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Our Magic Wand Review 2023 – Testing The Famous Hitachi Massager

Magic Wand Review

Magic by name and magic by nature: this incredible toy is the ultimate upgrade for your collection, taking your pleasure to the next level. The Hitachi Magic Wand takes all of the benefits of the original magic wand plus an incredible rechargeable operation which offers you the chance to enjoy sensational, mind blowing orgasms time after time. The head is flexible enough to hit every spot, and the compact portability makes this perfect to take on your travels. You can even use it while it is charging up, making this one of the most versatile sex toys on the market, and your new best friend. Intrigued? Read on to enjoy our ultimate Magic Wand review, and get ready to transform your sex life.

What Is It?

On a basic level, the Hitachi Magic Wand is a high powered, top quality vibrator, created by Hitachi, designed to get your eyes rolling and your toes curling.

What Is The Magic Wand

Vital Statistics

The overall size is pretty large, at almost a full foot in length, with a wand head which measures 2.5 inches across, around 2 inches tall and 7.5 inches in circumference – certainly a little larger than your standard vibrator. This increased size demonstrates the dual nature of the vibrator; rather than simply being inserted into the body and enjoyed internally, it focuses more on massaging the clitoris. It is worth nothing that users can purchase additional attachments if you enjoy a classic internal use, and this means you can enjoy the massaging effect of the Magic Wand plus a more traditional vibrator. As well as a larger size, the Hitachi also comes in as one of the heavier toys on the market at almost 2 pounds in weight – this can make it a little trickier to manage and handle.

Main Appeal

One of the major advantages of the magic wand is its rechargeable function, but there is another bonus – unlike many other toys, you can use the vibrator while it is charging and the cord plugged into the wall, meaning that there is no need to wait to enjoy your pleasure. Hitachi have included a 6 feet long charging cord, meaning you should be able to enjoy the wand from pretty much anywhere in the room, giving you greater freedom and flexibility with every use – this is a refreshing change from other toys of this nature, which need to be fully charged before you enjoy them!

Enjoy incredible vibrations with the magic wand plus you can use it whilst still charging – bonus!

Key Features

The Hitachi Magic Wand comes with a range of advantages and key features to enjoy, and we will explore these below.

Magic Wand Key Features


The decision to make the Magic Wand rechargeable was definitely a smart move on the part of the Hitachi production team; it helps to elevate the wand above other vibrators, and makes it super appealing for users. As a general rule, you can expect around 180 minutes of runtime per charge of the rechargeable battery, but the fact that you can enjoy while it is charging is a huge advantage, and means there is no hanging around killing time until it’s ready to use.

Choose Your Style

The head of the wand also comes with an impressive range of options when it comes to speed and intensity of your vibrations. Choose from 4 speed options and 4 vibration patterns – these increase in intensity from low to high, allowing you to build up as you get more used to it.

Incredible Power

One of the main advantages of the wand is its ability to reach truly toe curling speeds, and it offers an incredibly powerful experience which blows most other vibrators out of the water. The head of the wand reaches a speed of 5000 rotations per minute, while the highest level increases this to an eye watering 6000 rotations per minute – for context, your washer will carry out its highest spin at 1600 rotations per minute. This means that it may not be the best fit for beginners, but is the perfect option if you need something to really take you over the edge.

Easy Touch Buttons

Choosing your speed and setting on the wand are super simple thanks to the inclusion of clear, easy to use touch buttons which allow you to flip between speeds and patterns in one fast, easy movement – no fumbling around.

Adaptations And Additions

While the Hitachi wand itself is not really suitable for use in the same way as traditional vibrators, it does have a series of additions and extras which can be added to the head to transform your experience from a simple massage into a total internal pleasure fest. This makes the wand a flexible and versatile addition to your toy box – you can use the magic wand plus other attachments so unlike many vibrators, it can be adapted to spice things up even more.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable design
  • Choose your style
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Easy to use
  • Add adaptations and extras for added impact – magic wand plus extras means you won’t want to leave the house!

Looking After Your Magic Wand

To make sure that your Magic Wand is in the best possible condition, it is important that you look after it properly.

Looking After Your Magic Wand

Body Safe

The wand is constructed from body safe silicone, and this is good news for you – the material is totally safe for your body, with no risk of toxins and with a nonporous finish. This means that it is harder for bacteria to form and permeate the surface, meaning that you are at reduced risk of infection. Despite this, it is essential that you clean your wand thoroughly after every use to help keep you and your partner safe and healthy.

But Not Waterproof!

Despite Hitachi making the choice to craft the wand from quality silicone, it is important to stress that the wand is not waterproof, and this means that you should not simply submerge it in a bowl or tub of water. In addition, remember that if you have been charging the wand, it will be plugged in – make sure that it is unplugged prior to cleaning the wand, and make sure that you keep water or cleaning agents away from the charging port – if water is allowed to get inside the wand, it can cause malfunction or damage.

Make sure you always remember to unplug your toy before cleaning it.

