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The 10 Best Fleshlights Of 2023 – Sleeve Textures Reviewed For Every Penis

Best Fleshlight

Fleshlights have been synonymous with pocket pussies and male masturbators for many years since they were first patented by a former law enforcement officer as “device[s] for discreet sperm collection”. And there’s little wonder why — the best Fleshlights are very much the best of breed.

Over 12 million Fleshlights are in men’s hands around the world because they are just that good at what they do, which includes super solo sex and improvements to partnered sex. Read on to learn why they are the best and which is the best Fleshlight for you.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Quickshot Launch Vantage
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Turbo Ignition Blue Ice
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Stoya Destroya
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Stamina Training Unit
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Diego Sans
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Go Torque Ice
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Eva Lovia
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Classic Pink Butt
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Dillion Harper Crush
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1. Quickshot Launch Vantage

Quickshot Launch Vantage

Editor’s Choice #1: With the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Vantage, hands-free orgasms are now completely under your control. The automated unit lets you choose the length and speed of the strokes, and the Vantage sleeve strokes you to orgasm. This Fleshlight is also easy to clean up afterwards! Enjoy the look and feel of your penis being catered to as never before.

Shoot Your Shot

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Vantage is a fully automated, completely hands-free masturbation experience. It centers around the Fleshlight Vantage, which is an open-ended, completely clear, textured sleeve. This lets both you and your partner enjoy the view, and it also makes cleanup minimal. Lock your Vantage sleeve into the Quickshot Fleshlight Launch and you can choose between four stroke lengths and speeds up to 250 strokes per minute — most men find that the most intense experience results from shorter strokes that alternate focus on the base, shaft and tip. You’ll appreciate this Fleshlight being able to change up mid-game to make the most of your masturbation.

What You Get

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Vantage Pack comes with a Quickshot Launch, a Quickshot Vantage, Fleshlube, a power cable and guides/instruction manuals. It can run for 60 minutes on a full charge or while it’s plugged into the wall in Fleshlight Active Launch Mode. The Launch also has a smartphone mount on top so that you can view content hands-free. The Fleshlight Vantage measures 4.4″ with a 3.5″ usable length and is open on both ends. It is made with Superskin materials and a highly textured interior channel. You also get sleeve caps for both ends to keep it clean and fresh between uses. The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch itself is 14″ tall and has handles on each side so you can control it or go hands-free and let it do the work.



2. Turbo Ignition Blue Ice

Turbo Ignition Blue Ice

Editor’s Choice #2: Most men are never NOT in the mood for oral sex and with this fantastic Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Ignition, you can indulge any time. The non-anatomical Ignition orifice sucks you in and the sleeve simulates the best deep-throat blow job ever. Enjoy the sucking sensation — you can even adjust on the fly using the end cap.

How About Oral Tonight?

Most Fleshlights are designed to feel like either oral or anal sex, and they do that brilliantly! But when you’re in the mood for the best blow job on demand, break out the Turbo Thrust Ignition Blue Ice. It’ll knock your socks off from the inside out. This male masturbation aid features the Ignition orifice, which is not anatomically derived and is therefore welcoming to men who love men, men who love women or both. The Ignition is engineered to simulate a deep throat oral sex experience. You can stimulate “just the tip” or thrust deep into the tight, throaty part of the tunnel. And there are no teeth or gag reflex to worry about!

Vital Statistics

As with all standard Fleshlight cases, the Turbo Thrust measures 9.75″ long and has a usable internal length of 8.5″ to accommodate nearly all penises comfortably. It has a transparent blue tint to make the most of what you’ve got. The Turbo Thrust feels like the best deep throat blowjob you’ve ever had, and you can have it night after night! You can also change out the internal sleeve with other Fleshlight sleeves for a bit of variety. It cleans up easily if you use water and a bit of specialized cleaner. You will also want to dust the Turbo Thrust with renewal powder between uses. The storage cap keeps it fresh, clean and dry for you every time.

You may also be interested to learn about the Fleshlight Turbo (Blue Ice) which is featured in our roundups of the best blowjob machines.



