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How To Self Suck: Autofellatio Tips & Positions For Sucking Your Own Dick

How To Self Suck

Learning how to self suck may seem like the stuff of erotic sci-fi fantasies, but it is an action that has the potential to become part of your reality – as long as you know what you are doing. This is an activity that men across the ages have long enjoyed, but having a good understanding of safe techniques is crucial to success – and this is where we are on hand to help! Whether you are using this to supplement your sex life, learn a new form of self-satisfaction or are simply curious about what is possible, read on to discover a new skill you may have never thought was possible, and unlock a whole new world of self pleasure.

We all know that mind-blowing blowjobs can be enjoyed with a partner, or using devices like these, but can you achieve them when home alone? Self sucking, also known as autofellatio, is an act that has been discussed by biologists and psychologists throughout history, with a number of different theories and opinions taking shape. But is it really possible? The answer is yes, you can suck your own dick – but usually with help. We took a closer look at the key factors that can help you enjoy the perfect DIY blowjob – almost like the ones you get using external devices and toys.


Flexibility For Self Suck Tutorial

Flexibility of the neck and spine both play a major role in an individual’s ability to self suck, and the more flexible you are, the higher your chance of success with aids. Core flexibility in particular plays a key role in this area, and this is something that you can work on through exercises at home. 

Workouts and practices such as yoga classes and pilates can be very useful here, as they lengthen the spine and neck, and improve and boost overall flexibility. Stretching is also a key priority if you want to succeed.

Another option is to invest in regular deep tissue massages, or a foam roller often used for spots – both of these can help to boost the flexibility of your muscles and body and improve your chances of success.

Some stretches that can help you improve the flexibility of your penis include:

  • The Power Stretch

The first option is the power stretch, and this has just a few simple steps:

  1. Remove your pants and underwear
  2. Take the head of your penis in your hand
  3. Stretch your penis out in front of you for around 4-5 seconds
  4. Take your whole penis in your hand – take care not to hold it too tightly as this could cause pain
  5. Pull your penis gently to the right, until you feel pressure on the left side, and hold for 4-5 seconds
  6. Take the head of the dick in your hand, and pull downward for 4-5 seconds
  7. Repeat, pulling upwards for 5 seconds
  8. Repeat these steps around 10-15 times
  • Sit Down Stretch

Another option is the sit-down stretch, which includes the following steps:

  1. Stand up and massage your penis until it is around 30-40% erect
  2. Take the penis and stretch it backward, as close to your backside as possible
  3. Sit down slowly on as much of your penis as you can – this can encourage flexibility and movement

If you experience any pain or discomfort when stretching, stop immediately – continuing could cause serious long-term damage and injury.

In addition to focusing on stretches and techniques to make your penis more agile and flexible, you also need to focus on ensuring that your spine, neck and overall body are also limbered up and flexible; this is a whole-body experience and may require time and dedication before you are in a perfect position to give yourself a blowjob and enjoy the experience of self sucking. Always take things slow and build up, and avoid the temptation to overdo it; this is one area where you need to listen to your body and work at a safe and comfortable pace.

Penis Size

Penis Size For Blow Job

In addition to being flexible, you will also need to be blessed with a penis that is larger than average – this is an essential requirement, and most experts estimate that it will need to be larger than 5-6 inches to successfully self suck, and many self suckers have a larger penis size than this. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take if you fall below this figure, and the two main options include penile stretching – using repetitive manual stretching to extend penis length – and jelqing – which refers to the use of massage and restriction on the penis to improve girth.

Both of these techniques are based on the idea that the process creates microtears in the tissue, which is filled in with scar tissue by the body, increasing the size of the penis.

There is no guarantee or evidence that any type of massage or penis enlargement stretching actually works, and you risk causing serious harm or damage. It is best to stick with methods such as pumps if you want to self suck, and always use these in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

You can find a safer alternative to these methods in penis pumps – these draw blood into the penis to increase volume and can stretch things out to result in a temporary increase in penis size and girth, which can be useful when sucking your own cock.

Slim Build

Body type also plays a role, and having a slim build is also a key element to successful self sucking – excess belly fat will get in the way, and you will find it harder to reach the intended area and perform autofellatio. 

Best Positions To Suck Your Own Dick

Now that we have taken a closer look at the elements that make self sucking possible, it is time to consider some of the different positions to achieve this and successfully suck your own dick – each person is unique, so it is a good idea to experiment as much as possible and find what really works for you and your own body.

