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Lelo Sona Review & Sona Cruise – Our Honest Review Of The Sonic Clitoral Stimulator 2023

Lelo Sona Review

Take your orgasm to the next level with a mind blowing experience from the Lelo Sona – a sensation which promises to rock your whole body! This innovative device uses sonic pulses and waves to provide incredible stimulation to the clitoris, offering a significant upgrade from traditional vibrator technology which typically uses a vibrating motor. The result is an intense sexual experience, guaranteed to satisfy and transform the way you get off – this could be the last vibrator you ever purchase. To help you make an informed decision, we have conducted the ultimate Lelo Sona review – get ready for incredible sensations!

What Is Lelo Sona?

In sum, the Lelo Sona 2 cruise is vibrator which on first look it may appear similar to so many other sex toys on the market – the difference lies in the innovative technology used in the device.

Pulse Technology

Unlike a typical vibrating motor, the Sona 2 uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris, rather than just the external aspects. In most vibrators, only the clitoral glans is stimulated by the motor, and this leaves the majority of the clitoris unfulfilled. The Sona, on the other hand, offers pleasure to the entire clitoris.

How To Use The Lelo Sona

In addition to delivering a first rate orgasm, the Sona 2 cruise has the added bonus of being super easy to use. The Sona 2 presents itself in a stunning pink finish, and will be travel locked when you receive it. Begin by unlocking the device – this can be achieved by holding the plus and minus buttons for five seconds, or by connecting the charger. (If you need to reactivate the travel lock, you can do this by holding these two buttons for a further five seconds.)

We recommend fully charging the Sona 2 cruise before the first use, to give you maximum time to play. The toy takes around 1-2 hours to charge, and this gives you about 1 hour of playtime – not a bad trade-off! Once you are set up, you can adjust the strength and choose a vibration pattern, before placing the toy against your clit and get ready to go!

3 Step Process

  • Unlock
  • Charge
  • Select settings & go!

Reasons To Get The Lelo Sona

The Sona 2 cruise offers a range of perks over the huge variety of alternative vibrators on the market. To help you make your decision, we have some of the best reasons to select the Sona 2.

Reasons To Get The Lelo Sona

Range of Vibrator Patterns

The Sona 2 cruise offers the chance to explore one of 12 sonic vibration patterns, which can be selected by pressing the middle button until you find your perfect match. In addition, users can change the strength of the vibrations using the plus and minus buttons, meaning you can build up to an incredible climax.


The Sona 2 cruise can be charged by connecting the lead to a computer or USB adaptor, so that you can enjoy your toy anytime, any place. The device also lets you know when the battery is low, and will blink a steady, white light, indicating that it is time to charge.

What Do You Get In The Box?

What Do You Get In The Box

Good news – you can enjoy your Sona 2 right out of the box, as the kit contains everything you need to get going. In addition to the pink toy itself, you will receive

  • USB charger
  • Black satin bag
  • 1 year warranty registration
  • “How to” guides
  • Sample packet of water-based lubricant

Get started with your Sona 2 straight away with some bonus lube, and store it away safely and discreetly in the bag included.

Lelo Sona Vs Lelo Cruise

The new Lelo Sona is an upgrade to the original Lelo Cruise – its incredibly popular predecessor. So which is the better option?

Sona Cruise

Sona 2 Cruise

  • Pale color
  • 8 vibration patterns
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Traditional, clitoral massager
  • Focuses pleasure on the clitoral glans
  • USB rechargeable
  • Brighter, hot pink color
  • 12 vibration patterns
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Innovative, sonic waves to deliver incredible sensations.
  • Offers stimulation to the entire clitoris
  • USB rechargeable
  • Includes Lelo Sona cruise control

Taking Care Of Your Lelo Sona And Sona 2 Cruise

Taking good care of your Sona 2 Cruise is crucial if you want it to laste, and enjoy the incredible cruise control for as long as possible. As with any sex toy, keeping the Sona 2 clean and hygienic is imperative, and it is critical that you wash the toy after every use – too many people neglect this step. The Sona 2 cruise is waterproof, and so you do have the option to simply wipe the entire toy down with hot, soapy water after every use. Alternatively, opt for a specialist sex toy cleaner, and check out our guide for more tips on how to clean a vibrator properly

Always allow the Sona 2 cruise to thoroughly air dry after every use.

Any Downsides?

The only real downside to the Sona 2 cruise is the sound; this toy is rather loud compared to other vibrators on the market, and this could be an issue to users who enjoy a discreet, more private experience. This is the only real thing wrong we found with this product!

To see our review of another popular clitoral vibrator – We Vibe Touch – click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lelo Sona is a vibrator which uses sonic waves and pulses, similar to sound waves, allowing it to deliver stimulation to the entire clit, rather than a reduced, external area – the result is incredible pleasure and intense orgasms. With this product you can also choose from one of eight vibration patterns to select the intensity that suits.

The Lelo Sona is quite loud while in operation, and this can be a disadvantage for some users who prefer privacy and discretion while enjoying their pleasure. While the sound of the Sona 2 is not a total deal breaker, it could pose an issue for those who like a quieter option.

It takes between 1 and 2 hours to fully charge the Lelo Sona. This will give you approximately 1 hour of playtime, though this can vary depending on the specific settings you choose – the more intense patterns, for example, will take more energy and reduce the charge.


There is no denying it; our Lelo Sona review has confirmed that this is one of the most powerful toys on the market. If you are a fan of the classic Sona cruise, this is well worth the upgrade – get ready to enjoy some incredible, intense pleasure making the best use of vibrating technology.

What Do You Get In The Box
Our rating: 4.8/5

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