3. Stoya Destroya

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

It'll Destroya The Good Way

This Fleshlight is modelled after indie alt-girl Stoya and her pretty, pretty pussy. You’ll appreciate the fullness and meatiness of the lips at the anatomically correct vaginal orifice, and you can tune in to some of Stoya’s best work so you can experience her with all of your senses. The Stoya Destroya sleeve is the ultimate masturbation experience for those who like intense sensations on the edge; it features a piercing pleasure dome, a row of small teeth and fangs to nibble gently, and beyond that, a super ribbed tunnel that narrows to grip you harder the further in you get.

What Matters Most

Like the other Fleshlight Girls male sex toys, Stoya Destroya measures 9.75″ long in the case. The usable length is approximately 8.5″, although it does taper sharply at the tip so men who are both long and girthy at the head may find this aspect of the Fleshlight a bit too much. You can adjust the suction by tightening or loosening the end cap, and there is also a cap for protection while in storage. When you are buying a Fleshlight, you can also buy a care product kit and their products are very high quality.



4. Stamina Training Unit

Stamina Training Unit Butt

Train Hard, Play Hard

This Stamina Training Unit is one of the best Fleshlights for men of all ages and lifestyles. It comes in an exclusive gold case with a pretty pink butt hole orifice, which leads to the special stamina training sleeve. This Fleshlight texture has been thoroughly engineered to replicate the sensations of sexual intercourse. Using it to practice edging and increase your endurance lets you last longer, satisfy your partner more, and enjoy more intense and explosive orgasms when you do let them happen. This Fleshlight male masturbator is not just fun (it is, believe us) but it’s also a crash course in becoming a better lover.

Vital Statistics

Like the best Fleshlights, this gorgeous case is 9.75″ long with a usable length of 8.5″ and a very stretchy sleeve. This means that it will fit nearly all men comfortably — it is truly one-size-fits-all. You can swap the specially textured canal with other Fleshlight sleeves and orifices to create your own personal favorite or if you think you’ll need the variety. The gold case includes an end cap that you can loosen or tighten to increase suction, and a storage cap to keep the Fleshlight clean and safe between uses. This Fleshlight is an excellent choice if you’re looking to train hard and love every minute of it! Both you and your partner will appreciate this addition to your sex life.



5. Diego Sans

Fleshlight Diego Sans

Your Turn To Top

Diego Sans is an award-winning top but now you can check out his other side with this anatomically correct replica of his virtually untouched butt hole. It leads into his signature Sex Machine sleeve with a snug fit and a super-stimulating series of ridges, bumps, beads and twists to send your shaft into ecstasy. This Fleshjack, just like Fleshlight’s other popular models, is 9.75″ long with a 8.5″ usable size to accommodate most men. (The Diego dildo, also based on the porn star’s own anatomy, is 8″ long; with a little creativity, you can make him essentially top himself, which is not something that very many men can say!) The case is an attractive powder blue with the Fleshjack logo and a storage cap for discreet, safe storage.

Diego Details

This Fleshlight is part of the Fleshjack line, designed for men who like to have sex with men — and nobody knows what feels better to a man than another man! Have fun watching your favorite porn star in action while you satisfy yourself with this model of his tight, untouched butt hole. Use plenty of high-quality water-based lube. It’s designed for easy cleaning with warm water and special cleaner, and you’ll want to use some renewal powder (or finely milled food-grade cornstarch) to keep your Fleshlight fresh between encounters.



6. Go Torque Ice

Go Torque Ice

Go Clear!

This Fleshlight Go Torque Ice is crystal-clear for the best view of your best friend. Like the other Fleshlight Go models, it’s a bit smaller and lighter at a total length of 7″. This makes it more discreet to store and to transport. The Fleshlight Go is also lighter by design so it’s easier to use one-handed if you don’t want it too hefty. Your Fleshlight comes with a cover/cap (also clear) to keep it clean and safe when not in use. You can also tighten or loosen the end cap to adjust suction.