Lying Position

The first of many different positions for self sucking is the lying position – this requires the use of a hard surface such as a headboard or wall. Start by getting your penis hard, and then lie on the bed with your legs straight up the wall or headboard. Walk your feet down the hard surface, and pull your neck up and your head closer to your cock, making it easier to perform autofellatio.

Once you have found a place to lie comfortably, lift your legs over your head and try to place them on the wall, or as close as possible, keeping your back and body supported with your arms. Move your feet down the wall to bring your dick closer, raising your neck and upper body at the same time, and continue until your cock is within reach.

If you feel pain or discomfort, it is important to stop immediately, and not try to overdo it – start slow and listen to your spine flexibility, and always take necessary precautions.

“C” Or Seated Position

Another great method for sucking your own dick is the seated, or “C” position, which we recommend for those performing autofellatio for the first time, or those still relatively new to the concept of the self blowjob. Sit on the edge of your bed, and keep your body in a seated position while you slowly bend your head down to reach your dick, bringing the legs up as much as possible with the hands to bring your face as close to your penis as possible. 

This position does require good flexibility to get a good blowjob – why not try the yoga classes or yoga posture videos we mentioned earlier, or focus on stretching exercises for a different form to make it easier to suck?

“P” Or Standing Position

A third option to help you suck your own dick is the “P”, or standing position, so named because the result causes the individual to bend in a “P” shape. Stand up straight with your hands clasped behind your back, then gradually bend at the waist to bring your face as close as possible to your dick. Bend the knees as generously as you need, and continue to bend until you reach your cock and can start sucking – once again, flexibility is important here.

Serpent Position

The so-called “serpent” position is another popular way to suck your own dick and, once again, is great for guys who are less flexible or new to sucking their own dick. Start by lying on your side on your bed, and curl up as much as possible, curling your neck and face down towards your penis until your mouth meets it as you lie in place. If you are struggling, try using your arms to push the crotch closer to your head – you should be able to lick the head of your own penis at the very least and, with regular practice and focus on flexibility through yoga exercises or similar, you will be able to move the face lower down towards your own penis, and successfully self suck.

“X” Position

A favorite of porn videos, the X position is another popular option for self sucking – but this is not for beginners or the faint-hearted, as good body flexibility is needed. If you have already enjoyed some success in sucking your own dick, and are looking for something a little more challenging to push the limits, then the “X” position may be the perfect option for you. 

Start by rolling your legs over or under your shoulders, and bring them to cross behind the neck – you can see here where that yoga class will come in handy! As you cross your legs, you will naturally move your penis closer to your mouth, and perform autofellatio in an incredibly satisfying manner – this is perfect for those who want complete control, as they suck their own penis, and offers a mind-blowing orgasm which makes the effort well worth it!

If any of these self sucking tutorial positions or other efforts to self suck are painful or cause pulling or discomfort, it is important to stop immediately and work on your flexibility. Always take things slow, and never try to push your body further than it is capable of.

How To Suck Your Own Dick

So, with these tips and tricks for successful autofellatio in mind, you may be wondering just how you go about self sucking? We took a closer look at the steps to success – these should work for any guy with an average dick size.

Hydration & Empty Stomach

Man Drinking Water

It may seem like an oversight, but staying hydrated is very important when you are getting ready to suck your own dick – studies have shown that dehydration can play a key role in erectile dysfunction, meaning that you could struggle to get an erection and keep it if you are not drinking enough water throughout the day. It is important to ensure that you have an empty bladder before attempting to suck your own penis, however – there are few things that kill the mood more than needing to pee at the key moment, and you are unlikely to be able to relax if your bladder is full.

Similarly, it is a good idea to ensure that your stomach is empty when learning how to self suck, and trying out the process for yourself. If your stomach is full, you will find that you are less flexible, and bloating can cause you to feel uncomfortable. Remember – flexibility is key when learning how to self suck, so make sure that your body is ready for the endeavor by emptying your bladder and making sure that your stomach is empty before you start.

Clean Yourself & Relax

Cheerful Man Showering

The next step is to ensure that you are as clean and hygienic as possible – you don’t want to be putting your mouth near anything that smells less than pleasant, or which has not been washed for a while! Before you get started, take a nice warm shower, and take the time to make sure that your body is clean and hygienic. Avoid strong-smelling soaps or lotions, as these are likely to be off-putting when you get down to business.

