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Lovense Edge Review 2023 – Expert Thoughts On The Remote Prostate Toy

Lovense Edge Review

Sensual, seductive and with incredible sensations, the Lovense Edge takes male sex toys to the next level. This adjustable prostate massager is designed to revolutionize anal play, and is the newest toy available from the brand. In a world where sex toys for men have typically been side-lined, Lovense have invested time, effort and energy into producing a powerful prostate massager which uses the latest smartphone technology to deliver an incredible experience each and every time. Flexible and versatile, this is a toy designed to be the best fit for you, rather than asking you to work around it, and is a serious upgrade from the previous models of this type. If you are looking for personalized pleasure which puts you in control, the Edge 2 is your new best friend. Read on for the ultimate Lovense Edge review, and decide for yourself!

What Is The Lovense Edge?

The Lovense Edge is one of the newest examples of prostate massagers on the market, and is created in a quality dual-vibrator style. The toy is designed with teledildonic technology, and has two primary arms – one which is designed to stimulate the prostate, and the other a vibrating arm to stimulate the perineum, offering incredible dual pleasure to users. Both of the arms are made for penetration, and so will shift and lock into a range of differing angles – this allows the user to make slight, subtle adjustments in order to find the perfect position. Users can opt from a range of vibration patterns and speeds for the ultimate anal stimulation, and use the app to control every element – or hand over control to your partner! The Edge is more than a standard butt plug; this is a smart and versatile toy which takes anal play to the next level.

So What Is It?

The Lovense Edge is a powerful, versatile anal massager toy, and a great addition to the range of Lovense sex toys.

Lovense Edge Design

The design of the toy is one of the elements which helps to make it so popular, and this is down to a few things.


In order to keep users safe and comfortable, the Edge is crafted from 100% non toxic, body safe silicone, and this ensures a soft, comfortable feel from the insertable length as well as ensuring that the toy is easy to clean and maintain – important elements when you are enjoying a sex toy.

The main thing to note here is that manufacturers recommend you do not use silicone-based lubricant with the Edge 2; over time, this can cause damage and degrade the material. Instead, opt for a water based lube to keep everything smooth and slick, without risking the quality of your toy.


The shape of the toy is another major plus point amongst fans, as it allows for dual penetration by stimulating both the prostate and thee perineum – a rarity amongst many anal toys, which tend to only allow one or the other to be focused on. Both of these arms can be shifted, adjusted and locked into place, while the rest of the toy stays solid. This means that you can enjoy a unique blend of adjustability and security – there is no need to worry about the toy slipping out after it has been inserted, and you can play around with the prongs to help you find the best fit for your body.

Features Of The Lovense Edge

So just what makes the Lovense Edge better than other male sex toys on the market? To help narrow down the advantages, we will take a look at the main features of the prostate toy below.

Features Of The Lovense Edge

What's In The Box?

Like most Lovense toys, the kit comes with everything you need to get started: the massager itself, a USB charging dongle and a user manual to help you get set up with minimal fuss. It is worth noting that there is no lube or cleaning solution included, so this will need to be purchased separately.


One of the key features of the toy is the Lovense remote app, and this is a major advantage which can give the device the “edge” over other prostate toys. The app allows you to play with your partner by connecting the Lovense toy to their phone or device, and give them complete control over your vibration patterns, intensity and overall pleasure – you are at their complete mercy.

You can also hook up your Edge to other toys in the Lovense range for an exciting and flexible sexual adventure, as well as send voice chat, texts, photos and video chats – this makes it ideal for a long distance relationship.

Customizable Patterns

The Lovense Edge 2 has 3 speed settings and 4 different vibration pattern options, allowing you to create your ideal experience every time. In addition, the Edge 2 offers a prostate arm and a perineum arm, and, unlike the rest of the toy, these are fully adjustable for ultimate customization.

Key Features Of The Edge 2

  • Remote control with the app allows diverse experiences
  • Rechargeable for convenience
  • Customizable

Why Should You Buy The Lovense Edge?

The Lovense Edge 2 is a prostate massager with a twist – it allows for incredibly powerful vibrations, total control over your experience and the chance to share your pleasure with your partner. To help you make your decision, here are some of the top reasons to make your purchase.

Why Should You Buy The Lovense Edge

Totally Adjustable

With an adjustable neck and choice of both prostate and perineum stimulation at the same time, the Edge 2 differs from other prostate massagers in its flexibility and adjustability – this means that you can enjoy the perfect experience for your unique needs, and things are made easier by the inclusion of app control!

Rechargeable Design

The Edge 2 has the added advantage of being rechargeable, and offers up to 1.7 hours of play time per charge – the toy takes around an hour and a half to charge completely. As an added bonus, the USB charger is magnetic – no need to worry about it falling off mid charge.