How It's Made

As with most Fleshlight models, the Go Torque Ice features the patented SuperSkin material that’s soft, silky and stretchy. The inner sleeve is highly detailed. It has an insertable length of 6.5″, which is smaller than the standard Fleshlight. This is especially well suited to men who may be less endowed, may prefer a tighter fit or may prefer more suction. The opening grips you securely and is neutral in appearance. This is a plus for people who are not fond of vaginas or who have partners who prefer to be the only vagina in the bedroom. As with all the best Fleshlight fun, make sure to use plenty of good water-based lube. Also make sure to clean Fleshlights thoroughly and dust with renewal powder between uses.



7. Eva Lovia

Fleshlight Eva Lovia

Lovely Eva Lovia

You’ll love sliding your shaft into this anatomically correct replica of Eva Lovia’s vaginal lips. This Fleshlight looks and feels like she’s holding herself open for you! The tight orifice leads to the well-loved Sugar sleeve, which offers intense sensations with its series of ribs, tunnels, beads and bumps. You’ll love seeing your penis thrust into Eva’s welcoming hole and you’ll love the feel of the textured, tight canal even more. Use your free hand to find some of Eva’s finest films for inspiration and visual stimulation. Remember that Eva also goes by the name Mia Marx if you want to see more of her, including her Penthouse centerfold.

Consider This

Like most of the Fleshlight Girls and standard Fleshlight models, the case measures 9.75″ long and has a usable internal length of 8.5″. The inner Fleshlight sleeve is stretchy and comes out for cleaning. The sex toy has an end cap that you can use to adjust the suction, and a cap to keep it clean and safe in storage. You can swap out the sleeves to create a Franken-Fleshlight with your favorite orifices and different texture.

If you love Eva Lovia, you may be interested in reading our roundup of the best onaholes, here.



8. Ice Lady

Fleshlight Ice Lady

Put It On Ice

This Ice Lady Fleshlight features a crystal-clear case and inner sleeve so you can watch yourself in action. It also makes your erection look larger than ever!  Make it a part of your solo or partnered sex life any time you want. The Ice Lady is a super flattering fleshlite. It is, of course, equipped with the high-texture Crystal sleeve with its pattern of ridges, nubs and tight tunnels. You’ll also enjoy the Lady orifice with her welcoming sculpted vaginal lips.

Just The Facts

This Ice Lady pocket pussy has a total exterior length of 9.75″ and an interior channel of 8.5″, making it suitable for most men on this planet. The Lady orifice and Crystal sleeve are designed to grip you snugly but generous use of the branded Fleshlube is highly recommended for the best Fleshlight experience possible. The male sex toy comes with an end cap that you can use to adjust suction and another cap to keep it clean, dry and safe between uses. Despite its erotic appeal, it does not look garish if you have both ends capped. It is easy to clean with Fleshlight toy cleaner, and Fleshligt renewal powder keeps it fresh for you.



9. Classic Pink Butt

Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt

Classic For A Reason

There’s nothing quite as classic as a good bit of butt sex, and this Fleshlight makes that happen every time. It features a puckered anal orifice to grip you tightly — you’ll want to use plenty of lube to ease your way in. This Fleshlight has a classic black case with logo and the pink butt hole leads to the Classic sleeve, which is a great choice for men who are very sensitive or for men who want to learn how to last longer. It feels great, but if you don’t want things to be over before they really get started, you’ll need a Classic sleeve so that you don’t get over-stimulated. It’s also a wise choice if this is your first time experimenting with Fleshlights. You can swap it out with other sleeves when you’re ready for a more intense experience.

Measures Up

Like most Fleshlights, the case measures 9.75″ long and the usable internal length is 8.5″. The Fleshlight end cap lets you adjust suction by twisting the cap to tighten and loosen. Even though the interior chamber is smooth, you’ll need to use a good bit of lube. Whether you like men, women or both, this pink butt fleshlght will be a great choice for anal aficionados.



10. Dillion Harper Crush

Dillion Harper Crush

Dream Of Dillion

This Fleshlight orifice is a faithful reproduction of the best part of Dillion Harper. You can also pick out your favorite porn of Dillion for visual stimulation to match. Her personalized orifice leads to the best-selling Crush sleeve, which features five of the all-time favorite Fleshlight sleeve textures. You’ll thrill to a series of five chambers, each with its own unique pattern of ribs and nubs going inward, outward, backwards and forwards. You can even tighten or loosen the end cap to adjust the suction as you’re stroking sweet Dillion. The Combo Pack includes a shower mount for hands-free fun, or you could even check out the Fleshlight Orgy for the ultimate solo sexperience.