It is also important to ensure that you are relaxed before you start – this is a key element in learning how to self suck. The more relaxed you are, the more supple and pliable your body will be, and the higher your chances of success. There are a number of different ways to achieve this, from the yoga sessions we discussed earlier, to simply letting yourself relax and trying not to overthink what lies ahead – this is likely to increase your anxiety and can prove a hindrance to successful autofellatio, as stress has a negative impact on your body.

Why not try running a warm bath and simply take some time to observe and enjoy your body, without putting too much pressure on yourself? Remember, this is an action taking place in the comfort and privacy of your own home, so there is no need to feel as though you have to put on a performance or prove a point. Just focus on your own body and pleasure, and you will massively increase your chances of success.

Get & Stay Hard

Get Hard

Once you are relaxed and ready, the next step is to get an erection, and maintain this long enough for you to enjoy successful autofellatio. As we mentioned, being relaxed and open is a key part of this; nobody performs at their best when under pressure. Toys can be very useful in getting you hard – click here for some key examples of aids that could help – and cock rings can be a great way to maintain an erection once you have managed to get it up and take the pressure off – see here some great examples.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when using cock rings, and never leave a ring on your dick for longer than the recommended period of time; this can result in damage and long-term health issues.


Learning how to self suck is not something that happens just anywhere – you need to make sure that you have the right atmosphere to increase your chances of success. You need to get your cock ready for action, and this involves cultivating a stimulating atmosphere free from stress and pressure. Dim those lights, grab some stimulatory material and get down to it!

Get Help

As we mentioned, it can be helpful to have a little external stimulation or assistance on hand to help get you going, and this can be in whichever form works best for you. Some great options include:

  • Have Your Partner On Hand

If learning how to self suck is something that you are exploring as part of a sex life with your partner, then having them on hand to help you get going can be just what you need. Ask them to talk dirty to you to get you in the mood, or try some tricks that help get you hard when you are having sex with one another. Masturbation or oral sex from your partner can also be helpful in getting you hard, and will likely put you in the perfect mood to take care of things yourself.

  • Try External Stimulation

If you prefer to keep things private, or are learning how to self suck without a partner on the scene, then external stimulation such as porn could help to get you in the mood – simply head to your preferred site or source, and get the party started.

  • Try Sex Toys

As we have mentioned, toys such as a cock ring can also be very useful for helping to get things started – consider which aids you usually use to get you in the mood, and enjoy a pre-suck session just trying new things out and making sure you are in the right place psychologically to try self sucking.

Keep Your Phone Close

Keeping Your Phone Close

Learning how to self suck can be a process – you shouldn’t expect to be an expert right from the start. This means that it can be easy to lose motivation and become frustrated, so keep your phone close to ensure that you have ongoing encouragement and stimulation – this should help you to maintain your erection, and can be useful for snapping shots to use as motivation down the line.

Swallow Or Spit

When you successfully learn how to self suck, you will need to decide whether to swallow or spit once you have achieved your goal and enjoyed a well-deserved orgasm. Both have their pros and cons, and the choice is ultimately a personal one. Some individuals get off on the concept of being able to swallow their own cum, while others are put off by the idea.

One of the main advantages of learning to self-suck is that it allows you to cum while keeping your hands free, and this unlocks a host of possibilities for additional sensation or including your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Autofellatio is the act of sucking your own dick, and you can achieve it with a number of tips, tricks and tools. The key here is constant practice and the right tools – these are invaluable in helping you suck your own penis, but with the right guidance, this is a practice that is possible and can help you enjoy great satisfaction.

It is possible to suck your own dick, but most men are unable to achieve this without practice, help and guidance. Choosing the right position is key to sucking your own penis, as is ensuring that you have a suitable dick size and the tools and advice that you need to such your own dick safely.

Though cock sucking is usually associated with gay men, it is not automatically gay to suck your own dick. Many men find sucking their own cock to be a source of pleasure, and this can be enjoyed as part of a heterosexual sex life, as part of foreplay or alone for fun and pleasure.


Learning how to self suck is a great way to unlock a new world of pleasure, and build a new skill which can offer an amazing new dimension to your sex life. Whether you choose to share the experience with a partner, or are simply learning how to self suck for your own fun and enjoyment, the key is to start slow and build up gradually – by following our top tips, you will be a pro at getting yourself to the finish line in no time, and the journey is well worth the final result!

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