the Lovense remote app onto your smartphone or mobile device, and let the Max 2 charge fully before first use – this will ensure that you have plenty of juice ready to see you through your session! Once fully charged, turn on both the app and the sex toy, and give the, a chance to sync. As a note – you can enjoy the toy even if your phone is not cooperating; simply use the controls located on the side of the device to control speed and vibration. At this point, you can also choose to sync the sex toy to a partner if desired, to enjoy some incredible long distance sex.

Once everything is set up, lube up – we recommend using lube on your body, as well as around the entrance to the toy, to keep everything smooth and comfortable. Next, insert your cock into the toy, choose your optimum setting, and get ready to have plenty of fun!

What To Do

  • Charge the toy
  • Download the app to your cell phone
  • Sync app with toy
  • Lube up
  • Choose your setting
  • Have fun!

Reasons To Buy The Lovense Max 2

The Max 2 works in a similar way to many male masturbator toys: the main device includes a sleeve into which the penis is inserted, and the user then selects their preferred elements from a number of functions, including speed, pressure and intensity.

Settings To Suit You

With 7 vibration settings, and 3 options for contractions, you can select your perfect experience, and tailor the sensation to meet your exact desires. While the market for male sex toys has evolved and grown in recent years, the Max 2 is a toy which stands out for two primary reasons: the realistic, scintillating sensation, and the ability to connect with your partner using the app. Both of these help the toy to stand out, and offer a new edge to the experience; if you are already a fan of sex toys, this is a great way to take your pleasure to the next level.

Realistic Sensations

The textured surface of the sleeve offers a sensual massage thanks to a combination of nodules and ridges, and this helps to kick the pleasure up a notch. When used as a standard masturbator, this may not appear particularly noteworthy, but it is a whole different story when you blend it with the impressive vibrations, which are perfectly positioned to offer feeling across the entire length of the sleeve, rather than being restricted to a single area. In addition, the toy boasts innovative airbag technology, a feature designed to emulate vaginal contractions in a realistic way. Put together, the end result is a super impressive male masturbation toy, which blows the competition out of the water, and offers an amazing reason to buy.

We Love!

The sleeve is a major advantage of the device; the surface is covered with textures, ridges and nodules, and this only serves to boost your pleasure.

Lovense Max 2 Best Features

Lovense Max 2 Best Features

As we mentioned, the Max2 is one of the best examples we have discovered in the world of male masturbation tools; but just what helps it to stand out? There are a few key features which help to elevate this toy above the rest, and these include:

Remote Control App

The inclusion of the app allows you to transform your mobile device into a remote control, controlling the settings and sensations from any position or location. This also makes the Max 2 great for couples in a long distance relationship, or even those in the same place; you can sync the device to your partner’s phone, giving them complete control over every single movement. You can also sync up with other toys as desired; this is a great way to keep the spark alive, even if the two of you are separated.

Range of Vibration Settings

The Max 2 offers an impressive 7 different vibration options, ranging from low to earthquake, and including each and every sensation in between. You can also choose from one of 3 mind-blowing 360 degree contractions, making a total of over 20 variations – this really is a case of your play, your way. Alternatively, hand over control of the settings to your partner – and get ready to truly squirm for all the right reasons.

Incredible Suction

The power of a masturbation tool is often truly determined by its suction; this can be a make or break for many users and fortunately, the Max 2 goes above and beyond in this category. The contractions offer an amazingly perfect pressure, while the adjustable air vent is another bonus – open and close the air vent to adjust the suction to your perfect level. Once again, this is another way in which the Max 2 hands over total control to its users; you can set the ideal sensation for you – or for each other if using with someone else.


No need to worry about changing batteries halfway through your session; the Max 2 can be charged via USB, and takes around 100 minutes to charge. While this may seem like a lengthy charge time, these toys allow you to enjoy an impressive 3.5 hours of playtime on a single charge!


  • Remote control function
  • Choose your setting
  • Amazing suction
  • USB rechargeable

What You Get In The Box

What You Get In The Box

The Max 2 arrives with all of the essentials you need to get started, and this means that you can get set up and start playing in no time. The box includes the Max 2 itself, which consists of an outside case made of top quality ABS plastic. The finish is slick, simple and smooth, and this adds a sophisticated vibe to the whole toy. Inside the case sits a removable sleeve – the main prize of the device – which is constructed from body safe, comfortable TPE. The whole unit is comfortable to hold, and easy to grip even in the throes of pleasure thanks to a rigid design on the case. The kit also comes with a few mini user guides, allowing you to get set up with minimal fuss, and acting as a helpful user manual to check out any concerns or questions, as well as a magnetic USB charging cable – one of the major perks of the toy.

Cleaning Your Lovense Max 2

Keeping the Max 2 clean and in good condition has two benefits; it helps to extend and prolong the lifespan of your toy, and also keeps everyone safe and comfortable – hygiene is crucial with a device of this nature. To clean the Max 2, start by removing the sleeve, and washing this thoroughly with hot, soapy water after each use. You also have the option of using a specialist sex toy cleaner, but this is not always necessary. The outside of the Max 2 should also be wiped down regularly using a damp cloth, or wet wipe.


Get into the habit of cleaning your toy after each use, to keep things sanitized and hygienic.

Any downsides?

No Lovense Max 2 review would be complete without considering any potential drawbacks, though we are pleased to report that there are few to dwell on. One of the main issues is the noise of the unit; though there are several options on the market which are noisier, there is no denying that the volume levels of the Max 2 can climb quite high, and this makes it tricky to be discreet if you are craving privacy. If you really need total discretion during use, this may not be the best option. Some users have also commented on the less realistic appearance of the device compared to other models, but this is not a huge issue in most cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lovense Max 2 is a quality male sex toy and male masturbator which offers users a chance to enjoy a choice from 7 vibration settings and 3 contraction options, giving you the chance to perfectly tailor your experience to meet your exact desires. The inner sleeve is ridged and textured to boost pleasure, and the device is connected to an external app, allowing you to enjoy long distance love with your partner.

The Lovense Max 2 takes around 100 minutes to charge fully, and this should be completed prior to use. We recommend allowing the toy to charge completely each time before you use it; this will allow you to enjoy the full 3 and a half hours of runtime without interruption.

To clean the Lovense Max 2, remove the inner sleeve after each use, and wipe it down thoroughly with hot, soapy water or a specialist toy cleaner. You should also make sure that the case and outside of the Max 2 is wiped down and cleaned after every use, to help maintain hygiene and safety.


There is no denying; our Lovense Max 2 review shows it has more than earned its sterling reputation in the industry. With a range of vibration and contraction settings, a textured, sensual sleeve, and an easy to use app which allows you to connect with your partner any time, any place, the Max 2 has plenty to be proud of. If you are looking to take your masturbation experience to another level, this is a great option for plenty of fun.

What You Get In The Box
Our rating: 4.5/5

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