Two Vibrators In One

With two motors, the Edge 2 really feels like you are enjoying two vibrators in one – one for the prostate and one for the perineum. This offers excellent value for money, as well as a quality app controlled toy.

Quality Finish

The Edge 2 is crafted from soft silicone, and has the added bonus of being fully waterproof – no matter where you like to play, you can rest assured that your toy is completely waterproof and will remain in good condition.

Why Buy?

  • Two vibrators in one toy
  • Play your way
  • Connect with the app or your partner
  • Rechargeable USB design
  • Quality material

Using Your Lovense Edge

Using the Edge 2 is simple to set up and start enjoying – there are just a few simple steps to get you enjoying your sweet spot in no time.

Using Your Lovense Edge

1. Charge

Before you start, we would recommend fully charging your device – this will allow you to really maximize your pleasure.

2. Lube

Next, add your preferred lube – stay away from silicone or oil based lube – instead, opt for a water based solution. Slowly insert the toy into your body – take this slow, as it may be a learning curve if you are new to anal toys and prostate play. Ensure that each adjustable arm is in the perfect place for your pleasure before you get started with the app.

3. App

Open up the Lovense remote app, make sure that the toy is on, and select the option to “Connect.” Choose your vibration frequency by sliding the icons, or selecting one of two modes – the “looping mode” allows you to program a vibration pattern, and this will loop over and over – great if you are letting your partner take charge! Float mode means that you pick a specific mode, and the settings will stay the same until you change them.

Edge 1 Vs Edge 2: What’s The Difference?

Although both Edge toys are top choices, The Edge 2 is a serious step up from the Edge 1, and has a number of differences:

Edge 1

Edge 2

While there are a number of advantages to the Lovense Edge 2, you may want to wait until your Edge 1 dies to upgrade, unless you are particularly worried about the slightly shorter length.

Taking Care Of Your Lovense Edge

As with any sex toy, it is crucial that you keep your Edge 2 clean and hygienic by cleaning it thoroughly after every use. While you can use a specialist sex toy cleaner, you also have the option to simply wipe down the outside and shape of the sex you with hot, soapy water. Make sure that you leave the device to air dry completely before using it again.

One thing to note is that the Edge 2 is not suitable for use with oil or silicone based lubes – opt  instead for a lubricant which is water based.

Any downsides?

While there are a number of benefits to Edge 2, an honest review must include the downsides – fortunately, there are only two main issues to address:

  • The first is that despite the requirements to use a water based lube with the toy, this does not come included with the initial kit. The set also does not include a cleaning solution – you will have to buy this separately.
  • The Edge 2 also does not come with a storage bag or case, and this can be tricky in terms of discretion – the box is very visual, and the contents are immediately apparent – this can be awkward if you are looking to keep your sex toy private!

For more prostate toys, check out our list of the best prostate massagers, as well as our Best Aneros and Lelo Hugo review (here).

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lovense Edge is a quality male sex toy which offers an incredible anal experience by stimulating the male G spot and generating incredible perineum vibrations. The toy has two adjustable arms to stimulate different regions for dual pleasure. Users can use the app to control their device remotely, and choose from a range of vibration patterns and extra features.

The Lovense Edge has two motors, and this means that it can be pretty loud compared to other prostate massagers – again, this could be an issue if you are looking to keep things discreet, as the volume can get pretty loud when you are on the highest settings – in addition to the noises you are making!

The Lovense Edge battery lasts for around 1.7 hours per use, but it should be noted that this may be reduced if you are consistently pushing the toy to the limits by selecting the fastest modes or highest settings. As a rule, however, you should be able to get around an hour and a half as a minimum.

The Lovense Edge can be used long distance thanks to the smartphone app – all you need is an internet connection. You can allow your partner to take complete charge of your pleasure with long distance control, or connect to other Lovense toys. All you need is a strong connection, and the Lovense app – this acts as a physical remote for your prostate massager.

The Lovense Edge takes around 1.5 hours to charge completely, and this will give you a playtime of around 1.7 hours, though this may be reduced slightly if you use top speeds and high settings the whole way through. Charging of the Edge prostate massager is carried out through a USB charging cable.


When it comes to prostate massagers, the Lovense Edge 2 is amongst the very best options, largely due to the dual stimulation and the ability to control the toy with the app. While it may not appear a huge upgrade from the Edge 1, from our Lovense Edge review we found the boosted length and tighter grip are likely to be a pleasant surprise to those who enjoy quality orgasms and incredible sex toys.

Lovense Edge
Our rating: 4.6/5

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