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DDLG Rules For Little & Daddy: A Complete Guide With Examples

DDLG Rules

Roleplay is an incredible tool that can add a fun, exciting edge to any sexual relationship, and this can come in a variety of different forms. DDLG is one such example of roleplay, and this can be a great way to test the boundaries of your relationship, have fun with your partner and enjoy something new within a consensual adult partnership. To the uninitiated, DDLG can be a little confusing – so we have put together all you need to know about the practice, including DDLG rules and guidelines, and some top tips to help you and your partner make the most of your experience and discover a new element of your relationship.

What Is DDLG

DDLG is an acronym that stands for “daddy dom, little girl”, and is a roleplaying set-up in a relationship that sees one partner take on the role of “daddy”, or caregiver, and the other take on a more “childlike” role – that of the “little girl”. 

There are a number of elements to the DDLG set-up that need to be observed and considered to ensure that both parties are happy, consensual and having fun. It is important to implement rules as part of the dynamic, and ensure that everyone is in total agreement at every stage before moving forward.

Whether you are looking at bondage kit reviews together, debating the pros and cons of DDLG or considering BDSM for the first time, clear communication is the most important priority.

DDLG Relationship Dynamics

One key element to a successful DDLG relationship is ensuring that both parties have a good understanding of the expected dynamic – and we have explored the main elements of this below.

Daddy Dom Role

Daddy Dom Role

The role of the daddy dom in this type of relationship is to act as the caregiver or parental figure – it is important to note that women can also take on this role in the form of “mommies”, and the rules and considerations remain the same.

A partner in a daddy dom role will be responsible for setting rules and boundaries for their partner, but this usually occurs in a “softer” role than classic BDSM, dominant roles. Daddies may not even be the dominant in the relationship – their main duty is to nurture the “little” and act as a guiding influence – and this is one of the reasons that setting good rules is so important.

DDLG rules come in a number of guises, and will often offer a reward if the rule is met and the duty fulfilled, or punishment if the rule is broken. A few examples may include requiring a “little” to iron daddy’s shirts or remove daddy’s clothes or refrain from speaking or acting without daddy’s permission amongst other rules – the same rules will not be relevant for all DDLG relationships, and many daddies will set up rules specifically designed for their particular dynamic, and the relationship with their “baby girl”.

Little Girl Role

Little Girl Role

As the name suggests, the little girl role – sometimes referred to as a “little” – involves following the rules and routines that are put in place by their caregiver. Their main job is to be protected and cared for, and littles tend to be submissive. They are required to follow the DDLG rules – but things may not always be simple.

Some littles enjoy pushing the limits and even setting up their own rules; they may not be happy to simply follow what their daddy says, and this can lead to punishment. The dynamic can differ from partnership to partnership, and even from day to day – on one day, the little may be happy to be fifty percent slave girl and fifty percent brat, but on others, the bratty nature may win out.

The age of littles can also vary, and in some cases, may change and adapt depending on your mood and relationship.

Exact roles and duties can vary from relationship to relationship – always talk to your partner and communicate expectations clearly.

Other Useful Terms

There are a number of other useful terms that are often used in a DDLG relationship, and these can include:

  • Headspace

The headspace refers to the frame of mind or mental space that one partner adopts when taking on a persona during a roleplay situation.

  • Little Space

A little space refers to the headspace used when someone is adopting the role of a “little” during a DDLG roleplay situation. Many individuals will take on childlike qualities and characteristics while in the little space, and this is a chance to explore a range of thoughts and emotions.

  • Safe Word

One of the most important elements of roleplay, dom/sub or BDSM situations is a safe word. This is a word chosen by the submissive partner that can be used at any time to immediately stop the situation, helping create a safe environment for all. 

  • Middle

In some cases, a “little” adopting a slightly older role, such as a teen, will be referred to as a “middle”.

DDLG Rules For Littles

DDLG rules will vary from couple to couple, but some examples of popular rules that are often used include:

  • Not speaking to strangers without permission from Daddy
  • Allowing Daddy to choose your food or drink in a restaurant
  • Staying close to Daddy when out and about
  • Making Daddy breakfast on bed
  • Ironing Daddy’s outfits at night
  • Presenting Daddy with his favorite drink after work
  • Working out in a gym 3 times per week and sending Daddy photos as proof
  • Drinking four glasses of water each day
  • Always sitting at Daddy’s feet unless permitted to do otherwise and sit on the grown-up furniture
  • Sleeping naked or in an agreed outfit at bedtime
  • Always wearing a cute outfit for Daddy when in the house
  • Refraining from using curse words or foul language

Rules can range from fun rules to more formal arrangements, and should always be agreed upon by both parties.

DDLG Sexual Rules

DDLG Sexual Rules

In addition to more general rules, many DDLG arrangements will also have specific rules around sexual activity and pleasure, and these may include:

  • Not touching yourself without Daddy’s permission
  • Always asking for Daddy’s permission before orgasming
  • Removing your clothes and waiting in an agreed position when commanded
  • Putting on a sexual show when commanded
  • Waiting naked for Daddy to return home from work

DDLG Daddy Rules

DDLG Daddy Rules

In addition to the rules outlined above, many relationships of this nature will also have punishments and consequences should the rules be broken or disobeyed.


Some common punishments may include:

  • Taking away the little’s toys
  • Refusing permission to speak or interact with Daddy
  • Refusing permission to orgasm
  • Spanking or flogging (see here)
  • Forcing the little to wear vibrators while Daddy has control
  • Forcing the little to wear nipple clamps or other pieces of equipment
  • Early bedtime
  • Forced wearing of a female chastity belt 
  • Forced wearing of open-mouth gags (see more)
  • Writing lines
  • Bondage


All punishments must be agreed upon in advance, and both parties should be 100% happy with the punishment list before commencing. It is also essential that the little or submissive has a safe phrase, and that all parties involved understand and agree upon this. You can also sign a contract defining the terms of your relationship. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A daddy dom is a role in a DDLG partnership that involves taking on the duties and responsibilities of a caregiver or protector. In many cases, these partners are the dominants in the relationship – though this is not always the case – and they will typically set DDLG rules for littles to follow, with rewards and punishments for the baby girl depending on behavior.

A DDLG relationship stands for “daddy dom, little girl”, and plays on the power exchange between the partners. One partner will act as the “daddy”, and usually be the dominant, while the other is the “little” – a more submissive party who follows or breaks the rules set by “daddy” depending on the situation.

Some DDLG long distance rules can differ from in-person relationships, and may include rules such as not allowing the little to touch themselves without permission or approval, having to check in with Daddy every day, always using the agreed terms – for example “Daddy”, and carrying out regular calls, texts or video calls according to Daddy’s wishes and commands.

Being called “Daddy” means that the other partner sees you as the protector or caregiver in the relationship. Your partner is giving you a clear indication that they see you as having taken on the daddy dom role, establishing their position as the little, or submissive, in the relationship.


DDLG rules can differ from relationship to relationship, and no two partnerships will look the same, as each couple will have their own preferences. The key is that the power dynamic must take place between two consenting adults, both committed to age and role play. There is more to a successful DDLG set-up than following rules; a good daddy will also take responsibility for caring for the little and offer a nurturing relationship where both parties are satisfied.

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