Facts And Figures

The sleeve is made of patented Superskin material for a feel that’s almost better than the real thing! The Fleshlight Girls case is 9.75″ long and the internal length is 8.5″ to accommodate the vast majority of men comfortably. When you’re buying a Fleshlight, remember that you can swap out most Fleshlight sleeves to customize your masturbation experience. The pocket pussy is easy to clean. Fleshlights have been a favorite for over 20 years and if this is your first time, you’ll soon realize why!



Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Best Fleshlight

How To Choose A Fleshlight

There are so many excellent Fleshlights out there that it’s hard to choose the best, but some of the things that you’ll want to consider — especially if it is your first time venturing in to the world of Fleshlights — include:

Orifice: The entrance to your Fleshlight pleasure channel can look like a vagina (even the vagina of your favorite porn star!), a butt hole or a neutral opening. Whether you prefer lush labia, small tight twats or puckered butt holes, there are tons of choices and you can even mix it up to pair your favorite orifice with your favorite sleeve. Enjoy the opportunity to watch your favorite star on the screen and then look down and see your own penis between her lips or in his butt hole.

For some men, the visuals are a big part of the action and they really enjoy being able to plow their favorite porn star. Others may just want to lie back, close their eyes and enjoy the sensations. If you are playing with a partner, some don’t want competition and prefer to be the only vagina in the bedroom; they may like a non-anatomical Fleshlight orifice better.

Texture And Tightness: Most Fleshlight products have textured interior chambers, and this can include areas where it narrows for a much tighter grip. Many of them feature patterns that include ribs, nubs, beads and other pleasing patterns. The Destroya even has teeth! If you can’t decide which one you like best, the Crush has samples of the five favorite patterns of all time.

The sleeves are very stretchy and should accommodate almost all penises easily, however, men who are both very girthy and very sensitive might find some of the tighter tunnels overwhelming. Men of any size who are sensitive tend to do well with the Classic sleeves, which are smooth on the inside.

Storage And Transport: Most Fleshlight cases are 9.75″ long and about the size of, well, a large flashlight. If you need to keep yours hidden or think that you’ll be taking it on the road with you often, you might consider one of the Fleshlight Go models, the Fleshlight Flight, or even one of the stand-alone stroker sleeves. Fleshlights come with end caps that keep them clean and fresh between uses.

How To Use A Fleshlight

At the most basic, you insert your erect penis and do what comes naturally! However, there is an art to everything and Fleshlights are no different.

If you’ve chosen a Fleshlight modeled after your favorite porn star, you can put on some of their best movies to provide visual inspiration (in fact, you can do this with any of the Fleshlights!). You can mimic the action on the screen or use your Fleshlight to practice new moves and try new techniques.

Just like the best sex dolls, Fleshlights can also be fun in partnered sex — they can take hand jobs to a new level! You can also try out a threesome without having to bring an extra person by using the Fleshlight on your penis and your mouth on your partner. They’re also helpful for showing your partner what feels best to you; communication is the key to good partnered sex, and sometimes show-and-tell is the best form of communication!

As with most sex toys, for the best Fleshlight fun you’ll want to make sure to use plenty of high-quality, water-based lubricant. Fleshlube is excellent but there are many other good lubes available. Ensuring enough lubrication to make it a smooth experience prevents micro-tears for both your Fleshlight and your penis — tears, no matter how micro, are something that you definitely don’t want!

A recent study found that the typical duration of intercourse was between 33 seconds and 44 minutes, with an average of 5.4 minutes.

Some Fleshlights, like the Stamina Training Unit, have purposes other than pure pleasure. The STU includes a complete guide to increasing your endurance, and the specially textured Fleshlight sleeve inside the exclusive gold case is a big part of that plan.