Careful Cleaning

Instead, clean the head of the want thoroughly after every use, using a mild, silicone-safe cleanser. Rather than spray this directly, it is a good idea to first spray the cleanser onto a cloth, and then use this to wipe down the head of your wand thoroughly. You can then use a damp cloth or baby wipe to wipe over the body of the wand to keep everything fresh.

For more information, read our guide on how to clean a vibrator properly.

The Right Lube

One of the advantages of the wand is that it can be used with a water-based lubricant, and this will not cause hard to or degrade the head of the wand. When choosing a lube, it is best to avoid silicone based ones as these can cause damage – instead, opt for your favorite water based version.

It is super important to clean the head of your wand after EVERY use – and especially if you have been using lube.

Any downsides?

No reviews would be fair if they failed to consider the downsides – fortunately these are generally few and far between for your Hitachi magic wand. Some of the main criticisms of this product include:


Many reviews have reported that the Hitachi Magic Wand is a little on the noisy side, and this means that it may not be the best choice for those looking for discretion and privacy in their Hitachi Magic Wand.


The total weight of the head and body of the Magic Wand is around 2 pounds, and this places it as one of the heavier vibrator options on the market – this could be tricky for some users to move around with comfort.

Charging Lead

The decision to make the Magic Wand rechargeable has no doubt earned the vibrator legions of fans, but the cord lead may be too short for some of your more elaborate fantasies. Remember, however, that it goes cordless when fully charged.

What To Watch

  • A little noisy
  • Quite heavy to hold
  • Charging cord is on the short side

Magic Wand On A Budget: Magic Wand Original Extra Powerful Plug-In Vibrator

Also from Hitachi, the original Magic Wand is a great quality option for those looking to enjoy the power and pleasure of a Magic Wand plus avoid the top price tag. Unlike the classic Magic Wand rechargeable option, this is a plug in cord vibrator which offers incredible orgasms thanks to a choice of two mind blowing options, a fully flexible head and a powerful motor to deliver plenty of incredible sensations which you will feel from head to toe.

Magic Wand On A Budget

What Are The Differences?

Reviews of these two products mention a few key differences between the Magic Wand and the budget version, and these include:

Corded Design

Unlike the original Magic Wand rechargeable feature, the budget version of the Hitachi model comes with a power cord, and must be plugged in at all times in order for you to use it.

Fewer Choices

The budget wand comes with just two settings, compared to the four offered in the Magic Wand plus, but it is worth noting that many review articles state that both products are still extremely powerful, and offer the same strength and incredible intensity of the more advanced model.

Magic Wand


  • 4 variations
  • Can be detached from lead
  • Only 2 variations
  • Must be attached to lead

Can Vibrators Desensitize You?

Many users often express concerns that using a super strong vibrator will desensitize you to pleasure in the future – a fear we can confirm has been discredited in pretty much every review. In short, there are no vibrators which can cause you any sort of permanent damage or desensitization – save a serious injury to the affected area.

It is important to note, however, that over time your mind and body do have the ability to “get used” to different sensations and feelings, including extremely strong vibrations. This means that psychologically, you may find it very tricky to achieve orgasm without using a vibrator, and you may struggle unless the vibrations match the intensity and heights you are used to.

Have no fear however: this is only temporary. Retrain your brain by taking a few days’ rest, doing something dramatic to break your masturbation routine or persevering with something new. Given a chance your brain will break out of the dependence on vibrators, and you will be able to get off using a range of methods.

No need to worry: a vibrator does not have the power to desensitize you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Magic Wand is an innovative massager, designed to stimulate your clitoris to produce incredible, mind blowing orgasms with every use. It is fully rechargeable, and has the added advantage of being usable while charging, helping to set it apart from other vibrators on the market. With a range of options, and plenty of creative ways to enjoy the toy, both the magic wand plus the original Hitachi wand has become a firm fan favorite, topping several review lists.

The Magic Wand is noisy, and this is one of the downsides cited by a number of users in their review. Compared to other vibrators on the market, the wand does make a relatively loud sound, though this disadvantage is arguably offset by its incredible power. If you are on the hunt for a model or product which offers discretion, this is unlikely to be the best choice.

The Magic Wand is quite heavy and bulky, and this can make it tricky to use comfortably. The large size of the head means that it can be awkward to maneuver, while the larger bottom is quite difficult to wield. Some users suggested in a review that this product may not be the best choice if you are a person with mobility issues or struggles with heavier items. We have put together a guide on how to use a wand vibrator, which you can read here.


If you are looking for earthshaking, super powerful vibrations, our Magic Wand review shows that this may be the best investment you have ever made. It is a great choice for those already familiar with vibrators, who are looking to take things up a notch, and to add a sensational massage which hopefully results in orgasm. It is worth noting, that it is a little different to a classic vibrator, and there is a risk it will be too intense and bulky for some users. For many however the magic wand plus some alone time means the power to come again and again.

Magic Wand
Our rating: 4/5

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