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Our Honest We Vibe Sync Review 2023

We Vibe Sync Review

If you are looking for a vibrator to really change things up, our We Vibe Sync review will show you why it should be at the top of your list. This is a fun, flexible and fashionable twist on the classic vibrator, which can help to deliver incredible pleasure to both you and your partner simultaneously – ideal for kicking things up a notch, and allowing you to connect on another level. As an added bonus, the device can be remote controlled – perfect if you want to add a ‘power play’ vibe to your session, or let your other half take total control over your pleasure. Overall, this is a versatile, exciting and innovative toy which needs to be tried to be believed; to help you decide, we review We Vibe Sync and let you know the good, the bad and the sensual.

We Vibe Sync Review
Rating: 4/5

What Is The We-Vibe Sync?

What Is The We-Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe Sync is a powerful vibrating sex toy which is designed to enhance your pleasure, and take your experience of vibrators to the next level. It can help to add an amazing upgrade to standard penetrative sex, and provide simultaneous male and female pleasure, allowing you both to enjoy a wild ride. It replaces its predecessors, the We Vibe 4 and We Vibe 4 Plus, and offers a number of benefits to boost your experience.

Overall, this is a top-quality and super fun addition to any sex toy collection, and is guaranteed to up the ante during any session, adding a little spice and good vibe to your playtime – the We-Vibe sync has a reputation as one of the top couples vibrators for a good reason!

The We-Vibe sync doesn’t have to be reserved for the bedroom – one of the major advantages is the discretion and compact nature of the toy, allowing it to be worn beneath your clothing for ongoing stimulation to the G spot – ideal if you get your kicks from public fun!

How Does The We-Vibe Sync Work?

The toy is designed for use during penetrative sex, and is worn inside the vagina. There are two arms; one slim and short and the other large and textured. The shorter arm will slip snugly inside the vagina, resting right up against the g spot for ongoing, mind blowing stimulation, while the large, textured arm is designed to wrap around the body, resting against the clitoris.

Once in place, both arms will vibrate – and you can have total control over the strength of this. This is the ultimate toy to ensure dual pleasure; the clitoris and G spot of the female will enjoy gentle texture and vibrations, while the penis of your partner slides against the internal arm, with its smooth surface. The vibrations only serve to enhance the sensation!

The Best Bits

How Does The We-Vibe Sync Work

We kick off our We Vibe Sync review with the pros. There is plenty to be pleased about, and this is the ultimate sex toy to add to your collection. The toy is fully rechargeable, allowing you to play without restriction, and also comes with a handy remote control (also rechargeable), allowing your partner to take complete control of your pleasure – if you are brave enough to hand it over. Simple download the We Connect smartphone app for smooth, easy function, and a plethora of ways to play.

This is a toy which also offers total flexibility; choose your vibration pattern, intensity and even your soundtrack – you can even set your toy to vibrate to the beat of your favorite song; what’s not to like? With a waterproof finish, you can tickle your G spot in any place which takes your fancy, and the body sage silicone material allows you to focus totally on fun – this is a toy which is easy to clean and sanitize, helping to keep everyone safe and happy.

Why Buy?

  • Remote access
  • Rechargeable design
  • Total control over your pleasure

Who Should Buy The We-Vibe Sync

The device is the ideal option for couples looking to spice things up their sex lives, and try a new internal vibrator which is sure to blow your mind! The G spot arm helps guarantee pleasure, while the man in your life will find that his penis is more than satisfied by the gentle textures and incredible vibration. The inclusion of the We Connect app also makes this ideal for those couples looking to enjoy a little power play or dom/sub vibe – you can take total charge of your partner’s pleasure, and control every aspect from intensity to vibrations.

Using Your We-Vibe Sync

Using Your We-Vibe Sync

Getting started is super simple, allowing you to get on with some seriously great sex in no time!

General Use

One of the main things to remember when playing with your We Vibe is to ensure that you use plenty of lube; this will help to ensure that all people involved are comfortable. Good quality lube is one of your essential items – make sure you cover the vibrator thoroughly and take things slow when you get started.


The app is another major perk of the vibrator – it allows you to control the intensity and nature of your vibrations, and will work on all major platforms. Simply download the app to your device, and follow the onscreen instructions. Once you have connected the app to your toy, you are ready to get started and have fun!


While some vibrators have a reputation for being loud while in use, making discretion tricky, this is not an issue with the We-Vibe Sync. The device is known for being super quiet, and offers a subtle purring rather than a loud, distracting noise.


Don’t skimp on the lube – use plenty to keep things comfortable.

Taking Care Of Your We-Vibe Sync

Taking Care Of Your We-Vibe Sync

We couldn’t complete a We Vibe Sync review without discussing the importance of hygiene. Keeping your toy clean and hygienic is an essential element to ownership; the nature of the device means that is needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each use – this can be achieved with hot, soapy water, or using a specialist sex toy cleaner. Make sure you wipe down the surface thoroughly after each use, and allow it to completely air dry before you use it again.

It is important to clean your sex toy after every use to prevent toy degradation or infection

Any downsides?

No sex toy reviews are complete without considering the downsides, but these are thankfully few and far between. Most people report a positive experience with the toy, and especially the ability to enjoy a range of sensations with just one device. The only real issue here comes from experience and comfort; the toy is quite large, and it can be a squeeze for those still new to this kind of toy. It is important to use plenty of lube and take things slow – you may need to take some time to stretch out the vagina prior to penetration, making sure that you are totally comfortable. You may also need a little practice to find the best position – it can be uncomfortable until you get used to the sensations, so prepare to practice to find your perfect fit.

See more models of remote control vibrators in our review, or check out our Lovense Nora review for dual pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The We-Vibe Sync takes 2 hours to charge fully, and this is charged using a USB cable (included in the box). A 2 hour charge will give you 90 minutes of charge, and we recommend charging your device completely before use – this will allow you to enjoy the full potential.

The We-Vibe Sync is waterproof, and this allows you to enjoy sex in a range of locations, positions, and environments. No matter your preference, you can still enjoy the sweet sensations and powerful vibrations of the toy  – and they will be totally enjoyable even if you are underwater, in the shower, or getting super creative.

Connect We-Vibe Sync by downloading the app to your phone or device. When this is complete, you will be able to pair your phone or device with the toy, and this gives you total control over the rhythm, vibration, and intensity of your experience. You can also allow your partner total access to the app – this will put them in charge of every sensation you are allowed to enjoy, and can lend itself to some truly incredible sex.


If you are on the hunt for a product which you can enjoy with your partner, which offers incredible dual pleasure, and which stands out from the crowd, you have come to the right place. As our We Vibe Sync Review demonstrates, this is a flexible, exciting product designed with pleasure in mind – ideal if you are looking to kick up your vibrator experience, and try something brand new.

We Vibe Sync Review
Our rating: 4/5

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