Care and maintenance are also important for the health of both you and your toy. Fleshlight’s special Superskin has a very high mineral oil content, which means that soap or even most sex toy cleaners will hasten deterioration. You’ll need to use Fleshlight’s official toy cleaner or an isopropyl alcohol spray solution. Rinse with cold water first (hot water tends to make semen coagulate, which is sticky and messy). Then wash with warm water and Fleshlight cleaner. Dry thoroughly and dust with Fleshlight renewal powder or fine food-grade cornstarch to keep it clean and fresh between uses. We have put together a guide on how to dry Fleshlight toys and we also advise you to warm up your Fleshlight before use.

Tips For Using A Fleshlight

Fleshlight Tips

Fleshlights are super fun, and sometimes that’s all you need to know! But besides an immediate and intense orgasm, there is a lot that you can do with your Fleshlight and a lot of these tips and tricks will make you a better lover during partnered sex.

You can use your Fleshlight to increase your stamina, decrease your sensitivity, and last longer during intercourse. Some Fleshlights are specially designed for this, but you can practice edging with all of them. Men who are pretty sensitive from the start may do better with ones that are less intensely textured or tapered.

Fleshlights will also help you avoid the dreaded death grip. Death grip happens when men get used to the feel of their own hands and find it hard to orgasm (or sometimes even stay hard) during partnered sex because the sensations are so different. Fleshlights are meant to feel like intercourse, so they will teach your penis how to act in company.

“Theoretically, during sex, the people who grunt enthusiastically can add force to their hump.”

What Our Sex Sounds Say About Us, Time

You can also use Fleshlights to show your lover what feels best to you. Some sensations are hard to capture in words, especially in the heat of the moment when your blood has rushed to places other than your brain, but a visual demonstration is super hot and super helpful. You can also learn to vocalize what you’re feeling; many of us grew up feeling like we should masturbate silently because of parents in the next room or paper-thin dorm walls. That’s not helpful during partnered sex, and using your Fleshlights to break yourself of that self-imposed silence is a good thing for both you and your partner.

And in that same vein, you can use your Fleshlights to try out new moves or techniques. You’ll learn if they feel good to you and if they are as doable in person as they may have been in your mind or on the screen (where it has probably been highly edited).

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleshlight is the brand name for a high-quality pocket pussy. Most Fleshlights consist of a hard plastic case with an entrance orifice (sometimes anatomically correct), a textured interior chamber, and an adjustable suction endcap. Men use Fleshlights to stroke the penis and simulate vaginal intercourse, anal sex or oral sex.

Your penis size does not matter (much) when choosing a Fleshlight. Standard Fleshlights can accommodate penis lengths of up to 9″ and girths up to 7″. Both these measurements are above the 99.99%ile, which means that more than 9999 men out of every 10,000 can use Fleshlights comfortably. Some of the stroker sleeves and the Fleshlight Go are smaller, but the vast majority of men will fit a Fleshlight.

Fleshlights are made with the patented Superskin, which feels very close to real human skin. It is very soft and pliable. The entrance orifices are also often designed to look and feel like labia or butt holes, which adds to the realism of these male sex toys. The textured Fleshlight sleeves are actually more intensely patterned than real human bodies.

The best choice for cleaning your Fleshlight is Fleshlight’s own brand of toy cleaner, but an isopropyl alcohol solution can also be used. The Superskin material used to make most Fleshlights has a very high mineral content so it requires some care in cleaning. Soap or even most commercial sex toy cleaners can cause the surface to deteriorate. Renewal powder or finely milled, food-grade cornstarch helps to keep Fleshlights fresh.

We think that the best Fleshlights are the Turbo Ignition Blue Ice and the Quickshot Launch Vantage; however, Fleshlight has a long-standing reputation for making the most innovative and most satisfying male sex toys so you really can’t go wrong with any of them! You can choose standard Fleshlights, strokers, or even a fully automated orgasm machine. Check out our full Quickshot Launch review.


We’ve looked to find the best Fleshlight (hard job, but someone has to do it) and we think that the best Fleshlights are the Turbo Ignition Blue Ice and the Quickshot Launch Vantage. We also think that there’s not much more personal than where you put your penis, so you’ll want to check our reviews to decide which Fleshlight is the best for you.

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